Oscars 2021 predictions: Peter Travers on who will win, who should win

Film critic Peter Travers offers his take on who will take home the Oscar statuettes at the 2021 Academy Awards.
16:48 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Oscars 2021 predictions: Peter Travers on who will win, who should win
So I have. They and Peter Travers and welcome to this special Oscar edition of talk more Oscar show. Does have to go and it will go on on it should eat this Sunday right here home. He's got to watch it. So how the Oscars going to be different this year with everybody basically seeing movies at home. Greatly differ because most of the big budget office branch air into the next year hoping that everything will be better next year. Selected smaller movies the ones you streamed or purchased on demand the chance to grab bars and an old bowler that are asked Wednesday. The winners be harder to predict. You bet that's why I'm here you bring in now. So be ordered quit your own best here are my predictions about who should win and who will win. This year's awards you're we got great people and start reading. Actor in a supporting role and the nominees are Sacha Baron Cohen played Abbie Hoffman in the chart. A Saturn and you collude yeah. The black messiah red and in Judas. Leslie Odom junior who played soul singers and cooked in one night Miami. All regime who was an educator working with the death. In Sacramento and the answer your is that units the so. Should we invest then there's no question in mind huge win is endure Columbia. Injuries and was. You know he's nominated before or get a movie all of us off and here blame our bread and he gets these he wonderful Oscar speeches says. Am Britain should. It's a terrific performance he shouldn't have been so who will with. Good idea started would be. And that's there I think you can almost a form of the east is a winner. Now we want. Best actress in a supporting role the nominees are Moliere the low who was or to order and or acts. Glenn Close who is the granny who tells everybody off an apology. Olivia Cole who is the long suffering daughter. Eight million Anthony Hopkins and follow other. And tremendous actress who plays the 1920s. And dirty star Marian days sober and in many. And then you learn you learn human. In Menard as the grandmother in this she's cool. She's found now. And she ease attacked. So who get a check. Look start this way it always sing Glenn Close how this is her eight are nomination and no end. You know are those people that are orange and its content Joost chief editor the last when she should have wondered why she didn't. I think he's gonna happen because about three people in the whole world actually liked him or else. So even though they like and close the real problems. That is an insured wind and to me that's an air disaster in many here is an actress we knew from things like mama media. And we're not expecting her to be as dramatic as she is in ms. NG holes off every minute this form. But acting key academy. Can make her way she's young she's beautiful she's talented they think she can be around forever since who ignored it and I see this. In in raged Beers because. This is you young Noonan. And should eat in an art easel or satellite engineer or remove me as well but also very funny and she will be. In this almost a hundred years. In the only this jacket. Asian woman to actually win enough and it couldn't happen to a better person or somebody who really our hearts also. Includes the mine. Our. Best actor in Aden being world. The nominees are we and sound. He. Rock from mountains here and doesn't know what to think. Life delayed Chadwick Bozeman in monitoring lack we all known and felt his loss last year he was too young team talented. And she's bearded person and this is the last time. We will get sequence screens and as Anthony Hopkins and the father coping with dementia. Gary Oldman playing a screenwriter. Who's in alcoholics and I think all of them. Proceed Apollo witches. And men and it's even your own Menard who is the father who has wrought here is really to Arkansas from Korea to make in life is having a really are soon. Who should win this war. You know if this were different year and Sharon Altman wasn't among army. I would really leftist she resigned and one of the most challenging. Around. And there's no denying Anthony Hopkins hasn't won an Oscars and sirens. Is getting late career reforms. This is ridiculous. Who will win. That will be chat balls and it's just sad that he's in here we appreciate I'm sure there are some voters out there with sang. Wrong she's gear and Oscar's somebody who's not a lot dealer. No it's not. It's a way for us this day. We appreciated everything chairman owes it costs you know whether news flying. James program in getting what that he was due in hand these children. And it's time to say and put it on the record. One of the best actors ever seen. So. You mat if you lose this I think. Not one of those performances where you say now. We're making up for what can do for now the ease at his very best in the evening and people your teeth missing and we loved him. So now best actress in a leading well I would days when moderating as in my ironies are. On her day in the United States vs. She. And she just exploded on us and and Vanessa Kirby who infusions of a woman who's planning a woman. Asian in losses child in childbirth and that seemed so wrenching that opens the movie. Friends is meant for this to our no matter who has two Oscars already asked this actress and then carry mulling it. On only her second nomination in promising young woman. A movie is about a young woman whose best friend and world. Has been sexually harassed and become suicidal. And she's deciding she had. Something two. It's really great forums. Or should win. It's. I think it should be cared about I think what she doesn't movie she placed his hauler with Umar. Was heart and end with the kind devastating tragedy changed history. But who will. Have to go with violent date sadness. Some people