Sir Kenneth Branagh and Elizabeth Debicki on their new movie, ‘Tenet’

The action blockbuster has already raked in millions at the box office and overseas.
5:25 | 09/03/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sir Kenneth Branagh and Elizabeth Debicki on their new movie, ‘Tenet’
I invited him to the dinner. Good for a diplomat. Welcome back, everybody. That's a look at "Tenet," the first big movie opening in theaters. U.S. Theaters since the pandemic hit and action blockbusters have been raking in millions at the box office overseas. Two of the dhars are with us, Both joining us live. Thanks for being here. Let's start with, if you read a lot of reviews a lot are scratching their head because of the plot of the movie. I'll give you a chance, Elizabeth. You explain exactly what is this movie about? It's the million dollar question. I would say this film, the way I describe it is I say we follow the protagonist who is played by John David Washington, brill plantly and we follow him on a mission to save the world and the nature of the mission is to do with time and the concept of time and who can manipulate it and control it and that's sort of the center of the film. If that classifies. Actually does make sense. I'm following it. So if John David Washington is the protagonist might be safe to say, Kenneth, you're the antagonist and Christopher Nolan told you your character was bhavengly unredeemable. What was that like to play? It was -- well, it was great. It was very releasing. He's fantastically flayful. It is a big espionage movie. You get a Badder than "Breaking bad"die. He said I want you not to look for anything good. I don't want you to fine the humidity. He needs to be bad all the way through so the threat the audience get excited about is there all the way through to the end of the movie. That's what I tried to do. The movie looks great but also looks very intense and, Elizabeth, I know you and Kenneth had intense scenes and had this sort of funny game you would play to keep things light. It involved singing? Yeah, well, Ken and I, our character gas to some dark places, I would say, and we invented a game that happened, I believe during an action sequence move in a class together for a long time and Ken and I -- the crux of it is, you pick a song that up until that point you've always song the lyrics like half song never quite known the words then you kind of try to desperately figure out like that slightly obscure Elton John track you never knew Liriano ups to and a lot of musical theater and turned everything into a musical and Ken worked so hard on the side of the road that I actually split a seam in my skirt. If I can say that the skirt was split by a phrase from "Les miserables." I love lis mis." This is much better than what we brought to talk about. Kenneth, one thing, though, back to acting, we did have John David Washington on earlier this week. He said one of the finest pieces of acting he's ever seen when you were having to do lines backwards with a Russian accent. How did you pull that off? With great difficulty, but it's fun. You know, it's very entertaining living life backwards and spill a lot of coffee but you do get to save the world. We are such fans. I know you both have big roles coming up and, Elizabeth, you'll play princess Diana in the final two seasons of "The crown." How daunting was that? When Peter Morgan asked me to do it I was quite overwhelmed but I've had a little bit of time to process it now and I think that I'm actually just incredibly excited to do it and she's such an incredibly important figure. She was such a remarkable human being and so the idea of stepping into it is dauping but very exciting. Yeah, Kenneth, we know you have another movie coming up as well. Poirot, "Death on the nile." You have to wear facial hair and it gets you in the character. When you have a galactic size facial furniture it feels like you're set behind the wheel of a very expensive car. So poirot's mustache had to be one of the most magnificent in England. This time going to the desert but all the murder, mayhem and whodunit is still there including the mustache That's great. Looking forward to the movie, Elizabeth debicki, we appreciate you clarifying what the movie is about and sir Kenneth, we appreciate you sharing what your game S we'll have you back and play the game. See how many, I guess, skirts and dresses and pants we can split having a good time. Good luck with the movie. Thank you. All right, "Tenet" is in theaters today wherever theaters are open.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"The action blockbuster has already raked in millions at the box office and overseas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72790304","title":"Sir Kenneth Branagh and Elizabeth Debicki on their new movie, ‘Tenet’","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/sir-kenneth-branagh-elizabeth-debicki-movie-tenet-72790304"}