Oscar winner Gary Oldman on 'Mank' and working with David Fincher

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his new film "Mank."
23:38 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Oscar winner Gary Oldman on 'Mank' and working with David Fincher
A fighter. Computers track this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening the movies and recent movie. That it happens G yeah. Gee that's it's called may use that G mangling screenwriter Nolan. Screenwriters really. But bank was made by a teacher and her ankle in the fight over who actually. It's his name. Yesterday is our friend Gary Oldman who placement. And well it wouldn't tell us Gary welcome. Your own eggs. You don't look sick U ready to go out. I'm ready to go hungry or not. Or another because Herman. Wrote this with the horses and yeah. Not only everything in one went there and it was yes. Paul controversy and as he watched this movie. We see her would answer and hop. Working in the golden age of Hollywood but in kind. Loathing. All holly what it's untrue because his ambitions were great year. So are using alcohol. Aren't where did you pull that for a. Are well. Well it's oh. It's not a secret. I'm coming up to 24. Units samba. Motion to recoup. And a I can remember. Well at. Hop which keep. Die. Some Herman Herman join. While I. Only news and golly you. He society and shoot with its citizen country. At Arnie. You more now east Robert Johnson. Who hacked tests. Cripple. Korea. Com. Herman. Karen Hollywood from the east honestly I think he had asked their actions it being a great flight. Or not analysts consider. Light writing. As said he haw yeah awful. When he first came out to Hollywood Hebrew writing car columns were silent. And ends. Put the time we sit here writing. Full or. From wells. And all the talking picture what's now. The true he does not. I'll still read with you know still relatively. NC RT commodities equal treatment now like Herman. 82 earned fumble. Writing. Critics. The money could writing copy. As critics are journalists. And so he he kind how shall I sure do it is used. And this sort of really content. For he he he did not consider them. Are all full. Us it's me just ask you now. And he kind now and you know was. Wasn't right he's on he's on your. He broke the marks Roberts. He was very he was. Very influential. In news the structuring. Welcomed with applause a job he was all right Ferraro. But he was Harmon's site here to shoot cans black Y and there are. Into tech column. I. I. Those able ethnic yes yeah. And and I was someone who was real very much is. Our. Austria eight. Jewish enough jokes or new find cheering. I would site you let's root Max time. People ask what it's about I bring us Citizen Kane and I bring up this close he is this was his chance to Kruger south Eden RO. Ian initially said it. Okay I'll just doctor readers I'll just am not get credit for and then he decided he would create something really good. End to end the controversy is. Actually did this thing you know was it him wasn't well. I'm shrink who met him me. It's not necessarily. About and I'll try action or find. Out our leadership of that. I I think he Ruthie. Are complex and mutual. Who is so strong mission. I have all Orson Welles who. Went door. Once you strike you as the perfect but self destruction. And that he was sub. He was someone that he says it was he's on track. On my king and when he year when he could see and I'm. To get now. He would he would cover all op. And he's six he was in this he was like Sam I'd just like so many alcoholics or are created equal victory. This healing there found. Might use selfless IC you'd think highlight something. That was much. Actually. I'm. He escaped. And really see the C ready to. What's this site he for a while polls because he should all she Mankiewicz couldn't get. What does he get the guy who just gets drunk and too. Is he gonna get a guy who just gets. Since I'm. Going to. Do it out on him. C started writing. Let's see. In real it's. I think for for a long time. Yeah she so now it's creek road. This is really good and who don't want to be day. I think. He flirty rates are on track should. And in true it. Ticket to get credit and an a in the final analysis. Wells. Well it's gotten guys an uneven anti own only yacht. Oh appealing the contract even that he and the nuns rounds. At Wrigley should be should be impressed. Aaron. In electing their new. In terms of watching the movie in what I did it. Was the fact that. He didn't William Randolph Hearst who is the basis you know forces. Are. He get married and eighties I was recently talking to your friend and actor and again he's characters are personal net. He news than they were part of what was he doing them by writing about them you know lead. News is sentenced may be some kinder trail. I think he is very heart. When youth. What are you look. Man. And there Scioscia as huge daddy why we Garrity. Cultural equal. Who are who are right Karadzic's. On I think for married. You know what do you where do you where the French cat. Do you Wear rubber. You've got something really good. You know I think case. It Euro. You know Euro. Your home between artists those two things and does he sense. To you Marion Mufi. He stated that separate case nine Ohio pure. That whole thing about Hollywood you know this is. Black and white film that is kind of a love letter to all holly but it also doesn't win wit. And how fast you know it's also I hate this thing you know I love and he was morally we all about things were actually. Yet it weighing more than a movie. About what really happened and who wrote why. We she what it's doing to keep Limbaugh. Actually. Yeah I'm speak I need it French. I'm on the US I asked him what he straightened sought. Out Hollywood. That the industry. You know we'll screen acting very interest. 