How to throw the ultimate Oscars watch party

Lifestyle guru Melissa Garcia shares fun decor ideas, recipes and more for hosting the best Oscars watch party.
4:27 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for How to throw the ultimate Oscars watch party
Got to tell you. Downey unstoppables. Oscar for sponsors goes to -- We're flustered and excited about the oscars. Road to the oscars and this morning we have an inside look at the Roosevelt hotel, one of Hollywood's most exclusive hot spots for the big night. Want you guys to take a look at it. Reporter: It's home to the first ever oscars back in 1929. The iconic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Carol Lombard and Clark gable lived here. In this suite? In this suite. Reporter: A celebrity sanctuary. Celebrities get ready in the rooms here and walk over T the oscars. Pieter Hanson is the magic behind some of the most epic parties and can transform your at home oscars viewing party into an a-list worth from inside the same suite where scenes from the Oscar nominated movie "A star is born" is born check out these gold frame. We took all of the cover photos for all the nominated films and printed them out and made elegant frames to display within our table scape. Reporter: In addition to a gorgeous charcuterie and cheese board must have olives and pint-size popcorn. How about these adorable and, oh, so gold DIY snack bags. Surprise inside. You could put popcorn. This could be for -- Candy. Finally the champagne cocktail. An easy drink to prep ahead. Nothing says oscars like champagne and we have lover the Roosevelt '75. Four simple ingredients, limoncello, bitters, and champagne to top it off. Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Hollywood. Cheers. And since most of us will celebrate at home or at whoever's here house, I was going to say Lara, but you'll be there. We have Melissa Garcia with budget-friendly tips. Thank you so much. You have some food here. I do. But none of this requires any cooking. I love that because it's Sunday night. We all have work the next day and it's a long awards show so I like something easy to do ahead of time and watch the show and hang out with your guests. We pulled in some really fun Oscar themed things so we have our green book olive and black panther olive and our "A star is born" chips and dip. Cookie cutter. Cut them out. Our "Bohemian rhapsody" mozzarella. So cute and our sun-dried Roma tomatoes and tuxedo hot dogs wrapped up ready to go. Super easy, put this out ahead of time and hang out. You put bow ties on the hot dogs. Isn't that cute? We dressed them up. They're so fancy. Come on. It's the oscars. Even the oscars are black We don't mess around pulling out all the stops. Super fun. I'm so sorry. I wanted Sam to show everybody the dessert table. Over here. It's so pretty. I love the idea of a grazing dessert table. Something you can do ahead of time. Occupy -- super easy. Cake pops. Look at them. Little suction Teed doughs. And the bow ties, of course, thank you. Would you? I would. What I love, you can see we basically just got candy from the candy -- any drugstore, supermarket. Laid it all out and did some really fun decor designs too. So we did the tickets and got a roll of tickets which you can get at any craft store and -- Very affordable. All for $10 or under. Super affordable. How cute are these? Super cute. I don't know if you can see them. Mini marshmallows and broil it. Looked like a little bucket of popcorn. This is one fine cake pop too. I want to eat it. Sam, can you grab -- No, no, no. Get some more. Grab the mason jar. You'll love this. The mason jars -- The sparkly one. They're about a daughter and put glue and glitter on. The other ones we just spray painted and fun and festive. That's okay. You're ready -- Oscar night you want to spark. You want to sparkle. You are all ready. You want to sparkle. I sparkle every day. You have a little bit of extra sparkle. Really great. Easy and affordable and do it for Sunday. Don't wait too long. You have plenty of time to get all of this done and then the fun part is now you have time to hang out with your guests during the commercial and play games. Play games. Which is so fun.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"Lifestyle guru Melissa Garcia shares fun decor ideas, recipes and more for hosting the best Oscars watch party. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61235576","title":"How to throw the ultimate Oscars watch party ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/throw-ultimate-oscars-watch-party-61235576"}