Tributes pour in honoring broadcasting legend Larry King

Larry King interviewed many politicians, celebrities and public figures during his storied 60-year career in broadcasting.
3:20 | 01/24/21

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Transcript for Tributes pour in honoring broadcasting legend Larry King
In his 60-year career, Larry king interviewed just about everybody. This morning, tributes are pouring in for king following his death at age 87. ABC's Chris Connelly joins us with more. Good morning to you, Chris. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. A pre-eminent interviewer on TV and radio for decades. Larry king used innate curiosity and a conversational style to entertain and enlight. This is the premiere edition of "Larry king live." Reporter: Thousands of notables talked with Larry king. You put your own makeup on today. I did. But I wanted to look exactly like you. Reporter: Who spent 63 years on the air waves and whose hour-long interview show was a primetime staple on CNN. Good evening. Reporter: For a quarter I've seen evil and good. I've seen bad things and nice things. Reporter: From newsmakers to show business figures. Why are you here? Why did you come to this program? I'm glad you came. Because you asked me to come. Reporter: World leaders and the wonderfully well known. I don't know how we got anything done. Because everybody was laughing so hard. Reporter: In an era before the internet and social media, "Larry king live" reflected and occasionally sparked the national conversation, during some sensational sagas like the O.J. Simpson trial. He preferred guests with passion, humor. See, I told you it's low to the floor. I'm low to the floor. Reporter: With his voice and suspenders and taking viewers' calls, his questioning could illicit some memorable reaction. We may never know how close you came to dying. Yes, when I was shot. Were you aware that you were that close? No. Had no time. Reporter: Some of his interview subjects and peers taking to social media to pay tribute to a beloved icon. Bill Clinton, he gave a direct line to the American people. And worked hard to get the truth for them. With questions that were direct Ryan Seacrest, truly an American treasure. Oprah Winfrey, it was always a treat to sit at your table and hear your stories. Thank you, Larry king. Born if Brooklyn in 1933, he made his reputation on radio, captivating listeners coast to coast with free-flowing conversations, from politics to paranormal phenomenons. After each show, he would say, that was great. The first thing he said. Reporter: Millions grateful for his decades of talk. I learned that day if you're honest with the audience you can't go wrong. His family released a statement saying to us he was dad, he was the man who lovely obsessed over our daily schedules. Took immense pride in our accomplishments. Truly a man in full. Guys? I mean, we use this language a lot, but in this case it's definitely deserved, a legend. Chris, thank you so much for your reporting this morning. Really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Larry King interviewed many politicians, celebrities and public figures during his storied 60-year career in broadcasting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75456578","title":"Tributes pour in honoring broadcasting legend Larry King","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tributes-pour-honoring-broadcasting-legend-larry-king-75456578"}