Tyler Perry opens up about 'Nobody's Fool'

The filmmaker and actor discusses working with Tiffany Haddish.
7:23 | 10/30/18

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Transcript for Tyler Perry opens up about 'Nobody's Fool'
guests so we got a great guest. One of the most influential people in Hollywood, a producer, director, a writer, an actor and an entertainment mogul and brand-new movie out called "Nobody's fool" starring Tiffany haddish and whoopi Goldberg. Please welcome the one-man band himself, Tyler Perry, everybody. We ready. I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready. I know. Good to see you. Good to see you. Loving all that. It's all good. Hey, hey, hey. That's a long time to introduce you. You doing a lot. Things are good. Things are great. Congratulations. 25 years this man has had this fabulous studio producing these movies and other things. Entertainment that has really just brightened our lives. 25 years in the business. Yes, yes, doing well. Looking back on those 25 years what stands out the most? The gratitude. The gratitude. I'm so thankful for the people that have been with me all these years. They stood by me when it was great, wasn't so great and from the time I started doing the plays and traveling the country and big microphones on my head here and the really bad sets and bad sound and they were right there. I'm grateful for the audience. We saw this video put together highlighting or showcasing your 25 years from where you started to where you are right now. It is inspirational. I'll post it for everybody to see and put it on my Facebook page. What do you hope to be in the next 25 years. Somewhere smoking the weed on the island. Look here. Look here. Look here. Listen, no. I'm tired. No, no, this next 25, what I'm hoping is let me try to be more -- spiritual here. Yeah, yeah, let me try to be refined. No, right now it's all about legacy, though, seriously. It's all about legacy. What I leave more my son. I've been holding the door open for a lot of people that come to work as underdogs and there was a time when a lot of people of color couldn't get work and worked with me. Like Viola Davis and Kerry Washington and I'm trying to hold the door for the next generation because I feel like I've done all I wanted to do thus far. Beautiful. I can't stop -- I can't get past that. We'll talk about the movie, man. We'll talk about the movie. Not about the joint. Yeah, yeah. Because Tiffany is not here. Well, the movie is about a former inmate who is getting out the joint. Yeah. Good. Who is convinced her sister is being catfished. You saw the movie? Yes, we did. Can't stand it but we know a lot of people out there that do online dating and all these different things and know Madea has an opinion about everything. What would she say -- Don't do that. Go to the grocery store and meet somebody. Don't meet somebody on the line. How you going to meet somebody on the line? Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I'm sick of that old broad, man. I'm sick of that old broad. I'm sick of that old broad. Madea's movie comes out in April and that's the last one in March. Are you serious? Yes. Oh, no, they don't like that. What is the meaning behind that. I don't want to be her age playing her. You know, it's -- listen, she's had a great run and had a really, really great run. It's time to move on that's why I'm doing "Nobody's fool" and Tiffany haddish and it's so much fun, right? My first rated "R" comedy. I've done rated "R" movies. Grandmoms, know it's rated "R." You have that secret cameo you can't mention. Don't say nothing. It's so good, though. It's a good one. You can't have them in the movie and make it pg-13 so just let them go. Okay. See a little bit of it. Want to see a little bit of it right now? "Nobody's fool." How about you? You take me to the maekts -- Is this happening? Yes, yes, I mean, I love your gray hair. It's what I need in my life. You know what I'm saying? Like that young and old all at the same time. Mm-mm. Be like a young/old polar bear. And we love it when Tiffany is here. Just fun. George don't love it but -- she scares George. You wrote this for her. Yes. So what's it like with Tiffany on set. We worked together five years ago. Before she hit and this is her follow-up to "Girls trip" because she is -- what she did in "Girls trip." She takes it times ten. She is a professional and she's not a flash in the pan. This girl is smart and cease's only showing you one side. She's got some gears and when she gets into other stuff she'll blow people's mind with her dramatic stuff. Whoopi Goldberg spoke highly of her and she speaks highly of you and that studio of yours. It is just -- guys, you just don't realize the impact that this man has had and what he's wanted to do for this country and this world. Explain to us whoopi when she came there, she was really -- she was blown away by what she saw. She got an egot. She's got everything, right. She comes in and was -- I think she was just at a place in her life where she just needed that reassurance and to be able to give that to her and have her show up in this movie and be as funny as she is and remind all the people how great and funny she had on film, I'm hoping that everything just reignites for her again, man, because whoopi is amazing and she's wonderful. She's wonderful. Tell you she's wonderful. And, Tyler, we know you a long time and -- I'm not giving you a Tesla. You hit me up for something. It didn't work. We got to tell you, you continue to just do it over and over. I was going to say continue to amaze us but you don't because you always have this certain level of everything that you do and really it inspires everybody. Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Tyler Perry and the movie is "Nobody's fool." Hits theaters this Friday. Check it out so you did laugh. I'm not George but I'll take that and you're not Tiffany

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"The filmmaker and actor discusses working with Tiffany Haddish. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58844826","title":"Tyler Perry opens up about 'Nobody's Fool' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/tyler-perry-opens-nobodys-fool-58844826"}