Oscar-winning director Spike Lee on the making of his latest film 'Da 5 Bloods'

Spike Lee shares behind-the-scenes details about the cast and production of his film 'Da 5 Bloods.'
24:33 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Oscar-winning director Spike Lee on the making of his latest film 'Da 5 Bloods'
Oh everybody. I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we will be telling you what's happening at the movies and well my guests and slightly. As a movie eight years. Ugly movie called spotlight that's been happening since Netflix started showing an act engine. What's award seats. Warts Asian means we get a chance to look at it again and kind of assessed. Where does the fun let's stands in history you know awards themselves come and a great movie as lasting about. And the let us was recently named best picture in spite best director by the national border where you see that right. Feel good. Not a bad thing right. Not a bad thing but yes they'll Adam very good conversation with BO Lindo. All in only what we would do another zoom. And he became very reflective and east at Sunnis by. The work is it is and I ever. And a group that. Is happening. Everybody. Would like to win awards but claim. But. We did goal way way back in weeks in seed meaty. Great great bill. That did not receive accolades wind they came out whatever reason. So. You're Scotto ruled the punches a key goal and that's and we have enabled him. Demont. My blog decade as as a they'll make these videos that you know that'd be disappointments. But. You know the news picks up the campus. Put you. So on the road. And you get back up these thoughts going any game and and that's. This was about Namibia would give you a cinematic moment your loved it really one. But oh my god my main man Bud's still berg directed by. If you go out. On the waterfront. NAFTA lead dig cop. Yeah big mess outing him. Kcal Malden has got to get out get that money Downey had to make it. In rentals that are right. Along one of the ways cues and Leonard Bernstein. And Brando. Is wildly. And the point. That he doesn't do. Yeah I think his idol. Don't even tell you need to even William bloodied. You had just NN in my case and Somalis say get a pic is any rusty Bud Black. A. And this do that he did it do any ged. I can't eat out. Even after people like me. You know constantly saying this you know I think I started Rolling Stone and as the person who react I named best picture the year was do the right. So 198980. A while ago where that every bit we don't need admits which killed one. But the fact is finally won that little goal. Four black Klansman the script and jumped into San Jackson's arms. There was this anti. There there was little. Now live now is a new line happiness. Joseph always banging my brother sand not dropping me he. Does. Al-Qaeda that was spontaneous. And knew of the Virginia line. Moment. Joy water. Does not ward do. What is it do you as the filmmaker and what does it do what the movie that you may well exit claimed to have films. It is near price goes. Yeah. Tony Hills. Academy Award winner. Cell is deadly. Looks. As a simple blow. It and many many great films. Great problems. It not win a Grammy. They'll do win Europe. Sleazy deal Gwinnett Tony. In. You know because a lot timed it just comes on the people's taste. Or it's the moment because what I'm Arnold say in the beginning day it has good trendy you know the one time in my life cousins hit. Bet I met Orson Welles he said. Don't. The worst thing you can be is on a trend. Alas that's gonna go away really fast when. And you do. Into five. It's something we're just tell the story about these soldiers. Who are going back to Vietnam basically. Teen buried there on squad. What you're telling all history and now basically of black soldiers have been treated throughout history. You know this movie is still coasts east it will Witter. What happened a long time ago what's happening now and what might happen in the future. In your head when he decided to do. Yet know what really it was always there. Yes enough they like to say. With the passing. A big great. Should the bulls. Yes his. Final scene. He comes back as a ghost. To take comfort. The person that killed loom in friendly fire. And take the burden of alt this tormented character he says. I begin to use so watch seeing. That film to me. Before chabot Mays his transition. From the physical world to a spiritual sense. Is is it his performance says it just changed. Knowing net. He's normal witnesses. And I've been real and the thing about this Peter. Now we know he was terminally ill I do not know is so. If it did this all conjecture. What does what I think so. While he's playing his role and he knows he gets killed. By relief expire. And comes back. As a ghost. Did call Dillon's character. Is he is that in the back of his mind that. This might be my last film and in Newbold it is critical role on planes. No no but they act out the big about. It's