Elle King opens up about substance abuse, depression battle

The singer-songwriter speaks candidly in a live interview on "GMA."
5:30 | 10/23/18

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Transcript for Elle King opens up about substance abuse, depression battle
Now to elle king, back and stronger than ever after a difficult year that included a secret marriage, substance abuse, she opens up about it all on her beautiful new album. We'll talk to her live in just a moment. But first take a look at her journey. ??? Xs and the Os they haunt me ??? Reporter: Elle king is the voice behind the powerhouse anthem "Ex's & oh's." ??? I'm not America's sweetheart ??? Reporter: Finding her own unique sound with the release of her album "Love stuff" which earned horror two grammy nominations. Would you like to buy some cookies. Reporter: As a young girl the singer had a cameo in her father Rob Schneider's film "Deuce bigalow American gigolo" but had a strained relationship with him growing up. She met Andrew Ferguson and the two secretly wed after three weeks. She says the relationship began to spiral and she turned to substance abuse to mask her emotions. After separating from Ferguson elle began turning her life around, by reconnecting with family and friends, even reconciling with her father. ??? Shame shame shame ??? Reporter: Now elle is back and channeled this difficult time through her music on her sophomore album "Shake the spirit." And let's give a warm welcome to elle king. Good to see you, elle. Hi. Thank you for being so open and sharing and helps so many people. I know it can't be easy. I saw as you were watching. This new album, the music, how has it helped you? It helped me a lot. I mean I was really struggling. I was definitely at the lowest point in my life last year and my band and my best friends, the brethren, they were there for me and could see that I was at my happiest when playing music so we made this album "Shake the spirit" and it really just turned my life around. I know your family has been a major support for you. It was wonderful to see that you and your dad reconnected. Yeah. What was that like? My dad called me last year and he was like, what's going on? I told him. He said, what do you need. I said I need parents. I just need my family and my -- him and I reconnected and he has two little girls, my sisters and so important for me to show them that you can be yourself and you cannot be like the Normal mold and you can, you know, celebrate your individuality and your differences and you can be anything you want in the world. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. That's so true. And you embody that. You really do. Speaking of your dad and maybe a little sister or two, take a look. A special message for you. Hi, Ellie, congratulations on the new album "Shake the spirit." I love it. I just can't wait for the whole world to hear it. Anyway, I love you. I'm so proud of you and so excited. Hi, Ellie. Congratulations. I'm so glad that you have a new album of new songs and I really like -- You get the point. Oh. Okay, love you. Have fun today. Bye. Oh. Love them so much. Oh. That's so sweet. Thank you. Oh. Thank you. You know, your momma has been there from the get-go. She has been your rock, hasn't she. Yes, hi, mom. Hi, mom. I know she's watching. My mom is the best -- the best role model for me. I love her so much and she's an incredible doula and helps other women become mothers but has helped me become a good, strong woman and with emphasis on rock 'N' roll and I love her so much and I wouldn't be the person I am without her so hi, mom. Hi daddy Jay. Hey, elle, how do you hope that hearing -- because you're so vulnerable in this music. How do you think it will help somebody else who is maybe following a similar path that you were in? I think, you know, in it when you're in the thick of it it's very isolating and feel so lonely and it's hard to feel any connection or anything to anyone but I know now that there are other people in the world that have felt like that and so as I'm comfortable and icky as it can feel to be so open I think it's kind of my duty to talk about it because I want people to see, I'm doing so much better and I'm in the best place I've probably been in my whole life so if I can be very expressive and open and show like, hey, I was broken and I was sad and didn't think it was ever going to go better but it does get better so I want to talk about it and take away the stigma of it and show people that there is a way to get better and you can ask for help and you can reach out and start the conversation and it's important and it saved my life so hopefully if I talk about it more, maybe it will make someone else feel that it's okay to talk about it too. Oh, well, thank you for doing that and being so open about it. It's not easy to do. It's not easy to do. She'll perform for us in a little bit. We heard the sound check. You're going on tour. Yes, starting at view do fest in a few days and can't wait to get out there with the brethren and share music and play show. And she's going to play right

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The singer-songwriter speaks candidly in a live interview on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58682544","title":"Elle King opens up about substance abuse, depression battle ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/elle-king-opens-substance-abuse-depression-battle-58682544"}