Oscar winner Jared Leto on his role in the new thriller, 'The Little Things'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about playing a serial killer in the new film "The Little Things."
18:20 | 01/29/21

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Transcript for Oscar winner Jared Leto on his role in the new thriller, 'The Little Things'
Hire Eric Peter tracks this is or where you what's going on movies and I saw terrific movie record. Called little issues in movie about him Cox. All people in Washington. Slurs or someone who uses. Or 1990. Los Angeles. And this guy and they've all. Year. Who you eat damn. Run their money in terms adding that was in the win deciding whether his hair there is guilty. You're you are now. Gotta tell you Jarrett is EU's. One of my favorite performances yours it's it's like a collapse. Didn't need Bill Clinton that we don't know these QT what is she is there but we know is do you use on. This. Strange character but yes you mark eat well. All those things that need now are. You. Odd no. I didn't what is it I don't want it and yes. I eight exact revived that was Myers park product. I thought you know maybe I see explore different territory you know I I've played I've kind of dance than the darker side of the moon bit. And you know I thought maybe this wasn't the right thing to do. And then after talking to John Lee Hancock and you know I realized there it could be an opportunity here's he seemed to really open I said if we're gonna do this together I'd like to. It cunning use it as an exercise in transformation. Into it to read the China's sculpt this. This. Is wild man Albert's farm. You know in to something quite unlike anything done before so he seemed to really game and the prospect of war work it would Denzel Washington one of my heroes. And then Ronnie Malloch in the mix it was. And his consent now. And what I love about working with them is that yes Albert your character. Will really tries to ride the boat than craze. And width. 500. And said. You know there's. I don't want to say it is a little human. There's some in. Yes you're being. You know yeah you did take. Arts yourself other people. Experiences that you've had in you cottages build this collage. You know. Would Albert's Parma was headed now from the walk. To the bullies cited different color eyes different nose different T tights mother prosthetics. Different way of carrying myself and you know was quite exciting to put this. Guide a life and you really you know take a risk and hop pushed things right up to the edge and hopefully not cross over into obscurity. But yet he is a bit. And on unwittingly unknowingly ease in. You know he has the voice of like maybe seething yoga teacher something. He does character is what. I don't want this oil any plot each there's one point where they all TV muted at least agent in LA it's or Asian. And the foam rigs and Albert's. Backed me you know. And open. She's sort of any moment you each readiness rating with something. Will mate Denzel craze. Bell and. I mean there's nothing more fun and you know antagonizing. The other characters in the film and perks are my. He knows he uses that says. Tool eke likes to keep people off balance arts center. And humor is one of the ways that he does it's. And it was quite fun days show upon saddened to bring all kinds of different. Any ideas or add lives and in Prague then. John Lee Hancock is amazing because. You know Hughes the writer is well. But incredibly. Generous. With the opportunity to you know improvise and outlived and he really just let me go to town. You haven't worked with Denzel Iran or right. No no no I had an and I didn't know them. Either. And in mean what what was. Kinda fun as well is that we didn't do any rehearsal like for the interrogation senior talking about that was the first scene with all three of us. And the first big scene it was quite intense and intimidating. Exciting there was a lot of pressure. And it was explosive on sat it was this it was there are fireworks. Going off it was. I'm really excited to get in the ring with those guys every one came prepared I think we all knew there is an opportunity there. And we all take advantage of it. You know all of you have Oscars. Sell out. Nobody can ask you to do anything you don't want to do right just hold up you can take it with you. Every day you walked. Eon and that they know can't tell you could certain. I again. Caused constant damage equipment. It is. Ito would Denzel Washington said the other day you know trophies. The day. It's like when your prize fighters that the belt you one the last time is not can help you this time in the ring. And it's true you know you you it's a beautiful thing to be acknowledged and you know we're winning the Oscar what is ye you know. And unforgettable. Highlight of my life and to share. That would like Stanley and my friends and supporters. Through my life was it was a really special thing. It doesn't help you when your sitting opposite Denzel Washington. And you've got to deliver. It you know it it you know you can't clear Oscar be like oh can I get another take please. Each child continue to work you've got to show up and be prepared. And be brave and take create risk. Bob and you know this film had a really beautiful experience on it I got to work with some you know people that I really admired and you know I felt their faith and mean and they all the mutual respect that we have for one another and are. And the process it's really quite a wonderful thing we. Making a movie. Where you sat. You might be able to joke around later what you're doing it. And you have to be professional about doing it was there aren't on this suggests joke around. I saved all light Jihad keep her. Albert's farm and who lives like it's a you know you wanna like you wanna save all that humor. You know I was like he jokes and humor they're like and avocados they only last so long before they turn brown you know see you wanna really. You want fertility bookcase and save the that that energy for when you're rolling. You know Denzel and I made a decision early on kind of an unspoken decision that we were gonna stay he really distance. And and not communicate. And that was really fun because when we did it was really charged. And I think that was that was helpful for for both of us. You know I just think the world and for me he's. He he's he's my Brando and he's he's just the best. When you're looking at the little things we're thinking about playing Albert is there a moment in this movie you'd claimed him. It's with you. Personally because something in that moment it doesn't beat oh this is best seen. Just that it spoke to you personally. In thing. Yeah absolutely. Laden. That I remember the first time that I. Improvised. Width Denzel Washington. Which is quite intimidating. To do you know I mean it's much respect for him. But I thought it was appropriate for the character to you know kind of live in risky place and also how you get to