Remembering actress Cloris Leachman

The Oscar and Emmy winner, who died on Wednesday at 94 years old, was beloved by generations of fans over a career lasting more than 70 years.
3:46 | 01/28/21

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Transcript for Remembering actress Cloris Leachman
We are going to move to our cover story. We're celebrating cloris Leachman, tributes pouring in this morning for the Oscar and Emmy winner with a career spanning more than 70 years. Chris Connelly is in Los Angeles with her story. Good morning, Chris. Reporter: Good morning, George. An actress of remarkable range from the 1950s onward, cloris Leachman won emmys making audiences laugh. Won an Oscar making them cry and at 82 won their hearts on the dance floor. I had sex appeal. In fact, I still do. Reporter: All that and then some. Well into her 80s. Cloris Leachman brought her deliciously late in life sizzle to such sitcoms as "Raising I'm just hanging with a friend and if ten peaches show up, they're for me. Reporter: At age 2 to doing the tango on "Dancing with the stars" getting a leg up with the show's judges. I didn't do it. My leg did it. Reporter: Yet even before Herren Sans as a prime time pro-track Turay cloris Leachman had eight primetime acting emmys, an academy award and unmistakably great way with a one-liner. Did you know that Lars has a neurotic fear of swallowing hair? Reporter: In '70s best known on the "The Mary Tyler Moore show" as Phyllis Lindstrom married to Lars, mother of Bess, the overdisclosing neighbor swimming in a sea of twin cities singles. One of those geniuses who's capable of thinking on the spot and making it funny and making it truthful. Reporter: She'd bring those curls and that gim-let eyed gaze to "Phyllis." On film she was sensational a gym teacher's wayward spouse in "The last picture show." What am I doing? Why am I always that to you? Reporter: Ler her throwing the coffee pot tweeted Stephen king. She would win the Oscar. I'm having an amazing life and it isn't over yet. Reporter: She'd also star in such hit comedies as "Young Frankenstein." You want milk perhaps? No. Thank you very much. No thanks. Ovaltine. Reporter: Mel brooks tweeted such sad news. Cloris was insanely talented. Every time I hear a horse writtenny, I will photographer think of frau blucher. She competed in the 1946 miss America pageant. She'd make her film debut "Kiss me deadly. In '55 star opposite Ronald Reagan in General Electric theater. 53 years down the road she would bring the house down at Bob Saget's celebrity roast. I can't believe I shaved for this. Reporter: Cloris Leachman died Wednesday at the age of 94. Hailed by all for her magnificent and much add mieshaed career. Difficult. This was the easiest interview. This wasn't difficult at all. You haven't started yet. I know. Well, we're going -- Reporter: She was funny and a an altogether unstoppable one and she leaves a lot of wonderful performances to be remembered by. So many. What a great -- that was great, Chris. Some things you didn't realize about her. I learned a lot and laughed a lot. Turning now to Paris Hilton. She is revealing undergoing ivf

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"The Oscar and Emmy winner, who died on Wednesday at 94 years old, was beloved by generations of fans over a career lasting more than 70 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75534738","title":"Remembering actress Cloris Leachman","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/remembering-actress-cloris-leachman-75534738"}