Sam Heughan dishes on what's next on 'Outlander'

The star of the breakout hit TV show opens up about what fans can expect next, live on "GMA."
3:38 | 11/01/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sam Heughan dishes on what's next on 'Outlander'
star of "Outlander" returning Sunday. Everybody is excited about this for a brand-new season. Very happy to have Sam heughan here with us. Welcome. I'm going to start because these ladies are freaking out because you're in the front row this close. I told them they have to behave. Are we pronouncing your name right. Heughan is right. You have a lot of super fans. Like a lot of super fans. So the show has a cult following. What a lot of people might not know you auditioned a number of times for "Game of thrones." Oh, dear. Do you have regrets? I did, actually. But you know what, I'm on a great show and actually this has been really a great roller coaster of a ride and now in season four and it's been fantastic. The reviews are incredible for the new season coming up. People are very excited about this. And I think we've got a clip. You're starting in -- you just arrived from Scotland to the new world. North Carolina. Yes. Right. Your wife can travel time so she knows what is to come. That's right, yes. So let's watch and talk about it on the back end. There will be lots of different people here. Countries all over the world. All hoping to live what will be called the American dream. Is it the same as our dream? I suppose it is. They're ready. You guys have a pretty serious Twitter war going on over who flubs the most lines. She does like to lie a lot on Twitter. Who wins? Who does flub the most lines? It's not very -- I would say she's definitely bigger. So we're all right pairing up. Your super fans have a name, heuglighans. Where is -- oh, there you are in front of us. All right. Heather. Here's your chance. You have a question. All right. I love "Outlander" and I was just wondering if it's ever awkward since you and Katrina are such good friends to have those sexy love scenes. Oh, the intimate scenes. And there are a lot of them. There's quite a few, yeah, no spoiler there but it's -- you know, she's one of my best friends and we get on well so we have a lot of fun but she's a built of a corpser and I usually end up injuring her so it can be pretty dangerous. All right, ladies, don't faint over this but there is an opportunity we hear that a super fan, a megafan could have a date night, an opportunity to go out on the town. Yes. We're losing them one by one here. Very, very excited to announce today we're launching an omaze campaign and anyone can enter and the winner will win a trip to Scotland and be my date for the night. The mighty challenge gala so a lot of fun. Thank you for coming. Thank you for having me. Lovely to meet you. Get ready, guys, for your date night.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"The star of the breakout hit TV show opens up about what fans can expect next, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58895450","title":"Sam Heughan dishes on what's next on 'Outlander' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sam-heughan-dishes-outlander-58895450"}