the good stop I think has not not just some proposition would would dial up from the can be behavior can be. A little changed now but I remember the first summer when Howland. With though Washington. And he responded in a way though is. It's something you know I'm this you are we should go to Disneyland I had I said something ridiculous at one point it started singing. So where over the rainbow. Somewhere to the ribbon Dan K. Had. But anyway I remember the first time that it. You know I lobbed something out at him and I thought we did detective in the moment you know reasons farmer issues. I was bracing myself for him to kind of reprimand me or something you know I have visited kind of during some parent intact and is strictly towards him. But he caught it and he smiled. And he was so sweet and charming. It's Parma. Come clip complete opposite of what may be what would be expected. And I can tell how geniuses that because of course. Deep wooded. In the guys in try to build trust with its Hartmann. And he he gave me that news that billion dollar Denzel. And billion dollars. Billion dollar smile. And he responded I've missed you too or something like analysis site. Yes. I'd I just thought wow this is going to be incredible. As. I'm going to be able to give in he's gonna give back even more than banks you know would ever expect. An every time I caught inside. You know the idea twinkle in his or changer. You know he'd be gee he's you so incredibly instinctive insensitive in in the moment. And that's that's where I wanna live is also would seek it was a great lesson. Well you don't. Very careful about the choices you picked you know you just don't do. A movie or two a year you can you collectively do you when you played the Joker. In suicides why you'd had. You know that there were other people that way that are those four sentence him he. I mean I suppose it is in a way it's like Shakespeare or something you know. You not the first played Macbeth and you're in you're not going to be the last. But you know it's an opportunity and you want to take advantage of it and you know there are rules like that that come up organized dollars and in cinema as sentiment continues to kind of grow up it's not bad old I guess if you think about it. But there are some roles that seemed to get interpreted. Over and over again and you know it's fun it can be daunting but it's also really fun and exciting. And its rate suit the step into the ring. And China your best take a swing at things I have a film coming out called barbarians which of any -- about. It's a marvel character. But he's never been on screen be forced to that was like kind of fun to do something for the first time in its very transformed it is and kind of like taking characters to Indian and putting an inside one of these. Big it's huge fund. Action filled adventurous. Movies and sounds like you can't pigeonhole this is vampire movie but it's not now. Yacht mortal more by Jacqueline Hyde thing than any thing can I go from being like you know NBC aided denominated. You know. On the brink of death and to finding a cure about play of this kind of brilliant. Doctor I don't say so myself but he's the scientists doctor in. He develop secure first this seizing gets really strong hands. He knows excited fans is cheer but then there's kind of something goes wrong so. And I get to play this guy you know monstrous and Macy's in and and kind of it's really interesting. To jump all requests. We can. She eat more he let Joseph end Zack Snyder's. New cut and just sleep. Well you have to ask Zack about that you know I I like. You know it can't confirm or deny. That he that went it went down but. ID do you love Zack Snyder and I love what what it but he's done. And in a big fan and a big and his hand. Yeah I mean it's funny that you said he I'm not that type we got a sneak a couple movies a year at an I'm absolutely not I mean I think. You know I took so much time off from movies I think people are Dallas cut buyers have almost you know five or six years. Can you know there's a whole contingent of people that know my music and then they kind of found out. We you're an actor then there are people who of these actor anatomy music. I'm and it kind of ebbs and flows and some people enjoy both. But this year and actually making. A couple doing a couple of things which is rare for me. But I'm excited. And actually most excited to see what IE. Learn from it you know. I heard. You know calmer Gregor just took. A loss the last slandered the night before last and you know he really is said right after the fight he says you know. You news or exposure but he said this is you know about a large part of his exposure you gotta get in the ring have men in the rain for. Where you know consistently. In the neck consistency is really important. Now an end and I'm curious to see what that consistency is gonna provide me. As far as thank you lessons education. And improvements. As an actor. We always go out and show with a little bit of this law you gave me a little somewhere over the rainbow oh why you'd think what kind of music. He's going on and Albert's aren't yet. Now living in 1990. In Los Angeles what do you think. He's gone and aren't in there. Well polka for sure. You know underrated. But we'll we'll we'll definitely live forever the polka. You know in if you saw Albert dance. Nude blow your mind. The way he chuckles at. And I don't know what Paul song. Actually yes that you can give me a few bars. You actually. Roll me now well known we'd have to brace arm and back to life than that not so sure that lets you that suit. Just eat out. A best musical. Aren't years. Aren't you are. And arts in each of Rabin of deftly knock in this thing right now buddy. Yeah this song just. The ability. A little bit of of the hope he yeah you did it last. Here it I would and I I don't think I did that I really isn't quite what I don't caused Allen to. This (%expletive) justice singing like this. But but. This week and we'll do. You know it let. Oh no we're here. We're very full or. That's how I kind of thing it has arm alike and that boys there's. Eight. We made it very right over here yet this is it's like yeah let me make me slap. So is good news it happens anyway my friend and gradually you snooze you like really directly work in a movie I think everybody. Is going to see something other than they think they've seen when they go in the best compliment. Him self. Stay healthy and strong. Thank you so much I appreciate having me and your class that it was a pleasure.

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{"duration":"18:20","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about playing a serial killer in the new film \"The Little Things.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75548672","title":"Oscar winner Jared Leto on his role in the new thriller, 'The Little Things' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oscar-winner-jared-leto-role-thriller-things-75548672"}