say that gonna happen because as Ma Rainey she didn't do her own singing and I don't really think that matters. I think what mattered in this movie that she got Ian into that mind and heart of this jazz singer of the 1920s she was being lauded. The light record users and profiting from work each had two. There's something in this world right now we've got performance you so I'd go. Right or common here. Best director. Now this is a huge category because now we. Not just 11. Which is near call anywhere. In ninety's for years. Only one woman ever wanted to direct and that's. Are there. And it soon. Women directors. And an easy credit in three states ruin Jean Cain 4199. And it didn't but we can expect miracles overnight when people who are steals someone's. Way. The nominees are Thomas injured work for another friend what he does this movie is ruined his own life into it. And you can Europe and their. There's great interest in certain main man in the movie and mentions most of any year. And danger from social network are. Is just proved himself all time has yet. We actually shown women aren't. This is a South Korean director who is basically. Writing his own story and wrecking. His grave demeanor emerald Santo promising young woman wrote this story herself. And he made a views. Debt got everybody talking. An enclosure. We're normal coach out who also wrote and produced. Here permanently in the end is just such a remarkable to Arabs everybody that she's the movie doesn't. First she its old. If you wanna bet some of the new year Oscar party usually closure. She won every lead our award for directing. And so who will win coach ma. Somebody comes along when time. In our disciplined. Style. Just say Obama and Oscar ups. Are you become too deep V gore asked. Where eight nomination. Other regions spoken about opening up and a man who's basically these. Old aunt and Judith in the black messiah and coolly. In his Oscar favorite performance. There are. Many. A story about all Holland who was shot and and one beautiful and technical categories Gary old men being too written in the movie. Then we Hagman aren't this story again of a South Korean Graham coming to America in the Arkansas. No man's land Colin Giles movie she's making battered car she wrote. You know she. East Orange. And yet she looks at Americans to wait at least that's what our own place. And saying we never saw one way or. Promising young woman you mention generals general during this sounds of mental resolve men. Claimed in her car and the trial of the shoot Cognos. Which is Aaron Sorkin just look act of 1968. Riots that happens when these protesters. I put on trial basically. Or being accused of inciting a riot and insurrection sick in 196869. Song much. So who should. I have to just get get a few complaints here and that's. I want us to head. What are what happens in the spotlights. What happens Myron he's black but what hair and 21 night in my hand and this was a year where. The lack changed it was hugely successful. At eight nominations each and mean managed aren't YG it is and the weapons are non. You masons dry. But you re he had me. And you really should look at yourself and say. How could we mourn each which has been intrigued and it will review she did so. Just get a little angry. What will the winner of this mean we'll be known. No management began a movie I'm down. People getting in their bands getting in their cars. Mostly because they live out west in an America where they lost their jobs they don't know or. Mean but they want a new frontier they wanted to travel and one. And that condemns human urged to roam so much or. Where. So. I don't know what you're gonna do if you want to change your mind and said hey you know need it she can point here or maybe not. Back. There are a couple of things that I want to mention besides this. There are great movie came out. In this long year because the candidates and donors aged son last years each in April this year. As we've whom just didn't have any movies. But there are some movies. That are gonna win in some. And number one index of me is or. We checked agency to win best adapted screenplay and lessons secular bear columnist wrote he would alerted people to help them but this wasn't a comedy satire. Two Aaron. That work in every way deserves. Promising young woman is go to get the best original screenplay. This look what's hurt Aaron Sorkin who is basically expecting her child. Senator. And deserves it wins but the fact is colonel general is that the Newton shouldn't and and it entered on remember. For best animated feature and so rooting for soul because to me. But excerpted in Seoul was to get to the heart of what jazz is. It's part of what's all is it was just ripped from. And did best part on the east caller and now all this international. And marquis gave us the times in Gilbert another round. A group of teachers who decided. And ran just with and might do better teaching better as net course that screwed oh Waterman recommended. She. Best and going the metal because middle me almost in. Need what Hollywood did what it is to lose this instance here what is that slowly anyway. It's just beautiful. Old movies you. All Puerto. And excellent image is a guy named Josh in James Richard. Did this in her arms and not. Joshua and closed our partners in life and partners in arts. And a win for them both would close out this Oscar year. We kind of sweet and I don't know how do you feel about that that we may need you. Because all arsenals scream. So what's gonna happen next year yes and excellent one thing we're all whole. We're all hoping that this let me just on. Everybody will get action name change and we can meet up at the multiplex again with our own pocket or we can actually share our Rooney. And torture meanwhile. I'm gonna leave you with my favorite line owner. And I hope this will apply to slide to us. In the coming months and even extinction of the year. Another look at you hope that the movie and say.

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