'Vox Lux' star Natalie Portman on her new role as a rock diva

Portman appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about the making of the film, "Vox Lux."
16:39 | 01/09/19

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Transcript for 'Vox Lux' star Natalie Portman on her new role as a rock diva
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happened and at the movies and there's a favorite movies mine. Out now called box box which stars my guess Natalie Portman sort of it. Hip swinging swaggering. Really handful of a rock star so just like you and me they finally found you in this my true self stick with its. They're making vulgar extremists a football I have seen you do many days ago I think you'd be complete cycle meltdown ballerina. And Black Swan and I've seen you. Callais different I've never seen you think you so what was the attraction of this because you've never done anything quite like it. Yes that was definitely. Big attraction that it was just this role that was so. Specifically break in had this. Kind of extreme character. But very true character. In. They also in the middle of the found that I thought was very relevant to the moment we're living and without being about lake directly about. What's going on right now but how does this mix of pop culture and violence in. The news cycle in just this very Kenyon tragically absurd moment. We live and well yes it's that. But maybe we should start those people who don't know who your character Celeste because there's so many things involved in is about. You don't come until later in the moon and back to test the place your character for raping Cassidy is as wonderful young actress who plays. Am so last for the first half of the found ways and means that it's sort of the birth of the pop star out of this. Sort of tragic event that happens and she writes a song in response to it that makes her at this kindness. Star and then the second part of the film is where I come in an eight play some last. Once she's already been established as as a pop star and had her like Lowe's and then is coming back. And she's having this aid. Had come back. Tour performance in her hometown and and she's you can kind of see how she's been ravaged back way. By seen men and and what it's like to be performing all the time. Do you do perform. It. He did songs yes. So none of this you just said three you know iPhone is ease. Well Larry's exit seven is it certainly was an easy and but all of these kinds of challenges always take a certain degree of ignorance to take on net and you kind of don't know how aren't able to make it hopefully parents. And nearly two of those contract that and then you get. This is really really a lot harder than I ever imagined that. It was really really lucky ticket kissing sounds nice he and work with her music producer restraint in. I've worked with my husband again and he choreographed. And performance about his it was Italy and and with the most incredible dancers. It was really am a very lucky and I just loved her when she just goes through. This diner or what ever dump it was that she would. Having this talk and just looking and being aware of everything that's rounder. Yes well well I think that's part of what's different about being a pop star then and actors for example is that your persona as a pop star is. An extension of yourself it's it's of it's it's you that you're putting him there and see you kind of have to be that person and all the time. Whereas as an actor though whole. Thing is that we're supposed to be completely different characters we play and that's what's impressive or you know is is if we can really transforms so. You know to constantly eat performing persona. Is it you can only imagine this is really complicated and yet she has its extreme hair and make up and clothing and it's it's all kind of this armor that she half eyes. Today to kind of show people what she wants to show them matches she's tough he can't hurt apparently no matter what they say no matter what they do. She can't be hurt. Exactly alcohol drugs and everything else seemed to indicate that's true yes exactly exactly well this yet the more the more toughness people show usually the wire. The more are wounded days they are. The question of violence that you brought up before it's so key to it is the movie does begin with the school shooting won't say anything more about it but it's. That time of com bind its we grow up this is what this country it from. Violence is a part of our life but in terms of the rock star thing. The question becomes in this movie asks it very provocative. What's the question what's the connection between people who become. Musical rock stars and other people being influenced by what their singing or do. Well I think they've they've there's one line in the movie to me they gave me insight and TU that connection which is. One of the journalist asks her what you see is the connection between a terrorist and a pop star and she says well I don't really see any connection. Except that if you stuck paying attention to us we would cease to exist. And it shows that like the the attention and deems the pallor. And that the news. Cycle is going so fast now and they're putting. Pop culture on the same level as. News events whether it's violence or political changes. That's being giving and the same weight he'll talk about a celebrity break up and then say there was this you know violent attack and it's kind of in the same breath. And also it happened so fast that the meaning of everything seems to. Just dissolved law must like it happens and then it's gone. And down and and so I think it's really to certain. Very accurate kind of reflection of what we're living. And also went breeding the director tax about a lot is that it's like the pageantry of evil that. Now evil is a spectacle. And meaning the way to make headlines is by doing something shocking an extreme and end and down. And you know pop stars know that that they can be the they just need to be. Extreme are eaten in theirs feature in their behavior and they can get press and down and also. Perpetrators of violence. That it's theater. Well they do and in the movie we basically see what happens to Celeste when somebody. And again don't want to give away too much but. Uses a mask that she wore in one of her videos move during. A terrorist act. And suddenly she. They're saying what's the connection. When there can't be any kid action. Except we keep wondering what they connection is why do people relate to celebrity or fame in such a way that can become. Right and I think it also asks I think what is the price. Fame and what are that what's the kind of like to deal with did apple. Being successful in having that kind of popularity. That you made that you did and yes I did get out the U. Diluted. A let go the for Black Swan. To achieve the other way this is what happens when you grew up in this if you started pretty. Doing it when you did the professional you were Howell. I was eleven at turn twelve while