'News of the World' actor Helena Zengel talks about co-starring with Tom Hanks

The 12-year-old actor talks to Peter Travers about starring alongside Tom Hanks in the new film "News of the World."
14:42 | 03/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'News of the World' actor Helena Zengel talks about co-starring with Tom Hanks
Hi everybody I'm. I have Peter Travers in this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies. It is a great movies that you can see right now called news of the world. Does our Tom Hanks but also like yesterday. Ladies and about. Jimmy I think that's a great performance. She's been nominated for everything you know critics' choice. At all. The next when the Screen Actors Guild war. So what's going on your head now. All these wards. I I. Yeah I. There old girl. Other we're on my name and his. Personal. Banking and I you know I'm yeah. Remove comment aunt and different genes are very true to his. You mean I'm not. I'm and ordinary. I'm being met me and even. They are lists. Even at all as the words you gotta do homework. You. Hello. Well I. Lightweight end all and any. We're. All on our yeah depends on the we're. Will alert you and leader in Brooklyn that is the whole cult being there are doing. Oh. Yeah. The Aaron. And other that got. My. RO. I do not. Well he. In the we go wrong. That sometimes and I. Don't want him out. According I have my hobby and most of his armed police or go into my work him out right. And Barry. Barry last year. Oh. Well you got your bubble tea and you'd have a horse which is great. So the fact that you could ride a horse in that help you in terms of getting your par at the world. Paul Greengrass and he could rot in. An. Act yeah. Just mention he was. Earning. I was like the other way. We are. I'll learn how you might say what I want him and was okay. I afraid of I was. I. Yeah I went. I. You didn't merit and I told her late. Like. You I know yeah. Yeah okay. Okay you're had a. Well it's just extraordinary that you make these big Hollywood movie you know in Texas and where you there. You yeah English but you EG beautiful neck. And had to. Do all things. First there. Do you or any fear or intimidation do you ever US. Done pretty. The year. Ten. Tiny not. I'm not hollow and borrow aren't. Quite. Or you hear me out. We're on. Early so. I'm Berry Berry well I am. I want you. So more. It just actors got. Out. And you're all. A sound. One. Because it doesn't matter. Let you weren't. Colin and now. Law young word you can win it I hate. That one. Where in re shooting at Cairo. First row. They're looking RI. And I don't know under. And do you so great. To be a leaner. And no law. And I would. I. Mean we're just amazing I have my great I'm. Yeah. I. Her or where where you. Can't get better and oh. Well you know Jeff this is an overnight thing where they found human exit test being news of the world me I sought yeah. And pressures where you one. War that is well I'm it was a really. That you. It. Let's look at me. Ensure. No I Barry I am hey Barry White. I thought that they are. And I'm like most. Yeah. I have real. And I mean I'm art. And. Yeah what it. 800 and it is EO. Tom Hanks. Is work did you see him and beat oral. I knew. Why can't they get. The I really know him. When you. Sham. But. I am I I am. Yeah. Armed. Unless you. Add them out when they know. And currently blocking. Her and we. Know. And then we don't and then them. Ever. Allowed. Among. His blessing to me. Well. Are eager. Yeah a girl who is silent or a lot of the movie. It she's an embittered German and that she's doing Kyle. Oh yeah. Place you do human languages that you basically just learned and then you have to act bowl watt. So what was the time the audition with him. No. I have. Room it. Needed. What would you have to bite and yet our. When Edward. The well. Not. Oh. Show our whole. I bet he. Doesn't I. Won't do. Okay I'm. Don't. You've got. Who have had actually bad not. And a lot of out. And what hers did the there. Barry. Or Eric Steen. Water. Wells. On the and then when I. Won we are running. I am asked why and and well wait. England. OK. Those we're very oh yeah. I did. It and why are they there. I. Know. First. Aren't coming wore on election. You're like. I'm really. Well. Does. And how you hit a mountain. Sports car. The camera happened naturally subject with each other. But it doesn't matter how young Lar or when it's happening there are not fair and definitely there you. Who did you roll. Looking and watching on the screen. With the actors you lacked either Germany or in murky. What. Went. Lord may I. You know. Oh. I. I. Don't know she had. Trials. No. End it. She. Mean me. And my. Al. Where. At. Wishing all. Oh yeah and seemed. Where she. Unbelievable. What I. She may some and you. Don't. Actually. Oh. And she just thinks she's just an article I really like. Word. Yeah one yeah. He. Got it. Oh well. Come. My way. At an. Area. I'll. Issue. Or is very warm and very fine. So yeah bar that would be great years he's awards season where happening in and different. Other than. The lock down in the Kobe is the law is the weapon. We. A will do that well you know on this show that I do and we always end with a little bit as tall. And I'm wondering. If this is song that's important you know whether German or whether it's an English. Word. There are literally got his songs get it before we see it but. Holes. I'll just a little bit. Better and regular. Tour courses. Cook. Are saying oh. She's you know I. Had a new meaning her. Courtroom. V has all. Dozens. And she and a let your playlist right there is that that the great thing. She I don't even have to wish you luck because they know we're and is still Munson in the future so you very much. Now you can go back to your home.

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{"duration":"14:42","description":"The 12-year-old actor talks to Peter Travers about starring alongside Tom Hanks in the new film \"News of the World.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76396925","title":"'News of the World' actor Helena Zengel talks about co-starring with Tom Hanks","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/news-world-actor-helena-zengel-talks-starring-tom-76396925"}