Josh Lucas talks dreams of a ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ sequel 20 years after the first movie

The actor reunited with director Andy Tennant for the new film, “The Secret: Dare to Dream,” which is based on the bestselling self-help book on positive thinking.
5:55 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for Josh Lucas talks dreams of a ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ sequel 20 years after the first movie
We have loved, I mean loved him in everything from "Sweet home Alabama" to "Ford versus ferrari" now now he is starring in the "Dare to dream" which by the way hit number one on so many platforms. We are so happy to welcome Josh Lucas to the show. Thank you for being with us. Good morning America. That's fun to say. You know what is cool. I know you reunited with sweet home Alabama Andy tenet. It's been nearly 20 years, which is hard to believe. What do you remember most about making that movie working alongside Reese and others? One of my favorite things about this business is that you know we get such incredibly close relationships when we make these movies. Then you wack away and won't see someone for a long time. Working with Andy was a great treat. We got to reminisce about working in that movie. We were the first film to shoot back in New York City after 9/11. I had forgot that he also reminded me about Reese. I tedr said I think Reese will end up running a movie studio one day, all the way back 20 years ago I had this prediction she was going to become a mogul. It surely came true. That's amazing. That movie takes me right back. We loved your relationship. I just want to believe they're still together now. Don't you this I they are? You know the director has this great take on it. I was going to throw it back to Reese. I know who is very busy to say the least, but you know he has a take that that's kind of the mystery of the second film. So. All right. I think they're still together, just saying. So, is this segment about old movies or new movies? Okay. Sorry. It hasn't been made yet. Let's talk about the new the one that has been made that is out that people are talking about. It's based on a best selling I guess a self help book about positive thinking. Is that something that you have naturally that's been engrained in you or back when you were a kid, this idea of positive thinking? You know, we were just speaking about my grandfather, he put metal rooves on buildings all throughout Arkansas, little Rock, Arkansas, that was his job. I would sometimes go work with him. It was hot work, the weather there, being up on a roof. My grandfather is one of these guys never made money. He was always out helping the communities he'd help work in people's gardens and drive people around. He did everything obviously totally from the goodness of his own heart. I remember I asked him when I was a little boy. I said why do you do these things? He said, because it always makes me feel good. I was always struck, he was a guy before the secret came out, he practiced that kind of sense of living thinking positively even when life didn't give him a lot of reason to. He was a really happy go luck question guy. I was struck by him from the beginning of my life. He was one of the major I would say inspirations of this character and what I, you know, the character that I play, he truly is delivering these lines and great thinkers, Einstein and socrates about the power of positive thinking. I remember from a little boy my grandfather was deeply in it not knowing the way we talk about it now. That's beautiful this movie, it's so cool. They take this concept of positive thinking and turn it into a love story. So let's take a look. The more you think about something, the more you draw it to you. Okay. So, this is me thinking about pizza. Are you really being serious right now? I like. What about you? Pepperoni and stuffed crust. [ Knock at door". Gee, I wonder what showed up at the door. Now, if you could right now, Josh, if you could attract with positive thinking something into your life, what would it be? ? I had all these wonderful epithet answer, my mother, what do you want for your birthday? She'd say world peace. Your producer told me I don't get that kind of choice. Look, I got a little tooth here that's giving me problems. I want a new tooth. The problem is there is a covid problem we are all having doesn't allow me to go to the dentist right now. Eighth multi--layered answer. If I get a new tooth, then the covid problem ends. Oh man. Positive thinking. Let's keep thinking that. Also, by the way, you star alongside Katie Holmes, of course, there is a cool little story behind that you actually auditioned for "Dawson's creek" back in the day. Oh, yeah, I think I auditioned for every Seminole '80s and '90s TV show in my career. I think I did 75 auditions a week, ten a day oftentimes, eight-to-ten a day. I auditioned for Beverly hills Melrose place and every single, sex in the city. Everything you could possibly I don't think I ever booked a single one. Sorry my husband got that role over you, sorry, Josh to say that. Oh. All right. We so appreciate you being with us. Josh Lucas, it was a pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, talking to you. Thank you. Be well. We hope you get better quickly. Okay.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The actor reunited with director Andy Tennant for the new film, “The Secret: Dare to Dream,” which is based on the bestselling self-help book on positive thinking. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72209182","title":"Josh Lucas talks dreams of a ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ sequel 20 years after the first movie","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/josh-lucas-talks-dreams-sweet-home-alabama-sequel-72209182"}