Peter Travers predicts who will win at the 2020 Academy Awards

The film critic offers his take on who could win and who should win Oscars this year.
13:58 | 02/07/20

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Transcript for Peter Travers predicts who will win at the 2020 Academy Awards
Special edition of popcorn which were calling. The Oscar popcorn because this week ending on February 9 exactly. Everybody will be watching the Oscar telecast on ABC. And probably having their own little ballot I have here trying to figure who's gonna win they stand today and if the person I don't like wind and post I put my money that's what really happened that put people asked me and mystery. So I'll take you through these means category and will be. What will win what should win and we can argue. You can find me somewhere and we can argue about it but I'm going to start with best supporting actress because. That's how the Academy Awards. The first award that we see Kathy Bates in Richard fuel. Lord turn in marriage story. Scarlett Johansson and Jo-Jo wrapped. Florence pew in little women and Margot Robbie in bombshell. So look. There's a lot of good people here and a half the city. Right at the outset that Scarlett Johansson is one of those rare actors that as a nominee at this actors. And best supporting act matters story actors here support which usually give seed to win one it's usually that hugely that went. But if you can. And now I'm sitting here saying did I read wrong what happened to Jennifer Lopez and half hours. Hasn't she been in this gains since the release of there's. And yet the academy bad people. Have decided that gave yes Watson optimist here what you wrong. But look we have to deal with right here. And I'm going to say that the person who will win. In this category is also the person who should win and that is lord turn and Laura Dern in marriage story plays a divorce lawyer. And she's a tough one. And let's think of all the Hollywood people that are voting for this award and how every single one of them I'll wager that. Has their own divorce lawyer and has been through this process. Maybe more than one maybe two or three times to do it and they find in what ward earned in this movie something spectacular. It's also one of the few awards I think that mattered story's going to win but lord turn has never won an Oscar. This will be her first time everyone loves there we all lover and big battle lines. And I think this is her time so let our. All right I'm moving on Q best supporting actor Tom Hanks in the beautiful day in the neighborhood Anthony Hopkins in the two popes. Help to chino in the irishman. Joseph Pesci in the irishman and Brad Pitt in once upon a time and how. Look you're talking to a big irishman fan here so if it was me. Saying come up for the gold it would be Joseph Pesci a no joke that you get Q and publicity. He basically stick to himself he's probably tougher guy and realized as the gangster that plays in the irishman. But that performance is in needs and human ones its first bout report and others sources movie goodfellas where he was. The most scary yank DNC here he's kind of a quiet guy. So if I'm giving them it would be Joseph Pesci. But the academy is giving this award and no one no one can win this except Brad Pitt. These other people here Tom Hanks Anthony Hopkins Alpa chino and touching all have one off. So they already have the goal do you realize his full rear Brad Pitt has never won an Academy Award. Game over people this is it Brad you're gonna get it and once upon a time in Hollywood playing a stuntman. Playing somebody's been around this business. I think if you read this table for Hollywood to say I'm gonna reject one of my own after he was great in the movie. You think he hears my voice that I have a little bit of problem yeah I do because that's not supporting perform at all. That his part is the equal of its costar Leonardo DiCaprio who's nominated for best actor so wise in that category. And Brad you might as well prepare your speech. OK I am now moving on to best actress Cynthia or revote in Harry. Scarlett Johansson in marriage story searcher Ronan in little women Charlize Daryn in bombshell and Renee Zellweger and you'd. Watch. Best actress award so far from the Golden Globes to the critics' choice awards. Has it Renee Zellweger won she's won all of them. So is there any possibility here for something else I mean look what Charlie Aaron did in bombshell. She not only plays maiden tally the Macon geniuses had made her look exactly like our. And Charlie says astle talked exactly are they love bio picks there so. She should be really strong searcher Ronan is at 25 years old she's on her fort. Oscar nomination this is incredible and Scarlett Johansson like I said nominated for best supporting actress and best actress. Cynthia revote is playing Harriet Tubman. And she also wrote the song from the movie which is nominated. Happen to somebody last year didn't it definitely. Eight Honda was nominated for writing that wonderful song from the stars born and its best actors but what that you win she won best song and that was it. So I have to say. That again. I would give this award personally. To search around just because I think to be that young to be exact consistently Browning is amazing. And her performance in little women is that. But it's Rene I talk about how Hollywood loves bio pics. This is Judy Garland that she buying Agee. This is one of their own debate ever gave Judy Garland her own Oscar competitive acting. Never. And I think for that reason not only will remain Zeljko win best actress but she will win for Oscar Judy Garland. Judy we we so stupid not to give one you. And we're gonna give it to Renee in honor you sell Hollywood work it's really crazy but if you're betting