Inside look at Tyler Perry historic new film studio

Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
3:50 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Inside look at Tyler Perry historic new film studio
Sara Haines here with "Pop news." I think robin Roberts won the morning. She told me I look like scotch tape. Can you see it? You nailed it. Everyone was thinking it but you nailed it. We are going to start with someone I find so inspirational and amazing. Tyler Perry made history over the weekend with the opening of his new film studio in Atlanta becoming the first African-American to own a studio outright without any other partners. Yeah, there were so many a-listers showing up to celebrate with Tyler. Everyone from Oprah and Stedman to Tiffany haddish, Samuel L. Jackson, Halle berry and my favorite, whoopi Goldberg. And so many more. Including Beyonce who made a surprise appearance with Jay-Z showing up in a glowing golden gown and we sat down with Tyler to ask him what this groundbreaking moment meant to him. It means hope for so many people because I want people to walk through these gate, walk through these doors and go, man, if he did it, I can do it too so my hope is that somebody catches that wave of, I can do it too. If that happens then all of this is worth it. His studio is a 330-acre campus with 11 sound stages and even a replica of the white house on sight and while Tyler, of course, will be using the studios for his own productions he's opened the doors to other projects to film there like "Walking dead" and "Black panther." 1 of those 11 were named for whoopi Goldberg and the thing I love most about Tyler. He not only achieves excellence but everyone around him is brought up with him. He is amazing. He is amazing. He said instead of ask forego a seat at the table, build your own table. Oh. I love that. He said that. He said that. I love him. I know. Yeah. He did build more than a table. You're right about that. Also it's Monday. We are just a few hours away from a brand-new episode of "Dancing with the stars." But you don't have to wait until tonight to see your favorites take the stage. We got an exclusive clip with sailor Brinkley when she gets a surprising visit during rehearsal. Hi. Oh, my gosh. She's on the show with Val and they won, so it's nice to go to her for some advice. How do you guys know each We grew up together. We would go on family vacation together and grew up with parents in the spotlight so to come and support her today is so much fun. And tonight's episode is the second elimination after R Lewis' surprise departure due to injury. It airs tonight at 8:00 tonight on ABC. And I forgot her married name is sailor brinkley-cook. Not married. I'm getting that just in. It's her father's name. Just kidding. It's a hyphenated thing. Modern family still going. Wait, wait, wait. We got one more that I'm not going to mess up, guys and finally I call this a Monday mood. Check out gingy the miniature dachshund doing his best to climb up a slide. It's literally an uphill battle but turns out this was gingy's first time experiencing a slide. Wasn't aware you're supposed to go the other way. Wait for it. Guess what, finally got it! Yay. Tail wagging the whole time. Just like your "Pop news." Till the end climbing up my I know dogs. We should always end with a dog. Thank you, Sara, as always.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66106526","title":"Inside look at Tyler Perry historic new film studio","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/inside-tyler-perry-historic-film-studio-66106526"}