Johnny Manziel opens up in exclusive ABC News interview

Manziel discusses his struggles off the field and making a possible return to the NFL in an interview with ABC News' T.J. Holmes.
11:13 | 02/12/18

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Transcript for Johnny Manziel opens up in exclusive ABC News interview
It is. Officially a comeback way what are you coming back to. I'm trying to get to a point to come back to to be able to step on the football field again in whatever capacity that is. After taking two years off after hitting a really were off rough and rocky like passion my life. Where. I felt like I had to go ocean through certain things to beer will come out the back in the more math and they. I'm coming back from. A huge downfall to try and make. I don't know what kind of come back we'll be but I know that I want to get back on the football field and do what it from me so much George in my life makes nothing. Doing this my job you sit back on the football field what is the goal of this combat to get back into the NFL ultimately that's in all 100%. Whether that's taking a different path to get there than most people will take or whatever the case maybe at the end the day my goal is. Someday down the line whenever that may be around NFL football field again. Are you willing to admit I don't question say it like that dumb or you anywhere close to being NFL ready right now. And my mind I would say yes. A normal NFL season like. Ends in December or or an end in January and you start your offseason training right after an you have. Two months of training in three months of training and then you you get into the thick of it so. Haven't put pads on and haven't put a Hellman on and really been hit or anything like the last couple years. No but. I also haven't forgot what it felt felt feels like her. Still haven't forgotten how to play the game you've booked. Much football are you watching these days. I think has a better question for Marie than it is five for me because she's sick and tired of having. A lot of a lot of football now. I've had a couple of different ways to be elected bring down some film only really watch it like we would ring NFL. Every time again from mothers college loans and a fellow. Which you will clear and you what you see on an NFL field in terms of quarterback depth you think. You can compete I bagged 100%. Eight. Got a small like sample size of starts in Cleveland and novelists are like seminary games in the NFL haven't. And kinda huge. You know. Non games really under my belt I feel like just kind of getting started in. We did some better things my second year in Cleveland and then obviously how much version went and when it in my first year. And commit the second game of the season myself here and and we beat Tennessee in. He'll have some better games towards the tail of the season now we only won two games you're so much and you're saying that. I'm the savior anything cabinets and the day. I felt like I was progressing to a point of eventually within the next couple years getting to where I needed to be a B. A decent caliber player in the in the NFL. What does that mean. That simple limits on the merchandise. I originally. He uses like a slogan for my comeback. I didn't really know what it was going to be in. A year ago admit walking down. Pacific beach in San Diego after work on them like canola and stop in the slight. Borders please request a place that does a print shop and some some goodies like can you guys make me might just two bodies would like. A little bit different variations like these studies and to to me and I come back couple days later and it was good just for me. Agree and and a couple my friends and and that in a couple more made in it was like. I don't know what this is and then now as I sit here you're later like. I'm more like comeback season for me is is is not just about me so I'm just about my journey just about. Any one player it's watching guys get hurt. Watching you had a message there comments and it was like. Man. Lifelong fan we've gone through a tunnel hardships we've lost our home we've had this and we like we've had a really. Rough go and again tell you what this year we're getting back the in this is our comebacks and so it's just about how. Having trials and tribulations having ups and downs in her life but being it would some push back through the bad things happen there life. With a vengeance and with that theory to get out of the other side. But Johnny coming back and everybody loves a good comeback story. Lost in the sauce. What what is that it's I wasn't myself I was. Moving in the sea life that I thought I wanted to live that was that was really negative and really terrible and Hans I felt like I got lost and in the wrong things. Doesn't necessarily mean. Drinking or alcohol or anything like no waste to me with at least in the another thing that and the perception can be this but for me. It's lost in the things that don't mean much but on the surface and on this day and age where do you see somebody on incidental what they're wearing or what they're doing. You lost and things and into the day on material that don't matter that is in the that they were really matters to me is like there would. Don't my fiance. This school and the people that have helped me get me to the point where I am in my life so I feel like. It's more of getting out of the stuff that is immaterial and irrelevant. To getting back to things that are truly means on the core. And we have to because it's what's going to be a lot of people's minds when they see this and see John is coming back. Is it going to be the same old John