Serena Williams says she 'cried' when she stopped breastfeeding

The tennis legend speaks candidly about breastfeeding, post-baby weight gain and more in a pre-Wimbledon news conference.
4:12 | 07/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Serena Williams says she 'cried' when she stopped breastfeeding
Tnk you, Adrienne. We now want to turn to our ma" cover story.serena Williams is about T hit the wimbledon court after over thweekend she joined her iend duchess Meghan at pe Harry's charity polo match and also makingeadlines about motherhood now revealing she stopped breast-feeding and los WEHT from that. C's erielle reshef has the details. Reporter: She's the powerhouse tennis star now revealing her suggle to bounce back afterbaby. All the articles and over pop cull tire, you hear,ou know, when you breast-feed you lose weight and you're so thin. It wasn't happening to me. Reporter: Seren Williams opening up about hermotional decision to stop breast-feeding. Speaking ahead of her comeback at Ledon. I was training and everything and everyone says oh, Y're so thin when you breast-feed. I'm going to be totally frank. Re show -- is it? Ia lie. Thank Reporter: The queen of the court revealing while breast-feeding daughter Olympia E felt heavy. Despite a hlthy diet struggling to lose T baby weight. No Matt how much I worked out, no matter how much did, it didn' work for me I was vegan. I didn't eat sugar. Totaeating completely hethy and I wasn'tt the we that I would have be I not. Eporter: The tennis supetar has been aor advocate for breast-feeding in the past. Ban December even tweetg this pic wh her 3-nth-old daughter with the caption fellow Mo how long did you breast-feed? Is it weird that get emoonal when I eve just think go when it's time to stop? I have been doing absolutely the GHT thingvery day with E exception of probable the main tng which is breast-feeding. Reporter: But in "Being Serena" the first time she talked about training whi breast-feeng. At one point her coach even telling her she had to stop Stop breast-feeding. Because the problem is, you're too hey. Yoare Stocki a lot of T. Reporter: When she didtop she immediately sd weight After that like Lally I lost like ten pounds in week. It was cra and I just kept dropping. Reporter:illiams says though the decision was a tgh one, it was the bt for her a her new family. What I've learned through the experience, ev body is fferent. Reporter: For "Good morning Erica," eriee reshef, ABC news, New York. All righ our chief mical correspondent Dr. Jenr son joins us now. Lcome. Thank you, my dear. S what are the recommendations forow long a mom migh breast-feed? The can academy of diatrics I crystal clear. They actually recommend exclusive breast-feeding for six months then breasfeeding in some form for up to the fit year of life. But this is anotherexample, Cecilia, any time you talk about breast thing, breast somehow become global property. Everybody ne to weighn, say what you should be doing your breioamerkurjokulls. Even though ts is a W class ate a massive city, it shows think is a very individual dec and what I used to tell M pati, when Y talk about breast-feed, theperative word is feeding. Feed your infant the best way for you and that babynd it's not alwa breast-feeding for ef of - every woman. Y have your clickers. We'll a question. All test here. Serena says she Stopp breast-feeding in part becau it was affecting her weight loss. Do you think -- do you think breast-feed ago affects weight loss? Survey says. Wow, 73say, yes. So what is the answer? Intting so there is a lot of controversy about this actually. It is a metabolically demanding procest you actually need more calories when you're breast-feeding than you do when you're pregnant. It's about 500 calorie day to sut breast-feeding. T 300 only when you're pregnant. But to be clear, there is no magic bullet here. I would tell women it takes you nine months to gain the Weig have to give yourself some Tio lose that weight and it's not a secret F weigh loss. So if that's the primary son you're doing itay be disappnted. Like that. Took you nine months to P it on and nine months and some to take it off. All right, orge.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The tennis legend speaks candidly about breastfeeding, post-baby weight gain and more in a pre-Wimbledon news conference. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56309581","title":"Serena Williams says she 'cried' when she stopped breastfeeding","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/serena-williams-cried-stopped-breastfeeding-56309581"}