Glenn Close talks about her role in 'Hillbilly Elegy'

The actor spoke to Peter Travers about the making of the new Ron Howard film.
18:17 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for Glenn Close talks about her role in 'Hillbilly Elegy'
And my guest today is in close when the best actors on this planet you heard it from me and you heard everybody at Caesars. You people need to get now. Easy on Netflix and watched land in hillbilly elegy where are cannot be shining eyes being so. Congratulations. You. Thank you Peter thank you very much and I'm looking at you and when icu and you're Bailey OG I say who the hell. Eight. What about this transformation. That you made in late scare. When you know what started. When I. And I knew I do minimize started when I can't be distracted by face. You know if if I think the audience he's MySpace be mayor distracted by that. Like call that among you know genius make up artists you know. Special effects may happen and Matthew Cohen new system and we expert in my career and it done hostage and it is here I'm in Albert not. And Matthew came up from Texas trees cut semi retired. Still. You know in Westchester and we sat in my kitchen and he experimented with which it's because it was yes it and they see how. Just a very slight alteration shaping your nursery well. Can and take your own face away so. It was. That and also mammal and life eight years he added you know besides my years here. In the night. I curled my hair and made off breezy and rocking markets where the border Connecticut and he was kind of he was convinced his first of course you know you worry about the time taken in the chair in the morning with many parts. But this was. Actually. You know just slight differences noses and ears you know I I was written an hour. Every game. And but that was the beginning and I we were given up tortured them off patios porches are slightly you know let them be glasses and her hair. That was kind of of Lehman gone and then. And police. Videos. From the family. Her in action laughing surrounded by kids believe it's in the wagon. And then I'd that this thing that was most valuable for me. Lies to have one on one went bad with Lindsay. With a cousin with. JD. And just saying okay she says it what is she where she hopes cigarette. You know what was your voice like. You know what what was there any united she can into a room as the house lights and just very very specific things. Not to. Pretend I was her. But to somehow find. The essence of this woman who is Jess I mean. Lot. Feared she was feared and loved would you give up property. Is that how did you Conti. And Billy. Showed you her and said well attended truth I've written the book. You know not long after came out. Because I wanted to educate myself. Can. Should make it wonderful wonderful documentary about the hill people remember exactly. But that was more cash settlement moonshine and a and that's kind of cliche. And cliches are uninteresting. And I think cliche can lead to keep opening statement eyes and I think. This community people happens statement ties to you know and then I heard that Ron was I got angry. Rights and was developing the script and I wrote in the note and I said when you're thinking of Manama. Please think of me thinking never know here's what you weakness. You know. Connect cast in that you it necessarily lead to. But that he exciting for you isn't. 88. Generics or. And that's the essence of what we do right I mean. We had written we explore the human condition and ends you don't want to go over territories. You know spiritual. An emotional psychological that you've done before. So this was a great great journey for me. To learn about men wanted meter Handley. I really believe. It's not right. It's just. A fact that all great drama is based Amylin. You tell various exit as story about family has questions for anyone. Who they are. And and that in the isn't value. Making it authentic and honest. Because then people could say they say Armisen subliminally. Will link it to their online. I mean I heard it admit her son. Oh yes yes he case built so we'll. If he's today when he's looking you. Plain car and they don't wait reproducing. This woman who. He couldn't believe it I'm a good thing. One family in they came later when we were like a bunch of them came. On on the day that ice. Shooting this scene with little Jay-Z when he used. I've told that he has to give. His TU his mother. And Aaron. They came upset we're where allocation and some of them start crying. They somehow. Whenever we found. Was the mammal that it they remembered and her son came to came in another scene and he had to leave because he got so emotional. So. That was really gratifying. I think. We wanted to. Do justice and we want it to you anyway. Carry on the legacy of Manuel I. They're women all over the world who are mammals. You know I was at Yankee games an accident and grandmother and grandfather taking care for their ten year old grandson and I think he mine. No retirement for them is that their daughter was unable to take care so they were raising their grants and it. July in this country. Are always either return we turn around didn't and I say from it. Universal. But I think it's going to have an upset watching this movie now because all of us. Many of us even if we're lucky enough to live in some kind of bubble where we have some family members with. This isn't going to be at Thanksgiving where we can all get she yet in any large kind of group. Is impossible as. Well how are you living with and then there. Interesting because. I've not achieved as much creatively is I want it I want it to really being right. And I'm not sure why not be and I think it's brought a kind of I sometimes I feel like I'm spinning my tires you know in in in the mud and not taking any action. End but I make sure my seat is clean all the time might get. Isn't it now and how do I think every. I think it's kind of a little things to keep my life in orders have been important. But. But. He. Building I think I would like to think that great great era creativity where Earl bestsellers are ours. Where there's you know something's just eating the year where better but it's there. Are you able to work on anything now during this time I see people slowly going back to work but with a lot of conditions that have been good war wildlife. I dun allow I did this crazy thing for and Feyerick late Roy Cullen. Wait. We've at peace. Americas