hard to when you're watching. Because a week ago when we're writing about the movie talk much about that scene isn't giving away something that maybe shouldn't get away but. Now can act it out see and do. It's gotten to him. Anything that but it'd no well you. After he saw the movie he taught you about humans. Netflix. Oh ranged. Send links to every body so week a watch it together. And Chad. Was on that zoom clone. And he must ahead like at least. Fifteen people. Surrounded him. Poll on him. Is still look at it. You know I just don't loan you know. Lovely family vehicles. But. No I know now. I know why everybody. Was. Called an odd to him. So he told me. They enjoyed it all very much. I mean it was a long conversation. And I never mean. Owen Nolan knew Dhabi last time you know really hear from abroad. When you look at that movie now and you watch those scenes just like you said you feel something other then what is or isn't but it is it is what. This doors. He Qaeda is about forgiveness and and moving on some. Allah be with that. You know what you talk about. You know when a deal more fuel our nominee or remove me that he is buried justified. Is the Screen Actors Guild award for best ensemble. You don't like what you're sixteen act. Theirs and beaten. May is that they know we have our bloods. Yet the great French. Actors. And this does this leave now. The great Vietnamese. Act is too so. Our company was exceptional. And the reason why I think maybe get you one that is some award. Everybody despite the rule and and a complex. Do this within. Various characters. Everybody loved each of them. It was almost low on this. And. People would jets. Glad did beat. We're happy to be on his project and everybody. Despite the heat colonial is still yet the pace in Elwood and law. This environment a eight AP we were talking about sports before the Yankees the Red Sox. Your threats that. What medical unit. But it is doing. This didn't. Whether it be. I asked. And it is in a cast under a broad way play. Or film. But all souls points. We had great teens. There is. Cohesion. Whip and the idea is working to get their concert. Pulled one goal. Just do the best in ethnic job we can. Not that they had the most acts or mitigate the most lines now. List and I collectively. Collectively do what's best for the team. Would a Broadway play. The film. That doesn't happen over time is gonna check it doesn't. All when he does. Is amazed at a new cool on the stick it in Il. You could feel it. Interest did. Very much in in you talking a little. I Chadwick and Delaware you know John Roy the veteran do an innocent and the most trouble. These characters. And what he's got to be you gotta Wear that maggot. He's. Heated healing he didn't get his. Ease. So troubled by everything it its in his head and in his heart. And how to have them. Work together. Because either it's a generational. Thing that's going on the and it's different and yet they they're connected. By something's Erie. You can't really put down on paper and say this is what. Sort of best my recollection. Which is not good. I don't think they rehearse but it loses. Remember this. My great team my great. Wrecked the top we Tom Seigel. He came to me is his by. When he looked would dip location. And we walked around. Find a different location. Com now on this but. Game. We do see. Periodically. There is golden light will come to the league's. So as. Lunch was over. Like to. Haywood champions. No or they can radiate. Dad really. Well it is all the others it is a home. And roll camp in the rose sound. Speed. Cameron. Taxi. And I collapsed and will. There ray W limited stuff. It begins. With Dell Roy is character pool hall into the lions in the new C. His eyes mu which is a Q. But he cam operator. To leave go Roy. Eight lead in Ingle are that it trees. And then hand down. We solar chat with almost like his. Greek statue. Hold. You to think. That was shining down on a bullet Chadwick. Gottesman. We have a little light. A light lunch let. Let was only like. Baiting here it is well Olympic glow. Act and you know I got hit. I crazy. While you do it acted let my motto don't like. It was do is. Dell road lemont has yesterday. It was a blessing. It was a gift. Now I'm Matt and that's really a religious person but. I do believe spirituality. In Val Peter listen Twomey. That light. The amendment is seen dad light that was coming down on Chadwick. Gail is God's heavenly light. Dallas daylight. He go to at least. They. Act what do you little bit. But this does golden dust is built like he would get an eight that it that is why couldn't do it now had come from some other. Yeah yeah. In me knee game. You realism and it again. I'm no Latham but I'm and in my. Dad really I believe. Now was God's coming in light. Shine and. Down on up. And also he didn't show in this movie I guarantee you the mile and an admired the decision making to do it. You let them be themselves the age they are in the class he did