on this yet to be great. All right best actor Antonio Banderas in pain and glory Leonardo DiCaprio and once upon a time Hollywood. Adam driver in marriage story Joaquin Phoenix in Joker and Jonathan Pryce in the two popes. I look at this category and before I get into who will win and who should win and I've I've got to say. Academy what do you have against comedian what do you have against Eddie Murphy. That he's not nominated for don't mind is my name what you have against Adam Sandler who. Proved his dramatic chops in uncut gem like nobody can believe. And yet they have it they only like to give Oscars to actors furious actors who play comic roles. He. Anybody who's making a living as a comic actually win this war. So as this year's been going along. I've had this feeling that this was Adam drivers to lose that performance in matters stories one of the best thing he's ever done. Or that I've seen this year and yet. There's this color and who's that other guy he's walked in Phoenix playing Joker. Sometimes there's that kind of performance sometimes there's one that shifts so dominate the scoring. That each is such an act a mershon. From an actor in a role yet Joaquin was scary. He was sometimes funny. He was always touching even though he's playing somebody totally out of his mind and a lot of this movie is in his mind. What team has been nominated several times before and never won. What he did he's yours packed him believe any set of circumstances. If you wanna bet. The whole house on something and somebody to win it's going to be Joaquin Phoenix as best actor for Joker game all. All right we're ready have to move lot I'm going give us direct. This is one of the most exciting categories be cut. These people these particular men and I fame and because Hollywood as is want. Decided that even though there were more women directing movies than ever before last year they couldn't find any to nominate. Which is of course that sir because credit girly directed at women which is nominated as best picture and thought now. I'm just gonna do five men like Rio it what happened. You people sort of learned a couple of years ago oh when you nominated credit girl would probably hurt. Didn't give it to her but she nominated the academy is none in two years old. How many women hasn't yet been an Academy Award for directing. One. And that Kathryn Bigelow for her luck there 92 years one award hang your heritage day anyway. Not knocking any of these men that did get nominated but. There's one in there that I would sacrifice for reading early but you try to guess is that anyway here they are Martin's score says in. The irishman Todd Phillips for Joker. Salmon days for 1917. Quentin Tarantino for once upon a time in Hollywood and bon Joon ho for Paris. Every one of these guys you can make case for. Martin's court says to me is mastered the grand master who only has one Oscar for directing. And in the irishman is doing some of his best work ever. Quentin Tarantino. With once upon a time in Hollywood is also a peak form and yet I'm saying. This category is going to between two other directors one of them being the South Korean bong Joon home repair site. A foreign language film that seems that you had. Got everybody. Excited about what's possible. And then Sam and this for 1970. A World War I movie that is constructed to look like it was done in one confuses me. How do you resist that you don't. Even though I think they would. Really polite he give their best director award to bond Jun ho it's going to be forced them and it for creating a war movie. Like no war movie we've ever seen before. Sam I think it's yours but if you're baton out there and you wanna go to Bonn June oh. Now you might do it because. There's always a surprise these contests we can't go by what the odds are we have to go by sometimes he had anything. I have an instinct for this I have a feeling this is the right way to go. All right west category are we ready best picture of the year Ford verses Ferrari the irishman. Joseph Joseph rabbit. Joke our little women. Marriage story 1917. Once upon a time in Hollywood and Paris. Here is the one you know every year I do this it's between one or two movies this year I can't reduce anything to two. The ire should mind if the me in. A classic one for the ages Martin's gore says he had his best Robert De Niro she you know do actually. Making a mob movie about old age about the end of them out there this is the punishment that date yet for the lives. There's nobody in their lives there alone it's a tragic. Quentin Tarantino once upon time in Hollywood is writing about Hollywood in the sixties. And about a time that. He thought was the less creative burst of Hollywood do. 1917. Again the World War I movie shot to make it look like it's one continue to stake. And parasite a movie about a Korean family. In which they exploit the people they work for and then are exploited by the people working for them. It is a classic these are war winnable classics. It's a land mine and I do what I'm Kelly what's out there that you have to say this is the winner. And I'm gonna go way I mean all excuses no excuses in fact. To my love for the irishman but I think this is the year of Quinton Aaron he. I think once upon a time in Hollywood being a love letter Hollywood and being voted on by people who live and work in Hollywood. Quinton Tarantino does quite brilliant work with pulp fiction in glorious bastards records of board dog. Gangel and chain has never won a best picture Oscar or best director never it's never happened. What better time than now when he thing Hollywood I love you. I think it's time Hollywood physically compared you know I love you fact that you got it. Watch the show afterwards will happen.

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