and Latin Seattle playing. Then east. And that was that was fun showdown with my he's helped me do that and it was they used to collapse it looked like earlier in the same room but it was mind blowing. You should CNET has pleaded scenes from. From angels in America and this it's remarkable is every one was isolated. Let brought together by this technology. And it is there's something really moving about it. What I want to ask you reform when you talk about. Getting into a character like. A mama that she's. These characters go. Where do they in the theaters Indian or GUN excesses at each and each. No no they become I learned from my characters. You know I'm. I'm that introvert I am so not man law. But. I. People didn't think it you got questions she laid a lot of cash. Totally opposite injures hurt its satellite chronic. But. Her I I would learn from them because you have to go to a place where you love them you know you have to find common humanity in them and and and that journey of finding a common humanity learns something. From these characters. And and you I think it's made me stronger I am is I honestly didn't. Playing a character like man. Yeah its promises if she was a real rotten in some way. And somebody that you admire and that you and it it I mean that's why I think actors should only get better. Because the more you explore that more empathy should do more tolerance. You know understand given that common humanity of what this. You know one we're doing on this little speck and pass. And what characters want couple. You learn the mold for a plane. As far as characters and I fell. Deeply moved by. Norma Desmond always. And hopefully I'll have one more way better. And hopes though less than that was ill in the Clark yes. Every few. Probably closer ice and it yet to exhume me from my cotton. No we don't want that. We are very rare to get that opportunity and had no way. This thing character decades of our. I had it. And I haven't seen both of those performances. Have very different Norma Desmond bet he late reached. We're seeing there on stage it's not like she's somebody that you take on the road and always laying the same way. He seemed to be binding beans and bar that weren't even their pork. That's absolutely true the second time I did it was a hundred I have a 180 degrees different approach to the care there. And and what fascinates me happy. The possibility of doing aren't film is what does that mean because film and stage or so so so different. And yet this character is so. How hopeful. I mean that story is it's at classic for reasons it has it's like a great fairy tale they're there. Discipline little residences that we we're not even aware. That bad Horry. You know brings out an us and so I can't wait I think it will happen I'm not sure when I don't you know. By summer next year it will policy. Oh and I think it'll be really exciting. Because I saw it get up and ramp went on my. That's always a good sign. My dog Lily lake. Into the room like this in that jump on the screen and not know. All her added this rate. On hand. Just in. It isn't very good movie set to in fact it's so funny he asked becomes. The mascot and her movie and mine and I actually hear we're in the eighties and in. In hillbillies and picky stepped onset. They say Glen stepped on it. Oh. That you is owned are duo. Let me let me ask it what's that weird question but. Again whatever you do you make him more something happens like this we always ring 09 guy. She should win the odds are replaying asks. How are you deal you know I'm yeah I know that your very gracious about it I was the one who is most. When he didn't win the wife. You've seen all rated. How do you handle Ainsley. Well I got nominated for my first movie which has the world are you an end. Eight. I honestly feel. That to be nominated by your peers is the status courtesy yet he. And then I never understood how you could honestly compare. Performances. You know I remember the year Gwyneth Paltrow won over that incredible actress who's in central station. But. It is like. Did you know it doesn't make sense. So I think who wins has a lot of things to do with how things have been you know what it has traction owners went you know whatever you know. Publicity how much money do they have to to. Known to Canada and everybody's sites. I you know I have to be philosophical. If I was upset about it you know must be another. I'm very proud. At times it might Peterson. Felt that my performances was worthy of of attention and. In times. S three entities that read Tony's. A lot of awards there you know to do it. Big don't think about it until they say welcome and was nominated seven times which he hasn't won yet then they go. What. They did not six times in its time yeah. Come on he's got a chains. I and a well no they soloists and if it happens. Yeah overall you know unable to celebrated their rooms again and that it be ironic if that's what life does today that I now. I'm just I just hope I can. I can keep finding that hearts because a lot of times it's them and I think it's about the role. As if you're dependent on your own body create a bat and also somebody that says look I once. Knew them. Its. Client. It notes like. You know what they have present to me this terrible life this terror time high this let's face it. Best what is this frightening in the wall where he got that letter from him. Okay I'm glad I persuaded you when you or your child to join this terrible profession. This terrifying profession and let's face it this delicious way to spend your life. I'll. And it is just way to do. Yes it is well I I'm told that my time is running out but I did with the last time and broke my heart I cried when he did it. And we changed a little bit rounds at all Clark. You would not look at cop Qaeda has to be known for which again what. You did. I think it would be great in this that going to a holiday. Music I remember ever hearing when his three and looked up insolvent rendered. So Glenn. Sky. News laurel canyon me. Pretend I forgets let me. At a key so they called me yet. To just in its fuel. QBC. I have heard people own rant and rage and we're done and we might as well be did. Yet. To boost and I can't get into Yuma and it. Our that was a great message to leave us with the holidays thank you Glenn always great to talk to you and they don't believe you're thinking it. They staged a strong. News.

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