Peyton Manning analyzes teams heading to this year’s Super Bowl

Along with discussing Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs, Manning will debut his new commercial from Michelob Ultra.
8:26 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for Peyton Manning analyzes teams heading to this year’s Super Bowl
Just two weeks away right now, matchup for super bowl LV is set, Tampa bay buccaneers facing the Kansas City chiefs, more than a 100 million fans will tune in for the big game and and as always, for the commercials. You're right about that. This year, two of names in sport are teaming up for one ad, Serena Williams and Peyton manning. We'll talk with the legendary qb, Peyton manning, live in just a moment. But first, Lara is back with on the tennis megastar and how she's spending time with her daughter. Good morning, Lara. Reporter: Robin a lot goes into being a superstar on the court and now Serena is sharing one of her secret sources of that power, and it's her family. Plus, she's giving us an exclusive first look at her super bowl commercial, joined by Peyton manning and so much the greatest stars in sports. Take a look. For 23-team tennis superstar Serena Williams winning is a way of life. For me I win because I'm happy. I love being around Olympia. It's great. Reporter: She and her family are in Australia quarantining and preparing for the Australian open, giving Serena Williams much-needed time with her 3-year-old daughter. It's so good to have this experience with her. I've gotten so much time to spend with her, it's been really good to have an opportunity to be Olympia 24/7. Reporter: The mother-daughter duo helping each other train on the court. And exercise their imaginations off of it. We like to make up things. We'll look at something and say, that's a giraffe, or we'll go to the fake zoo, my imagination has been pushed to its limits. I can be a kid again and have imagination. Reporter: Now Serena's spreading that message of importance of happiness in a new ad for michelob ultra. What if we wrong this whole time? Joy a happened after the sacrifice, after the win? What if happiness has always been there? Fueling the run toward greatness. What if joy is the -- not just the end game, the whole game. Reporter: Such a cool commercial. We're predicting right here, another big game on the big day. You know sports fans, robin, will try to name every athlete they see in that commercial. So many, we couldn't name them right there. Sending it back to the studio and Peyton manning. Thank you as always, Lara and riva. Peyton manning joins us live now. The crowd goes wild, can you hear it here in the studio? Peyton manning, you have so much going on, but want to ask you about this ad first, and the question that it poses about happiness leading to success or is it vice versa? What's been the case for you? Well, I agree with Serena, when I look back on my football career, I felt our teams won a lot of games and I played my best games when I was happy. I had a lot of joy during my football career. There's the old saying, enjoy the journey not the destination. And when I think back on my memories during my 18 years of playing, I think about those plane rides with my teammates, I think about hanging around the locker room, laughing with each other, I think about taking the offensive linemen out to eat on Thursday nights, keeping them well fed, maybe having a couple of cold beverages and that was well worth it, but those are some of my greatest takeways. Those happy moments that I felt brought our team together. Helped us win more games on Sunday and help us win a championship. You'll have the happiness after, but you can do both. Do you miss it? Did you miss the game, Peyton? I miss the my teammates, robin. I bot to do it for 22 years, if you will, if you add in my college career, I have no regrets, I left it all out there on the field. But I do miss my teammates. Football is the ultimate team game. I miss those plane rides. I tell people all the time, the next time you're on a commercial flight and that flight attendant says the plane cannot take off until everyone is seated and your cell phone is turned off, that's not true, because after an NFL game everybody's standing up. That plane takes off just fine. You heard it here. Keeping it real. Tenth super bowl for Tom Brady. New team, 43 years old. What's his secret in. Tom's been the ultimate professional taking care of himself physically and mentally. He's extremely disciplined. Sleeping habits and eating habits, it'sll paid off for him. I give him all the credit. He's put in the time, sacrificed, he's formed a bond with his new teammates in a short period of time, pandemic offseason, so he's earned the right to have his team in a super bowl in his hometown, Tom pa bay. Let's talk about super bowl LV, the Bucs versus the chiefs, of course led there by the one and only Patrick Mahomes. We've been showing this picture all morning. Mahomes, 5 years old, the same year Tom Brady won his first super bowl. What do you make of this matchup between these two? Well, it's kind of the new guard versus the old school guard, if you will, Patrick Mahomes is certainly just awesome to watch. His excitement. You talk about a guy who's happy? A guy who plays with a lot of joy, that's a big part of him playing so well. I can tell you those chiefs are having a lot of fun during the week, putting in all those plays and they just kind of feed excitement, a big part of their success. I love watching him play. But Tom is Tom. He's been doing it for so long. It will be a battle of those two quarterbacks but also certainly a battle of two really good teams that beat the packers and the bills, two great teams yesterday, should be a great super bowl. We're going to put you on the spot, who do you think is going to win? Where's your money in. You know, picking against Tom Brady at home I'm not sure anybody can do that, but Patrick Mahomes a chance to win back-to-back super bowls, the only guy to do that recently has been Tom Brady, so I have such respect for both of those guys, I can't pick against either one of them. I don't blame you one bit, Peyton. Very well done. If Brady wins it, should that be I don't think he will. That's what I did after super bowl 50. It was the right time for me. It was such an individual decision, nobody can make that decision for you, I have so much respect for Tom, the battles we had on the field, we formed a friendship off the field as well, always felt he brought out the best in me and maybe vice versa for him. I don't think he will, it's his first year in Tampa. He's having a lot of fun, he's joyous and I can see him doing it for a few more years. You're a fine example of what can happen afterwards, your commercial, your espn-plus show, your acting, we saw of course you in modern family. Keep being happy and bringing us joy as well, Peyton. Good to see you. Thank you so much, robin. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"Along with discussing Tom Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs, Manning will debut his new commercial from Michelob Ultra.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75465715","title":"Peyton Manning analyzes teams heading to this year’s Super Bowl","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/peyton-manning-analyzes-teams-heading-years-super-bowl-75465715"}