Teyonah Parris dishes on the making of 'WandaVision'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about her role in the hit Marvel series, 'WandaVision.'
18:01 | 06/25/21

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Transcript for Teyonah Parris dishes on the making of 'WandaVision'
Hi everybody edwards' junior's record and this is popcorn movies you would in the culture. And you won't see anything popping more if you haven't seen it all yet then wandered. And what a start that these are. Indeed like rage. Is he on the Paris my guests today so welcome and weight. And any every eerie. And I'll bet that show has completed episodes. And now it's only the words. Which actually talk about. Are really. 88 is it now it's re Eli. I can't really any being and it day. Accidentally. Eaten more. Heard in hurt and burger or. When he yeah. Will weekend. If we get ready for captain marvel to weekly theater human well. I and we got an official I don't mark. Marbles so there's going to be general Jack Markell. The dollar. An outlet you're not. Only are you in. Your day every in my our. Kids see what his moniker him. Well. It floral for a reason but marvels. Going to be a lot of and do. You are a Juilliard graduate U I remember seeing. Onstage. At New York theater workshop initially. You know there. Was added. It was great let me just as G that kind of thing happening and she EU. You know moves through career. Where you've done movies for Spike Lee election are Iraq he you Berkman marriage and ends. You don't hear what people know your super here we can hey you know. Yeah. Well here I really a dream. Come true. I dream and dream today. And being you know I know or EE Libby into. This time it's such a huge. Everything all the I think it's midget you know creatives that. We're just deals well. So let's agents. How isn't really. An intentional and you don't career. Sheet and how around eight. Agent or. Three year. Did you ever imagine when you study. It's studying in school and then went to Julie are you'd be in this position part of the energy you. You dream and Ian won it he's worried and remember. You are. Or. Remember all he history. An errant agency air. Out. And I imagine. How. The FD. Leading into that. It did the call can be anywhere they said you have to do it all these things stage. And the somebody called you yeah. Hanging. NGU. Haul. I hate it did you say. Yeah. So you use it in here real. End in U is in. Yeah. Me what I action Lee. And so. Hurry outlined at issue Geraldine. Egg. Issue. Want and it's dark it's like following them. He and other were all. Now let me familiar with in the know. And I know what I'm doing out here. On the way RD and later. AG on do you remember that marvel. Outlay. No because of me. Eighty note that it later. Issue. Into the world act and they don't ever have. Out came around and you're right yeah he got our. Do you know we care. How it was yet. Every. This character on the Korean well they ends it. They any act. Her. Eyes and ears are our prior to any role so it hurt because they were. An hour later they tweedy. And ironic and our outlook or you know we're. Getting it here. In the UR as active. Well it used. There were people that are out there and still don't know. No clue. Watched wandered. Judging by the ratings and what people are talking about can imagine anybody out there had. But who is this Monica Rambo last Geraldine. Who we urge the this year as part of a kind of non GE 66. Car. It you know. We're my Rambo you. Actually if you are in and it seemed that owns U whenever her ain't it. Are all he is the young girl whose daughters and Maria Carolyn my anti big here you are now we catch up with current climate age and years later. We learned what she'd been doing I would now she is an ax or not she is artists or any organization that let Eric helped get off the ground in eight and route is journey relaxed she's huge. Our Wanda realizing that want it is. Really trying tune I her each. And I as well you are angry you are not. So there's this connection to meet them. We're just hand it. On is in. It is his job. Don't bet is why the left and the adventure in the Reynolds that are its. One. We really overlook the base. An in your case. Monica his inevitable you know what we all billion in our own blip independent. And her mother dies and she doesn't know what she's not there for so underneath all of this is this. Basically. People. Aren't apps are in a stranger met. It is in less is section in Justine. Away. Instantly I would be it. Eight as we all were dealing with. Agree losing and we never heard saying. The though. The end it constitute an socializing. In the Betty is a show what I'll eat. People so well to unite and eat at a release it with us and took the journey she. You know and that it was one so eat. We're not used to that any OR. And I and selling it really hate eight let it communal experience of dealing olives individually human arrow. Issues from Greece as well as to why are. When you are talking to Elizabeth Olsen Paul Bettany. Catherine bond these wonderful actors that you with Twomey in. Should read and have these discussions about how to play it. And how to work