Regina King on keeping her Emmy streak alive

The "Seven Seconds" star talks emotional Netflix role.
7:05 | 08/15/18

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Transcript for Regina King on keeping her Emmy streak alive
deserves a wonderful guest. Two-time Emmy award winner. We have loved her in everything from "Friday" to "Jerry Mcguire." Everyone raving about her stunning performance in "Seven seconds." Please welcome Regina king. Oh man. Hey y'all. How are you doing? How are you doing. Just fine. Congratulations on the latest Emmy nomination. Thank you. This is what I appreciate about you, you do not take this for granted. Oh, no, no, no, no. Think about it, first of all, it's your peers that are voting for you, and there's so much content out there, so much content. My last name starts with a "K," so they got to go through a lot of names before they get to "K." It feels good. I'm always honored, yeah. You should be. And where were you when you found out you were nominated? I was upstairs feeding my dog. Glamorous. Yeah. I was feeding my dog. I wasn't looking glamorous. I heard the phone ring and I was like, oh, because the first time I was nominated, you know, you're not -- the buzz isn't around. This point people are talking to you like, you may get a nomination. I'm like, don't say that. The phone rang, I'm like, it's good news or bad news, I'm going to leave it. Then it rang again and I'm like, hey, it might be good. And your friend, Gabrielle union, she loves you and she tweeted some great words of en kurmt for you. She's amazing. Also, she said you saved her from drowning in bermuda. What's that about? A lot of people don't know, black girls rock, Gabrielle and I were the first hosts to do it. After we had done black girls rock we went to bermuda for some Lionel Richie concert and we were snorkeling. We kind of were being bad asses -- can you say that? You just did. This is live TV, got it in right quick. And we snorkeled out to an area that we probably shouldn't have been, you know, just trying to -- So the current kind of got -- And we saw a jellyfish and she was kind of out there and she was like, oh god, jellyfish. So I kind of jumped off the rock that I was on and we just swam back together. She tells that story all the time. She says a lot of actresses would have let me go. More roles for you. Yeah, yeah. I see a job coming. That's the beauty of the fact -- and another good friend of yours is going to be here tomorrow, Regina hall. Yes, another queen. Yes. Sometimes there's confusion about the two reginas. I'm Regina king. That's Regina hall. When you come out here tomorrow, make sure you represent the reginas well, which I know she will. You're representing really well. I mean, "Seven seconds" if you haven't seen this on Netflix, you play a mother whose son is hit by a police car and you said you were a little hesitant at first about taking that. I was, I was. Hindsight they say is 20/20. I know now it was because I was really scared about the emotional deep dive I was going to have to take, being a mother of a son as well and the creator of the show was just like, no, you're la trees. Because I was trying to get the K.J. Role. I was like, I think I can play a drunk girl, I think I can do that. She was like, no. I need you to be la trees. So I trusted that and said a couple prayers and took the dive. You took a dive and you landed it. I mean, you did it. Thank you. We're going to take a look at a clip of your incredible work in "Seven seconds." This is Regina king. Lean, you want me to lean? I never prayed for anything harder in my life than for my son to live. All the while somebody else was praying for him to die. So I'm done praying to a god who answers a murderer over a mother. She doesn't know what she's saying. Her head is spiraling. No. I am very clear about what I'm saying. You can see, emotional. Yeah. Very, very emotional role, and you called your own son throughout filming this just randomly. Yeah, just random stuff like, you know, did you put something in the dryer, something that -- he would be like, yeah. Why are you calling me? Yeah. It was just that I needed to hear his voice. I needed to just know that he was okay. I mean, this was heavy. I haven't watched the show. I don't think that I will watch it because -- You don't watch yourself? I don't, yeah. Really? You know why? I'm just so hard on myself. I always feel like, dang, I should have done a different take on it or I wish they would have used another take or just coming to the director like, I know there was a better take in there. So yeah, I don't, I don't. You're winning all kinds of awards, wow. But I had the privilege of working with this woman on a project. She was a director for a pilot for the NYPD sisters, and to see her, oh, my gosh, so demanding. You were on episodes of "Scand", "The good doctor." What do you bring behind the scenes as a director? First and foremost, being an tor and knowing the vulnerability that it takes to be an actor and respecting the space of an actor. When we have a shorthand actor to actor and I'm not yelling notes from across the room behind the camera. I go up and talk to the actor because it takes a lot out of us, you know, especially doing emotional scenes or sex scenes, you know. It's important to make sure the actor knows that I'm here to protect you and I think you get the best performances with that. Well you bring it. Thank you. I'll tell you what, you bring it and you should watch yourself some time. You're pretty good. Really? Yeah. You should watch some time. It is "Seven seconds." It is available now on Netflix. Go out and check out Regina

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