Holly Hunter opens up about 'Here and Now' live on 'GMA'

The Academy Award-winning actress dishes on what fans can expect from the upcoming TV series.
3:41 | 02/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holly Hunter opens up about 'Here and Now' live on 'GMA'
We are back now with an Oscar winner, an Emmy winner, just one great actress. Holly Hunter. And she stars in the new HBO show called "Here and now" and, holly, thank you for joining us. Lovely to be here. In this new show you're with Tim Robbins. You have a history. You worked together in "The fi firecracker" 30 years ago. What is it like for you to reunite and work with him. Well, it's like Tim is like a comrade. I mean we're the same age. We play brother and sister 30 years ago in "Miss firecracker" and now reunited as husband and wife and I loved him. You know, I have great regard and respect for his career. You know, his choices, you know, the fact that he's had the actors gang which he's been the founding member of which is a theater company here in L.A. For 30 years, for 35 years, they've -- he's been involved with that company. He's just got longevity and loyalty and integrity. He just got it. He has it. He's got it. And in this show, you play husband and wife as you said, you have three adoptive kids from different countries but you have one biological daughter and we're going to take a look. Here's "Here and now" with holly Hunter. He's been depressed for a couple of years now. Any particular reason? I'm waiting for him to tell me. It's not my job to dig it out of him. I look at him and I love him so much, it literally hurts. I'm serious. Like it might injure me. And in the same moment I want to smack him repeatedly in the fa face. With big wet fish. Hey, that's love. When you want to slap somebody in their face with big wet fish, that's what you call love. I think the show has been created by Alan ball who did "Six feet under" and "True blood" and "American beauty." He wrote the script for. He has the guts and the intelligence to be able to open this show on a family in kind of full-blown crisis and the show is so much about divisiveness, I mean we live in a country right now that where there's so much divisiveness but in this show the divisiveness is in this Faly. And then within your own self. So I think that's a great beauty about the show is what he is willing and able to tackle as a writer. And also something else we're excited about, elastigirl. "The incredibles 2." I hear elastigirl is coming to the forefront. She is. What can you tell us about it. She's coming front and center. She's, you know, she's fighting the good fight. Mr. Incredle is at home with the children. As he should be. Yes, but, you know, once again I'm working with, you know, in addition to Alan ball, the guy who did the first "Incredibles" and he's a genius in his own right at Pixar and I think it's going to be very exciting, "The incredibles: Part 2." You're incredible yourself. Thank you for coming in this morning and sharing it with us. We'll check out "Here and now." It premieres Sunday on HBO. Make sure you check it out.

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{"id":52950320,"title":"Holly Hunter opens up about 'Here and Now' live on 'GMA' ","duration":"3:41","description":"The Academy Award-winning actress dishes on what fans can expect from the upcoming TV series. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/holly-hunter-opens-now-live-gma-52950320","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}