‘Golden Globes’ criticized for lack of diversity

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association was also hit with a lawsuit charging “corrupt and unlawful practices,” and has long faced criticism for their lack of diversity among voting members.
3:38 | 02/28/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Golden Globes’ criticized for lack of diversity
tonight. The Hollywood foreign press association taking heat as it faces allegations about its practices for its reported lack of diversity. Janai is here with more. Good morning to you. Reporter: Awards season kicks off in Hollywood tonight at the golden globe awards. Before the ceremony gets under way there's already controversy surrounding the Hollywood foreign press association, and nominations. For one, this year black-led films like one night in Miami not receiving any recognition, some saying this is a lack of diversity on the voting board. This morning, the Hollywood foreign press association responsible for throwing the annual golden globe awards facing allegations from one journalist for corrupt and unlawful practices. Hi, there. Reporter: In the lawsuit, kjersti Flaa, a Norwegian reporter alleges she tried three times to become a member in order to improve her livelihood but was rejected. She also claims that only half of the organization's members are active journalists, yet the group has an outside impact on Hollywood. It's all about rubbing each other's backs. When that happens for a very long Tim -- you know, no one dares to say anything. Thank you to the Hollywood foreign press association. Reporter: According to critics in new reports in the Los Angeles times and "The new York Times," the hfpa acts as exclusive club as they court lavish gifts, according to "The New York Times," some of this year's golden globes nominations raising eyebrows, projects like Netflix's "Emily in Paris" winning two nominations. This after members of the hfpa were reportedly treated to a visit to the Paris set of the show in 2019. Oh, my god, I feel like Nicole kidman in "Moulin rouge." This has been a continuous problem with them. These are just people that want to throw a good party and then get nominated. Reporter: The organization also dogged by criticism over a lack of diversity. None of its members are black according to "The Los Angeles times." Something that many black artists have long suspected. Director ava duvernay tweeting, people are acting like this isn't already widely known? For years? We saw Regina king, they're nominated for best director, great kudos. However, none of the black films made it into the best picture drama lineup. Reporter: Critics say HBO's acclaimed show "I may destroy you" featuring a predominantly black cast was snubbed entirely. A hfpa spokesperson emphasized that Flaa's allegations haven't been proven in court and accuses her of seeking revenge for her application being rejected. It's working to improve diversity saying quote, we understand that we need to bring in black members, as well as members of other underrepresented backgrounds and we will immediately work to implement an action plan. Some real surprises there, too, janai. The issue of diversity in the entertainment industry is among the topics explored in "Soul of a nation," which our friend

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"The Hollywood Foreign Press Association was also hit with a lawsuit charging “corrupt and unlawful practices,” and has long faced criticism for their lack of diversity among voting members.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76164119","title":"‘Golden Globes’ criticized for lack of diversity","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/golden-globes-criticized-lack-diversity-76164119"}