do an Irish phenomenon you kids say I'm G age you. I'm gonna put you and jaguar has we're watching you in your own. Where'd that come brown. The fact is that. Netflix. Was the last place we can go to. Nobody else. Sit spite below people around me in his. And people who said the Putin say that said. We'll make it full a number of which they knew and I knew cannot be made. Silk gold and did that. I knew. That we would have. New have to scratch. For. Our budget. Eat pig. That would impact. The budget. Would. Not work. Not just at the Asian. All no alternative Peters. Is when people when directives produces two deals. Cats younger versions. Of the acts. And that they may let me it doesn't work. End to end another thing they do is like every time so my speaks. They got a city captain's name slowed as knows who's who. If they lead. Let them let the cats not people would be the younger version of I'll tell. And we came down it is PU. I had trust. In the intelligence. Of them legal in New Orleans. That perhaps he might be proved a loop at the beginning. But it will catch our. Ed. People know is said to me new debt. It didn't work. He'd worked. You're always go. I don't know what it is doesn't buy euros you know you're making this movie. You've stated David Byrne let's do. Movie version of merit utopia which only adds to me yes let me ask you should yeah acts. You know I was talking to entered India today and she said spike came up to the needs and that is doing your music. Eighty what are volunteers and that. You don't you got your fingers and just keep going what keeps you going what is. Well. Elected magnetic cup. For like this say Landmine. Couple's friends. Call me. Neagle dominance. I usually do I keep people addict and is. Due to erect eight. Did vacation. Global warming and on the well. I wrote an 88. But. It all I know it all seriousness. I'm do what I loved. In a large part of human time. Gloated at grays have a slave that a job. Between eight and huge with the aid but people do it had to do. Defeated Tami. Who find. On it bullet heads close on the backs. Would on a table. And we are able to make a living. Do what you low. Some lesson. The lot of people. You'll begin to atlas. They don't put your job. What you love and what you do you do you love is basically to not accept things as they are you don't do that. It's. Not know. This drumbeat of five blood is basically saying. We ourselves are we messed this these soldiers Jane hall and you know they fought for your freedom and then they got a big I he's. They got racism to space and yet. It's wonderful to watch those scenes with Dell run to go win he's basically saying is it I did this year to fight for my country. Peter my life acted that's good news Peter. Did that would glory. Denzel Washington. OSCON look Freeman. The black soldiers. Felt at the same thing wool war one. War two the Korean War. If that's the main thing I wanted to do I know it and Cuba. The psychology. Of black soltys. The get about what war Saint Paul. Where. To prove that you're patriotic. It proved that you love your country. You go to war. I'd be a country cause you love your country. And country does not love you back. On the screen and you can make a movie that lie you know this. This isn't a movie that we look like it's. It's just seems to be living and breathing in every so I congratulate you on it. You know. Me. And every wart for terrorists. Are out why that. You know when it doesn't happen it doesn't happen but you. Don't or. Keep it Bill Allen that you got your heart I never actually Tuesday whenever your ear and yet. It's great that I eccentric because you knew. Did New York, New York your video about the show that first response showed his city and in what was happening. So I market athletes and ask you to do. A couple of the year new York new York at each year. I know. I liked it. Bullet. Ring and so my in his grave the wall my. I would like see a movie. Not just say. I don't sing it just be starts read in the news. Is now know that the report and it is the knee is the U New York, New York. Grade C in a world. All you haters. Do you want. You well. When you see news. Yeah. And it's it's somewhere appear and it's somewhere in there as well aren't. Aren't I got Italian. You know why but I ND IQ what class period is to get together and talking yet. Ines see you on the other side. The other side not because they're close. The physical desire will go to whoever Red Sox game yes. The Yankees failing. This city yankees. Played a Ritz some.

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{"duration":"24:33","description":"Spike Lee shares behind-the-scenes details about the cast and production of his film 'Da 5 Bloods.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76051706","title":"Oscar-winning director Spike Lee on the making of his latest film 'Da 5 Bloods' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/oscar-winning-director-spike-lee-making-latest-film-76051706"}