Ewan McGregor opens up about 'Christopher Robin'

The actor discusses his role in the new film, live on "GMA."
4:27 | 08/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ewan McGregor opens up about 'Christopher Robin'
now we have another great guest bring to the bl golden globe winner Y know M from dozen of roles from "Star wars"o"moulin rouge" now srringn T livetion "Christr spired B Winnie thpooh. Please welcome Ewan McGregor. ??? Nice to s.mwah. , Hello. Hi. Hello, good morning. Wow. You were amazing. Oh, my goo you were G, Yo so fast. Olympi. An you believes been 17 years since "Ulin rouge" Some days iry7 years of. O you most from that movie? Ts being on -- the atmosphe on T set was incredible worngithusic like T and then also had enorms prep time. We rehears UT three months in Australia and we had and it was likeei at school again Iwasoundtrack of my life. M iistened T it over and over again. Ian it war and really -- One of the F dat Ali and rht bet first meeting and our engagement. Halfway th you're very weome. And remember you ashe voice oflumiere. Magical. Present day, we want to hear you ngmore. Any thoughts on what you might do woulou ever - I'd love to do Ano 're few a far between in terms of S. -- I dolls" on stage indon for six Mont since uge" I love I lo music.I love singi and it's a nice -- it'a Ver - it's powerful. If you tell SNE you L them in a scene powerfuf you sint to somebody it's mowerful S I D T but there'stotthat mem ar, I I get offered themshou . You can do it all as we S I "Chrtopher rob" well. So were you a long-standing nnie the pooh fan? Y he's a very te Britain I'm and I'm sure it - I've read T kids and I'm so famiar withhem that stbeen read them WHE I was a child by my pa dober thatut I must have been and H voe, you know, we have the original Winnie the pooh's voice so I St have been very Fam with Disney a cartoons as . He's just -- everybodynowsnd loves wand heretoo, get the im Absolutely. Want toee some oft. Look, you can't just keep saying hello to people. Pean't seeouing a talking. But why? Because, because you'r different people D't like things that are differ always is veryonfusing. It Maye the hunger. You've just eat [ applause So I heard you to Tak home O of these. Well, ofthose. I have one of the- when we were acting Winnie the pooh and I, would hee had a teddy bear, not a puppet, I wasn't animated in away, it was J teddy bear but it was extly like him that you see in E movie and, yes, I as them me M one. Why not? I leftith one I a suitcase. I ASN't allowed. I've got him at me I him sitting in -- he's in the livin room. Occasial he's in the have him around. I'm so fond of him. Obviously it's a children's movi but everyon C relate. L e.not justorkid. It really is a for all of us. I remember that -- watch film now that I watched -- a see adult St in that I didalize was T and I same withthis. Beaully M film and it's rely about something. It's lovely.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The actor discusses his role in the new film, live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56983391","title":"Ewan McGregor opens up about 'Christopher Robin' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ewan-mcgregor-opens-christopher-robin-56983391"}