Jamie Foxx talks about his new Pixar film, 'Soul'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his new animated feature.
16:52 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Jamie Foxx talks about his new Pixar film, 'Soul'
Hi everybody. Computer trackers in this arm rate tell you what's happening beats and blatant via air it's odd days. Call soul and apartment rent here. Who plays a guy who definitely. Hassle. That like to recognize. Them. And it's a history making game in that your for lacked. Run in are. You yeah. Who black race. All dollar. And apparently. You know it minutes. It's great it is great to have things like this and his grade I mean you think about what we've gone through this past years. You know humanity needs a news shot in the arm move sold in. Goodness and happiness and smiles and a reminder that we live in a place specially in America. That is is. You know full of freedoms. In other places of the world we just don't hang. And so you know and even have something like this and in the Indian African American. Black man whose you know Don and of the first Pixar film we welcome and I mean when I first got to LA. In living color you know I didn't even know I don't even know it'd like you can run they own thing it would encode Louise on the Google leading question it. You know their wounds is dornin with the hottest. You know how to chill out there who believes in these true that the winds and everything like and they've been going on from there to Jamie Foxx show was you know definitely. You know created by a black man myself and in the cal Evans is so it's a semester progresses so this is is one of the Pixar is doing this is and I. Except that. Honor and on Larry Ed but it didn't you don't want grew up duty dog can't. I gotta be able to go back to the you got. That has got so much as you blew examine. It with your kids would they who wrote that you are and it. Movie are you kidding me both my daughters is dead founding date specimen dug his leg dead before you really big really lucky you and picks up. Because you know my gun and started shooting get a chance who's witnessed all of the things that I've done 2530 years ago so for her this is them. Big name big. Things and so. It was fun to be taken up to Pixar in -- be able to. Two. See the place in the you know do the spirit of this incredible company in these great minds and. Noble when you when you're doing that everybody thinks. What a great thing it probably takes a couple of hours from me to do blessed this car and it takes forever to us and. Oh man. It's it's tougher than anything at because you know I've always relied on my musicality. Basement prison. Of the vision experts in the birds native like cut Jamie and accuracy. We need only get. But they did record some of it you know maybe. You know the spirit of mine mines movement you know was in the care of it. It was really it it wasn't something that the going to the because if Pixar. So is elevate does not like. You know there's a brand is there's there's leveled as a viruses so alone it was hard work. This character that you play should be asking you about that joke or easy. This is that guy jazz musician and throw back steelhead is. Hopes that this is musical dreams come true so you don't like everybody's like everybody we all feel sometimes it. You know everything that we want Cadillac is just. Us around that corner and that's what we're doing which finally given a corner with some time that the chorus sings exhaustively long and so. That's what Joseph is you know this this school T choose teaching kids jazz in new York and we've known that big break has finally these big break comes in the hole that is so happens that today. You know. Yellow eyes that happens but you know on his way he. What's it doing this he falls through manhole. Like. We all do that metaphorically in some. There's there's always want in life where we think everything is going okay. Something we hit some brick wall. In dialogue where large team isn't as close as we once thought it did you hear any laws call or any man. I think that's what makes life what it is not an easier to my kids go to say anything would you ever gonna accomplish in the pews so let's just to get that. Because it's the old cliche of no pain no gain this is artistic pain in the whatever it is that you go through. In order to you to be successful you gonna go through that has no way around. Sold in the metaphorical says Joseph garden of going to that man knows what he needed to go through. In order to really figure out his life going through that manhole. Open him up to so that he did need to know existed. You know and influencing friends out what is purposes and finds out that. You know he's he's going to be a person's going to be instrumental and insulin find in this soul fine in the way. It is is it elevates his teaching. You know he goes and teach it and in the school. To teach in on the highest level of existence. So we all have our man holds and we have to climb and we do climb out of it. The errors so much. Fresh. And there a lot of choices you you know and some of the choices aren't the ones that we want to make you know you you. You meet the right choices in your life but it is what it is essential question. It's being here. Issel. What is it sold is something that we all talk about who sue wow. Lou would what problem what profit semantic game the whole world and lose is. Soul we consistently. Talk I know what got so we pitted them music. Our soul mate we talk about it all the time but now. Pete doctor can't these guys who picks up your room and say let's go track this down this go let's go find out where. This sold me it exists. Because we think about sold just for the live separately. From what you think the heavily experience who would have that is the would have you background. Of UU this is very program is still had the wrong thing you know. This is and exploration. In a very comical very. Funny. Way almost like it's it almost like if there was a factory of souls you know this is where they would exist. And I love that idea you know the you know making it. Tangible win Hughes were soul the music. Under what. Still think of the black experience. Yeah. And traveled route. And here is sold Holcomb come and do. Soul. Who moved hard right. Good own actions. Oh lose. And then you'd and yet if there's an immortal. Unfortunately this of course it is of course it is of course it is I think this all the time. If there wasn't anything mortal. We never would have talked about it because everything we talk about. Come from us instinctively. Knowing you are hungry even before if you believe in when you believe in free man. New hugged me they needed food instinctively. Instinctively that he would close themselves instinctively and instinctively we believe that there is something greater than this. Now who here is the did so who's. Interpretation