Rosie Perez shares recipe for one of her family’s favorite dishes

Perez, who stars in the new HBO Max limited series “The Flight Attendant,” shows how to make her Aunt Ana’s stuffing.
4:31 | 11/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rosie Perez shares recipe for one of her family’s favorite dishes
Now to an Oscar nominated actress and one of our favorite native new yorkers, Rosie Perez, she is starring in the new thriller series E flight attendant." Rosie, good morning to you. It's great to have you as always here and we want to talk about something a little bit different because Thanksgiving yesterday and so many people are going through so much. We all gave thanks and talked about things we're grateful for. I wanted to hear from you. We want to know what's good in your life right now. What's good is that I'm in good health. That my friends and family are in good health. You know, and a vaccine is on its way and, you know, America is coming back and building better so a lot to be thankful for and I just give everybody a shoutout of love and hope and just gratitude. You're starring in "The flight attendant" with Kaley Cuoco. She said she had to beg to you do this. Is that true? Yes, that is true. I initially turned down the offer as stupid as that can be and Kaley wouldn't accept no for an answer and she insisted on meeting with me and we went around the corner in my neighborhood and my first statement was to her is that I T stand traveling. I hate flying and she goes, you do know it's called "The flight attendant." I said, yes. We both started laughing. But she had me at hello. I mean the material was so undeniable. It would be stupid for me to just let my anxiety about flying turn it down and she just cemented the deal because she's an amazing person. Amazing young woman. Let's take a look. Just so you know I didn't tell the FBI anything about the thing that we talked about that you went out with 3c. I never told you I went out with 3c. Yes, you did. No, I didn't. Oh? Anyway, don't be mad but I might have implied just a tiny bit that you were flirting some and that I might have seen him slip you his business card but that's it. So this looks very good and despite your fear of flying, you actually had a really good time filming in Italy and we've heard maybe you had a little too much fun at the Vatican. Oh, my goodness, yes. Well, first of all, this was a great cast, great crew, producers, we loved hanging out with each other all the time and I was there with my best friend Julie Shannon and she I and griffin who plays Shane who is amazing on the show, by the way, she wanted to go to the Vatican so I was like, oh, okay and when we got to the square they had a Jumbotron and I couldn't believe they had a Jumbotron. I said what the heck is going on and the pope comes out and we all look up and someone yells out, hey, you're on the Jumbotron and so in the middle of the square the Vatican I started going, ba, ba, ba, and everyone was mortified. Mortified. Yeah, it's hard to be humble when you're on the Jumbotron. Rosie, so your "Birds of prey" star Margot Robbie said to make us a drink but we wouldn't sit up straight after that. We could probably see that challenge. Instead we have your family's stuffing recipe so this is your family's holiday recipe. Tell us about this. This is my aunt, god rest her soul, Ana Domingo's family recipe and usually supposed to make it with ground beef but I use fake meat now and it has sofrito in it and a lot of garlic, little peppers, onions, everything and it's really, really delicious. It's very Puerto rican. We love it. Rosie, I can tell you right now -- It's very delicious. We concur eating it right here in the studio. Thank you so much, Rosie. It was great to see you and have a great Thanksgiving weekend, rest of your weekend as well. You too and thank you so much. And next time I'll mako -- make co-heat tos for everyone. We'll put you on the Jumbotron too. You can get Rosie's stuffing recipe on our website, and new episodes of the "The flight attendant" are available on HBO max every Thursday.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Perez, who stars in the new HBO Max limited series “The Flight Attendant,” shows how to make her Aunt Ana’s stuffing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74426920","title":"Rosie Perez shares recipe for one of her family’s favorite dishes","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/rosie-perez-shares-recipe-familys-favorite-dishes-74426920"}