Kate Middleton discusses parenting on a podcast

The duchess speaks openly about being a mother to George, Charlotte and Louis and what kind of upbringing she wants to provide for them.
2:24 | 02/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kate Middleton discusses parenting on a podcast
Now to our cover story. Kate, the duchess of Cambridge, is raising as we all know three little Royals and in a new podcast episode she is giving listeners a candid peek into her parenting and Julia Macfarlane has much more. Julia, good morning, once again. Good morning, Dan. Kate is a mom of three but has always been fiercely private of her family life. This morning she's opening up on a podcast discussing what shaped her role as a motherment in her first ever podcast duchess Kate tackling motherhood. In a special episode of popular British podcast "Happy mum, happy baby," Kate joins host and author Gianna Fletcher and shares her passion for a child's early year, cherished times from her own childhood serve as an inspiration for raising her own three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. We had an amazing granny who devoted a lot of time with us, playing with us and doing arts and crafts and going to her greenhouse and gardening and cooking with us and I try to incorporate a lot of the experiences she gave us at the time to the experiences I give my children now. She's been in the royal family for nearly nine years and given a handful of interviews but here she is sitting down for more than half an hour giving a full podcast interview all about their family and all about her experiences of motherhood. Reporter: Kate focusing on what can help and inhibit a child's development and once again taking a page from her own upbringing. As children, we spent an awful lot of time outside and it's something I'm really passionate about. I think it's so great for physical well-being and also mental well-being but it's such a great environment to actually spend time building those quality relationships without the distractions of I've got to cook and I've got to do this. Reporter: The role nature and exercise plays in mental health already a passion project of Kate's. Last year she co-designed a garden for the flower show with an emphasis on the importance of time outside. She comes across as very sincere. Who has really thought about this a lot and invests a lot of time in her family and I think people will respond really well to that. Reporter: Well, the future queen consort Kate will continue this theme in just over a week's time at a sporting event celebrating the role that parents play in their children's sporting success. Dan. Julia, thank you very much. Really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"The duchess speaks openly about being a mother to George, Charlotte and Louis and what kind of upbringing she wants to provide for them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69004734","title":"Kate Middleton discusses parenting on a podcast","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/kate-middleton-discusses-parenting-podcast-69004734"}