you have to suck up each and what does that do you've seen and maybe I'm just insulting you but. And relatively dormant and I would. Yeah and I I take that as a company and I think I was very lucky to you. Have. Meant family and friends that. Were not part of my way. Work world and that was very lucky because I didn't I never had the pressure that I had to you know you. Work. To you support. My family or anything like that which is very very lackeys are always hotly. Whenever I felt like it was to my teacher that. It couldn't handle it could step back and you know wasn't around it was just a question of what went right liked it and it. Did you mean whether parts of it and enough of that because I'm assuming you would like the actual work that I mean most of that time I think. Most of the time I really. Like to at least inning. Sometimes. At lake less for sure. And Dan. And and sometimes it is needed I was late in. Growth part of my life that he needed to be war with friends or at school hour. Just taking cannot and like reading and learning and having life experience. Yet there were times. That it needs to step back but as we did walk away from it looked away from it to go to school right so yes yes yeah. I'm just not going to do this part of it anymore. He had the act an as yet is great get that sort of have both sides. Did your friends look at you like we'll look at her. She's doing it we didn't get very firm and other kids were doing but also felt like I did have. Relatively normal you know I was still that I went to public school and Amish friends didn't completely different sayings. And when it went to college you know my friends it. And still are arming closest friends they are all doing completely different things. I'd had the ability Terry. Team teens benefit from from. Being around lots of different types of people ran. You know and Manhattan and work. But yet it wasn't no armagh but I and I feel like a lot of a lot of aspects of that we're very positive you asked to travel and do things at work with. Great artists and you know and and learn I am I doing case that's the best way it is till our business yeah actually. Doing stuff and messing up and trying again trying something different and seeing how other people act. Usually when there's a successful career. People around to encourage you. Not to best wrapped with a two month that it but she's thinking doing that which I admire for it and the second if I can say you do and watch Aetna capital. What is this next thing because. You've been in that the Star Wars universe and indeed done independent movies really small this year alone you. Annihilation as well which. I still worry about going in addition. It's something about the world that we live in whether you're playing Jackie Kennedy with that you're doing it there's something about. The pressures that are put on people. Who are somehow targeted war theme makes them a target some and I think of you now in what do you think you deeper and data. Yet another movie that deals with those subjects. Yet. Mr. that this deal are you drawn to with because there's something that's in your head about this. You know it's so funny because I don't necessarily I'm not really conscious of his links and then you know sometimes people say things like that it's me annoying people like me now is the gray critics say. Did you know that you. Elevated it interesting case and shore there there patterns of what you're sir John to you and I know I'm definitely ingested in. Performance. And and and the way everyone kind of performance and in their reelect like everyone please different roles with different keep one that lives and have. I differently that they want other people to see that then that they are really in there. And and of course that's exacerbated when your in the land mine and and yet I think. Having lake you were saying having me. Come from a place where violence is. Unfortunately. Our regular part place it does interest me and the effects of violence and and that there is the inspiration back and violence action mean way. Way. What Genesis of that and it's that it. Was it do you weren't a kid that was beaten up on other ones and pulling people terribly ringing out here in a so less. Asked if it. Now and New Hampshire I had and kindness is some royal bank now is not beating anyone up now and note Celeste and so why wouldn't. I would I'm anxious that in this is you know we come back to Vioxx Watson and you looking at Yale. When you watch yourself in this movie is there are seen for you in this not because something it's the best seen but. Did it resonates for you in some way that hits you personally inside. And I'm sure there's many scenes in the movie but just for you. When you is there a moment that you look at yourself in this and say this this got me. I think that. The conversation. Went. Her daughter. Is. In the diner is is in is really Kynan. Essential scene for me beak is. In act that Brady was kind of crazy for her for her he cast the same actor says he's out. As the younger version of my character Celeste and also ask her daughter and then went and watched did it became so. Meaningful because it had this double layer. That it's a mother talking to her daughter but it's also a woman packing her younger selves and also how parents. Sometimes hold that with an. Dealings with their kids to you is all the self love and self hatred that can get you feel goes in to you. Yours here behavior and language here here. Project means. It's. It's it's it's just really to me that that's seen the writing teens is so interesting two like. Yes this interaction. Has like this double layered on times that well you're mother. So it changes things doesn't mean yeah yes yes. Yeah you view definitely am definitely things at different. You prioritize. Yet it's. Its it that so well you know Michelle Wie and install. I would you do something this time in Heber. You need me just a little bit something because you know that way she yes grew up and what we. In song you Sonia when you do that you said that the same way with the same shock and surprise at. I believe without bond issue and not that it sounds and should be Duhon at this Regis beaten him. Okay. Mancini. A man believe man really get key. That final. And man at me add leak. Giving the ticket it what did it mean. It's like my hand on my handle. And then I'll let you my candle. We'll see it's July and writes yes he may not get too much joy isn't right about now but. You'd you'd get to think about it and it's and it's very extreme if reputed to thank you. I think he always great to.

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{"duration":"16:39","description":"Portman appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about the making of the film, \"Vox Lux.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60265019","title":"'Vox Lux' star Natalie Portman on her new role as a rock diva","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/vox-lux-star-natalie-portman-role-rock-diva-60265019"}