88. Water. Sarah action arbitrary. And going to manage that it's not doubt man. Lot. It's. Not all Hollywood you could be content. But rob the ship should go 00. I don't. You know he showed me a Leah. Cited them. He. And you know who actually insurer and credit score here where a it is this that is is written where they all and again. High end machine where pretty much what's going on in the movie it's you know. Yeah. It and that is all the road. Yet he. Yes the story it's it's its interest in acting wants jacks in share and retire as. And he. Added you know ferocious re. Read almost all kinds grow. Sent to. I. Like some study. Group plan bright lights kind of eyewitness myself and I think he tried if you haven't yet. And sent to guide it you know is what are you should see this Aaron thing I've got right now and I am. And artists all been fascinated by welles' citizen angered her. And I teach us through why don't go off Ross. Heard that Kuwait's. This is icing on the TS now. I am I did say he to eighty kind. It directly. To the screen. And if so. Oh. Well. Yet you gotta tell you. And you white. Warped. Kind back and is pretty really pretty screen crying. It is. This film and I sink them. It's not he says it sound like charred body. And as you know. The studios. Now we have street citizenry are these we agree on these other companies are now it in the studio asks diaries you know. I had. Or forward deal where that ceremony and Carla. Not. Really wanted one and didn't want to white film. So it seemed collecting cops. Easy and basically not looking like air. You played many roles like that where at NC bank is not just guys. Now it's nice guys I am. Wow. I wanted me to agree. Just Nike's. He didn't want any content vital. Padilla between me and you won't get us and I do like the dressing. And acting. I jumped out why. To Wear costs it's like cold side got a static or. I mean these things that count me. From types aren't. Rates for York. The rose. Eleven point why don't they won eleven point one billion dollar. So my questions will be running. Your most of the ghost you. We. You warm windy. Weather. And aged. Why someone's life. The Whitaker peak was regroup. And he was anemic he. I realize you got. Yeah. Yeah. Don't have that money into witty and we haven't. Know for sure we have. Now aren't. Aren't. Yet I see you're. Oh one. You know we're all through this pandemic is clay you know it makes you. Everybody humble about who they are and life and now ranked it might be Alan dealing with lights. Now as tensions. With luggage she. What is this spicy. Apple slow horses. Horses yet. It happened at all the time. Which belonged. And on Monday it wants to fry. A worker I mean. My hat goes off to the production team produces. Our only shot missed Chris Bury I ran. Law people. Along alum. He. It's I'm finding hard to remember the peak was reasons. And because. Don't see the priests. All these people I know all these news equal I. T on Sunday might us to. Disease is doing my site acts. Richie as she got us. Well aren't seeing looks ensure not less and some Richardson who might want him. It. It's been very very strange. Meeting people not only non people thought they had. I am and their eyes or. It won't again went bat well. Well you know coming back where. It is can be or we can't. To see if you close your eyes if I do believe there's so many characters and you. Every kind of thing you know includes rack at the heart. You have a real people you'd think it's fictional people you'd like some Billy G place on really doing gods you know as well. Lecture is backed it yet that dark side. But when you think it may and you think of yourself in. Is there a moment that we probably among men that resonated for years. Personal. When you can look at community and tears up on the screen is their moment and that each day this guy to me in some personal. I think I mentioned and calm to completely sort of so struck. I am. I connect to create. I am I in Hawaii are you ready I don't research. Unit at. Let you know. And it go I kinda yelling and yeah. And some quote migrant. The least said. Suggests and I must your life during some really hiding. That you won't count on diet turnaround and you're an old man. Eight. Call right. Because. All live south laden. I'm not feeling that the united accorsi. On all of us are high enough that Burma. Where you. The boo boo. It and and you really need to you're looking through we always sort of single quotes roof fall. And to you compose a Y. And collection of cell. I am. We use are to see things. In in you've put things into the statute. Cure which stopped. It wasn't one day and then everything was okay does appear on the end. Yet. Yet execute this huge period. There is a honeymoon here period. Where it. You feel old. All the toxins and everything out you want me Fillmore quite true more reliant you grow war it's just fantastic. And then and then you've really. Got some work and and act ideas. You know. Dies it's an ice solid but acts to acts on a street race and thus to use. I die time and I'm. Siegel. It's true you atom. To that. From. All right I know people who have been some longer than me. I usually you know it's you'll want one. You know debt LB. They'll be thinking about it and they upbeat progress why is it walks he's got salute followed. You know Friday. And I get. They get that. Oh got that feeling and that in in that it did reboots I don't I don't convicting Mathieu. Drinking. It's like you're not a lot Islam cannot close. I'll let you know and I congratulate you want it's not an easy thing to do. And he did it and you're still doing this work and you're making eleven billion dollars so we're all the review about now a little bit don't. Yeah shall always with you and everybody else that's. We need a song and now Amanda. She showed me that you. Wiki glimmer star is that true. We keep on eight. And I write her. Week. Topic to op. And he used it for everybody owns that. Not an almost sent. Matt back but India. I see them at it measured tone in the my. As your phone I don't want it on acting go celebrating may celebrate a year and what you com. I just want some musical from Ryan. And bars sound in double figures out with a sense and jewel. In an a time where everybody's got and lose. I saw. In this. Him. And here I am saying there and I started. Column. Oh your goal Jay did it all. Odds is. Interpreters and sugar put that in the men who aged care. Congratulations. On this movie it's another one that I'm sure we'll see you all earned awards season where you'll have to do junkets. And you ghost like crazy. But it's okay. Because your. Thank you veterans.

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{"duration":"23:38","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about his new film \"Mank.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75501862","title":"Oscar winner Gary Oldman on 'Mank' and working with David Fincher ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oscar-winner-gary-oldman-mank-working-david-fincher-75501862"}