How the stars of 'Big Sky' filmed the series during the pandemic

Ryan Phillippe, Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury star in the new ABC thriller about the search for missing girls in Montana.
5:02 | 11/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How the stars of 'Big Sky' filmed the series during the pandemic
morning. And, Ryan, I'll start with you, my old friend, "Big sky," it's a drama unlike any we've seen on ABC. Don't want to give too much away. How would you each describe your reaction to the first episode. Man, I was shocked. I think that the audience will be and it leaves you wanting more and leaves you needing that's for sure. Isyou, Ryan? It's -- You rang. Somebody is getting a call. Sorry about that. So, kylie,hat was your reaction? I was shocked as well and really excited that ABC is taking a chance like this to kill off a star like Ryan and I also had some deep thoughts about what his fans are going to think about it. Oh, wow. And, Katheryn. Spoiler alert. I feel the same way. I was just literally shocked when I read the first episode. It was just like, what? This is not happening. But I think a lot of people are just going to be on the edge of their seat because this is introducing such incredible characters that are a little quirky and weird and unexpected, so even though there's a lot of intense drama throughout the entire thing, but there's also a lot of people are going to stay and they'll try to figure them out and dive in and really be really intrigued about who she's people are. I can't believe I just spoiled that. Well, we know the show is filmed during the pandemic. Of course, safety measures were in place but what was that like between takes, Ryan? We were one of the first majouctions to go back to work so there was an element of finding our way through this new world and embracing these guidelines and protocols. You know, there was fully in ppe. We were tested almost every other day in the beginning, but once you actually got on set opposite your fellow actor and got into the scene it felt relatively normal but I would say the social aspect of making a television show kind of -- it wasn't what you're used to. And I want to say your three characters, they find themselves in the middle of a pretty messy love triangle. Who doesn't love that? So we'll take a look right now at the premiere. Let's check it out. Are you sleepth my husband? Whoa. Whoa. That's not exactly a denial, is You've been in my home. Excuse de I'm talking to cassie. Had supper at my table. First of all, you two are over. Is that what he said? And you said -- Where is Cody anyway? Sounds like you have a little situation there. I love it. So much girl power on this show. So what was that die nachlic like behind the scenes. It wa pretty amazing truthfully like coming off the show for seven years on "Vikings" got a chance to play a strong, formidable character, something new to get on a new TV series especially right away but when I read this and reading cassie's character and Jenny's character, it's so unique to have two strong powerful women on screen that are completely polar opposites but yet have a common goal and somewhat of a kinship because obviously there is a love triangle involved but also a lot of respect for each other as independent and strong as they are, there's love there as well. And, kylie, we know you connected to your character on a personal level. Can you tell us about that? Yeah, I always think that it's a privilege to be able to play what you understand and cassie is a biracial woman in a very white environment and that's how I grew up as well so I understand that landscape. For me I'm excited to sort of nto that a little bit and grow, see her grow and explore and come out of the uncomfort of being, you know, sort of misunderstood and underestimated and, yeah, I think she's a really, really instinct wall character and I think people are going to really enjoy getting to know her and watching her grow and sort of come into her own as she navigates this small town. Well, we're going to enjoy and lean into the premiere tonight, hey, thank you, three, for joining me. Good luck with the show. We're excited for it. Ryan, always good to see you, my friend and "Big sky," it premieres tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Ryan Phillippe, Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury star in the new ABC thriller about the search for missing girls in Montana.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74248185","title":"How the stars of 'Big Sky' filmed the series during the pandemic","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/stars-big-sky-filmed-series-pandemic-74248185"}