is it going to be the Johnny who was drinking that's going to be the Johnny who. It's posting pictures on instead Graham himself parting and raping and alcohol program is it going to be that Johnny so you have to tell me. Are used electric. Not you know I'm not is here's a way I would. Going back throughout the last couple years in my life when I said I was doing what I wanted to do I was thinking. I felt like forget what everybody else has to say this this is what I'm gonna do because this is how like I was saying it was self medicate with alcohol. But that's what I thought was making me happy help me get out of that depression to a point where I felt like I had some sense that. But it ended the day when you wake up the next day after a night like that after the hour trip by. And you wake up the next and that's all. And that liquid courage and that we would like since of youth for euphoria it's over you is all going in there with. Staring at the ceiling by yourself in your back and that that depression and back in that. Whole dark cold sitting in the room by yourself being super pressed again about all the mistakes you made in your life. What does that give me we're gonna get me except the NFL where they give me. Disgrace. He stopped. It's it's it's more than just the drink that's more of me. Getting to a point in my mental health that I feel like I've taken in next it's really changed everything to differences if you like is not. The couple things are different from last year to this year from January 1 came around I can't last year which they were gonna change some things. Drinking was one of I went a solid. Five months until I really fell back into like Hulu repression war and an injury and didn't do anything. But still I was going to therapy I was when multiple times a week to and walk somebody through my week day of my life a place where I got a little angry where something happened that made me a little bit out of character. Hands. The difference that I know this year it is I started taking what the moment a little bit and making them priority in my life and and remaking priority in my life. Where I'm taking medication for we're and I'm working. To try and make sure that I don't fall back into any type of depression to know that leads me and I know how slippery slope it's. You're speaking very openly about things right now in your life that maybe he wouldn't have before. And you you said you're taking medication now bipolar room you diagnosed. About a year ago hum sometime around late June or July when to a facility in California and I never wanted to see and except. I don't know necessarily buy new. Time for them. I knew certain things that went on in my head that probably won't care like characteristic of normal people like. I would get super high anxiety in light racing thoughts and there were times where what agree where I was. Trying to go to sleep at eleven or twelve at night and I would end up staying up throughout the duration of the night I wasn't won't sleep until like eight or 9 in the morning and like. Sleeping all day in my schedule is getting backwards and there was this really weird. So I went to this story for them couple weeks and in California and started to take a look on and experimenting with different things. I started to notice difference. When I left. There's a stigma around it to where. I didn't want to feel like this was the reality of my situation. I think the day I can't help them hours a little bit different costs and here I can't help my mental makeup. The way that I was created by I know the device on these ads and I continue to do what I'm doing right now as far as the world due diligence things that may mean. A better person I think. My dad I think mom I think I think Marie. What all agreed that they've seen. A drastic change now the question address books is that sustainable we'll be the case moved forward. I would like to see here and say yes I have a lot of confidence that would be the case. But it and that day. It's it's to be seen still moving forward I'm still doing what the little meticulous things about doing a daily basis to trying to you. This right over anything else is what means the most to me so. Harassment or cultures this main thing to me is not physical. Mental. Last couple things we've got to get your weatherman you've been very open here in appreciate your torso and I'm learning from stuff about you here. As well but you've gotten past. He hasn't legal troubles. And all of that is it done this at least it. By the end of last year. But you've never addressed that whole incident yourself and told her side would you like. Maybe one made on the line no it was a tough time for firm everyone that was involved. I think down the road and in certain time inflation well. Blessing along men along would you give yourself before you get back on a sofa. In my life long term goal when I see myself would be. Would be two years. I don't exactly know. Showed for the little ins and outs of what exactly is gonna have all my future right now like I said there's options. You know. Can be this year it can be in action could be five news. Into the death or come and continue organs like about us.

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{"duration":"11:13","description":"Manziel discusses his struggles off the field and making a possible return to the NFL in an interview with ABC News' T.J. Holmes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53018109","title":"Johnny Manziel opens up in exclusive ABC News interview ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/johnny-manziel-opens-exclusive-abc-news-interview-53018109"}