is that this that is let us that is left up to man and the sword. It if you missed it on the there. But yet we know that there's something out there because if it wasn't out there. You wouldn't feel the break you wouldn't have that little voice speaks all the time every day weighted whose controllable voice I think we find that would a person is who will learn. We connect to you know I bring this up because it was heartbreaking experience for you to loom sister recent. And you word in talking about her dad was sick she was transition. I don't use that of the word yet I wanna know this transition now want to know that she's somewhere shining a light like he. China life down here on us for 36 she isn't. She went from being Dion Dixon who came from Terrell Texas come in liberal and a brother. And turned in the Hollywood who is she set the how little fire we would have parties at my house and is she would use whole court and dances she became the spokes person ambassador for for dousing him because he had a positive and their related limited. So. He cannot believe the amount of pain that we went to. But right next to that was Celeste Jewell is so many stores and so many videos of us watching you know watching her. Give us light so I don't. I believe she's his transition and leave she's. System whales right there doing a dance routine and show us some ideas that did she's got is she's capsule. With DGU growing get the feeling there was such thing as someone being sold for. Earth early this and I've lived so many lives. My past lives not lived every zodiac sign have been male female the I'm actually at the last of mind. My evolution you know this as the sensors. Is the last time I'll come back as the human. When combat makes them Avi like pillow war but some inanimate ads do you. Via crop. No social but I've always been connected I mean even you know dude playing the piano you know there's something interest in about the intangible Lou writing music. And resolves always. I was always trying to find out what's behind that curtain mr. eyes. What is going on why do what you these feelings water while duke in the sky to aged 1213. Say okay. Still with Twomey I wanna know so I was always award New London oh. What. How are we here. Howell. What is jealousy. There is come from. When his anger come from why do we feel the way we feel about these dads in so always. Always thought that this of the now. You all. God who would general. Wave bag doing 1976. It was Jimmy Carter. I would watch I would watch. Tonight show with Johnny Carson you Knoll. Earlier the world's sole. How was Johnny Carson I would think jokes from the comedians. Carson. And his re doom among us who we always hear other people's voices what you always do those impression. Your parents your detect disarm our ace. Copper rich the candy man can Aaron. I think it must be a lot of the year end up. Doing you're living with. That wouldn't think every care to lives in my in its looted electric clause. An open and now granted that's okay here is rate you went unbeaten. Well with that or his by the name Muhammad Ali's apartment Heidi going to be god centered about the rod to beat two yields or bill. It always. Everything that that there. So if you know it's always. These voices in these care is at a lining up and hopefully. You know I have a clause that fooled by the time you know I transition but it's like. Yet it is you that you're absolutely right there are a lot of voices and lot of Google people. You're entertaining people and yourself. You know her buddies tell you get to root. Those little man holes that blacks rosette of. Course and then like records that you don't you think of a comedian was I'm sort of like I consider us of hybrid. Comedian but the musicals like so elect and most of all you comedians were very very musical Billy Crystal. Steve Martin all of these Steve Allen. How are you so what's the battle he would do you know played piano do jokes from the piano or victim Borg you know these guys that I sort of grew up sort of you know stealing from Lugar is so. It is. It's it's it's that interest thing mindset. Did people let you impersonate test sometimes come up to you and say. You can do it better or do that compliment you want to. Whom noted that until it was and is clearly. I mean they would they were honored. You know so it doesn't go get a little you know weird news. Was in some. Income I would. Portray some idea always. Even either Mike Tyson verse that was a Mike Tyson back in the day he was actually an audience. He knows and those like. When he insisted today and I remember do and Dave Chapelle in front page of where Eddie Murphy's death is that they Gianluca she's ago as banks pale. Some doing Dave's of they'll ever has and thing that Terry he's an impersonation. While. So it's like you know use you work on these these these voices. Saluted in hopes that you get so great when the person sees that the wrong man I'm honored as opposed did. You feel that that's humor that's one way to do it. Your kid and you start I went yeah. Something what does that do entry palace that basically feeding into your soul. But the Hokies to muscle on the way to Wear European rock and go some place that no one else can. No one can play my notes like aptly my notes and one of creating music and I've also passed down to my youngest daughter who. He knows she loves to play in an uncle I had. First he heeded he simply. And then you cannot be at my house in here a moment there's no quiet moment she's always play. It's you and what's great about her is she wants more feed me feed me feel so would mean in being able to play. Hiking its sedan and and uncles who were mama and nobody can be I mean nobody in the you know. Nobody can shake them an opinion on what's great about it. Is it playing music is that is universal have been in. Germany plan B have been in Japan. B and posture the self Reyes. And then music touches. Of its people no matter where Euro without knowing. You know you'll have to know the language to move the language of music and love. A good way SA way. Out and saying good bye to you but because your movies coming out for Christmas why not give us a little bit and Chris doesn't have to be Christmas. It's rose in the movement. Jack Frost thinking that you'll remove. You to I can rooms being sung by vehicle. And blow. Just. Like as we move. You. Eight. Every time I talk to you it's good for this all we all know that. Great luck with this movie and Becky so much Purdue and thank you so much.

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{"duration":"16:52","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about his new animated feature.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74854541","title":"Jamie Foxx talks about his new Pixar film, 'Soul'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/jamie-foxx-talks-pixar-film-soul-74854541"}