together to do it. We didn't really talk about my hate. You we need each other. Error or so much and is. Prior to eat eating we have. Sitcom she and so we well. Yeah they're and the people rain this grim ending. In Iraq. War. And so the gave us all a common Asian. To be in and being there are times where we don't we have does calming ground. I did agree to eat. Ally. I. Every. Day yeah. Are you really get. Stress your partner stressed. AG and trust the work in the words that shapers pet you can do expect it so. It there were moments. Major sell out just feel like. We were doing to let our I was doing too much because its allies but you also we also want it around in. Eighty. I agree 08 hour. He so it took a lot of stress in research in. Yeah. The Tutsi dinner. Store. Geraldine bursts in and tell her new job teaching them all of the water is coming gap that want is quarter. Dirty dozen other so lets just all. And again new incidents earlier civil era with the late and in a green. One. The unit art or eight covered walking around it. Or. Well EUT. And Cheney we are changing just tell all east. I'm. And release the findings nearly every just so mean he. Under elements. That make this green that we're very I was Erie street I got the Easter it. Lodged. They that was. Week. The most Boortz on it it was. A hundred MB EU green outside. An LA and other. I'm. It's hotter than Atlanta well. Seeing an alien eye on the ground cull an elite and say that I would agree it was. Years. LA prior year AG and so there is smoke and air he let the app. So they were you know trying to juggle going. And the it was. Guns that was an and another. He'll also that what you're doing. Padilla a year them. That you're representing. A black woman and in this war all year in Egypt due responsibility. All absolutely. Went out when they told me I had a role like you know I am in its use. I don't know winning TUN. And just in general culture in general. I'll to have the irony in this sort of space and then to have a black female up. Be able to carry its journey in this story I don't know how important it is in how. I'm just really acts Gary that we need for sure yeah I I know. What my chance in the way I you know those in each. It is very much good visual images aren't or as a young girls. All the city ski. Grey RE. You know you've done that before and madman. Oh I. You are don't Draper secretary when you're dawn. Not yet Erin who becomes basically the office manager on match up. And education and I'm sick way back I don't know why strong you back in the fifties and. A right. Yeah IRN. She was the first African American to in jury. Earning Kirk street earlier when it each screening all went to integrate its eight and I do that was Spanish are. So young and are re here it was our outside and meet Wednesday. Where I am today. I can only ends eagle try and understand surely wait needs to happen that aren't. T image of me in this cinematic space. All right but it continues in your three year you know we talked a little bit about you working and it's directly in which is. Only easy I think that responds to the way the world is now in the fire and the gun but it and Whitman led by Estrada who is your car there. Basically saying an honest extracted so are all my friends they're going to do this. He stopped doing this. Agent run. I'm really changed out actually did they Julie are in school it is. Wonder though remain. He had no experience we EK. Idiots. Are so when I realized olds is re imagining this story aired sixth Laurie. Really. If you like. ID. Racially. And he also breached our culture we culture and and then. Under knee. Leadership. I think it is so many eighties can't get why. You city. Rated B Aaron dale added that. You are get asked. Some say. A Tuesday. How high and low. Where you're at your moles eat all ET it's because they're either or they don't like ion. The wounds ultimately our. Where. Action. Will. Their understanding of being the one in your base are all we're going to see. How there are people who never hurt. You in Iraq where there Alter our air on rates sour. I'd like. Syria. The first non schalke on its you don't probably now that we just that little snippet of Saul. I don't know what songs on that are going on in your head right now. I. Anything. What song and what he's at year end that he didn't he that's where. He's. Not play in any day. And or. Reluctant just. What ever going on in your. Which might be very Byzantine I don't know what the thoughts. Ultimately. In here I'll. Keep. May very. Alone. I. Not. Or. And bad. And outlying. You now being news. Gentlemen that is. Now this edged pwnage New York graduate. Song and let up. That you we all that you can't wait to see what happens next. In a mini chapters. Album sales has.

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{"duration":"18:01","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about her role in the hit Marvel series, 'WandaVision.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78466439","title":"Teyonah Parris dishes on the making of 'WandaVision' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/teyonah-parris-dishes-making-wandavision-78466439"}