Wyatt Russell dishes on Captain America, Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the hit Marvel series 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.'
21:43 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for Wyatt Russell dishes on Captain America, Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Everybody. Peter Travers in this courtroom we tell you what's happening in and been in the culture and is not been Poppins as. Right now as this and soldier. And my guest today white Russ. Even those get all the people coast. Why are steel in this thing. Because I don't know about your Captain America weather hate him whether it. Whether or administering them whether hi Ed I can't see your outlook. He isn't what he's doing. The great compliment. You. I wrote on her much. I don't know either. I'm. Are. You all. And it is. An hour news the night and did it all work. People episode I. Once ago yeah so. And what's what's been cooler this series that. You. Urquhart. Arson that there is but he said order complex thoughts about people. It's funny I am now. It all is a really good job under allotted time frame. Is our movie suit to create characters that are. There really interest in complex new they'll be able to build on now leery. Help process and so really fun to bring marble. Character. Meaty. Billion outs aren't green light before. Suck yes and pretty. Wallace the first thing he did when you realize you've gotten this far did you call Chris Evans and just say. Oh I do now. Well owes her heart and I. There it is it's. On. The news and yeah. Last. Yet. I the for I went home. Old man away at the apartment I rent words are in and John Walker and they. Like news or like me you're our current. Whether I should you. And because it's a big commitment he announced. Make her your ear and they're right I'd volume these are a little sun times where it be defined by air or I. More than. In the choices that I had a sneaking a moviemaking is a long haul. I'd like you. Seventies and eighties. I enjoyed an 800. And I don't be pigeonholed by nature right I like that are part that was the year. Doing tomorrow and will anybody seen. And and we were able pocket number. And Sheikh. Well along and convincingly. You know. It would be good. For us career. I did it well. It sink. It would work but. You know all. In mar ball. This guy is interesting because yes John Walker different captain. You know Chris Evans and ending wasn't dead. Chris Evans captain America's I'm gonna give it to the sound you know entity is going to be in. This thing. Yeah. In some so we don't know does. Hadn't met states. Art. Scene you curse your. Connected. Arts. Fell it is even if you're out accomplishments that you need in your life. It's very difficult seeing your own. Our. Net and it. Lott and her lot of people. Are at their own harshest critics. Should people were. You his duties job. Marine great job awarded metals aren't. But here I was using the most times he doubted in peoples are they don't believe it yet. Nationality and because he's had opportunities or we don't know it is still yours we're usually your or are. I'm somebody really bad go you know really no idea S now. Happens I think she used those as. As a failure. And he's been using. He's been living at that time our opportunity. Beat out or. And he uses we are ready is wrong you and I'm not out and our view. Make decisions that you shouldn't that mean your shouldn't acre you don't wrong. Wrong rather all these and recorder. Asked why this is doing this sirens that. I didn't expect from it and it surprises me in a good way is that it really any questions the nature of terrorism. Yeah. Really YE. What kind new Euro are you going to be. You know and identity in their life that they've modeled themselves. What their superhero. The hour or or politician or some. And we usually don't. Or trade in south MB or where I've been perceived to be. And what we don't see it inner struggle this heat or finding out. Who they are. John in particular. The other guys. On journeys that they. Our gross written it's really existing. Jon never necessarily. Cease this and sell notes you got. They're piecing it now been much different way. And John is the first really a public stage. You know I thought that episode or was the one that's gonna get it because that's when. Walker each day you know blew a huge shield basically kill somebody because he's got this. A public. Bodies Jesus. And then in episode I the idea that government to decide that he is there cat in there says. Alcohol. Yeah right eye and so are interesting without. Again this idea. We. Re read exists in a way to keep on them. And let her there's art Alan you're the public curse and if you don't understand they were going to sings these lower your honors. Person going in their own mind you don't truly an. Circumstantial aren't or what that person doing so when he's in a court martial saying I did he liked. And now you to shield. I mean you're earning acre unit shop I. His top to do it Utah you and I just did now you're telling me that Ron feel wrong and at least setting up a character. That like moving forward New Yorkers and wrong you. It feels like you know failing member churns on year. And you love nominate me and you Sandler you're. The prisoner doesn't trust that. New people he's working order because big hobby you're approval fuel. And that person at the super serum. And all this stuff that goes along the anger each esteem issues. Call. Couple of those things it is very dangerous. Her. And I don't Leah I'd love to see where we're it doesn't. He's got a bill dissolves she and a she. Is shield is not very water you have a shield under that bad. Yeah you know hey yeah. Well. Matched. This. The air EB Aaron did not. I'm. An American Shia that I did. Special or. Are they weren't let me do let me get your. Here. It's just raw. But haven't caught a battle for yet didn't come about. From all the Benji Dunn and you know I've been watching you dean these days that you do subtle well. From. You know backed ms. Brinkley later you know and everybody wants on what you exclamation points to twenty jump street. Two that you're doing something. You don't Wear your all and you don't seem to boxers are. Too many things. Funny that most times when you do something and you do it around. Relatively well it or not that the way the business works is that. Most people don't like to me bets on things where people they don't have some stealing or. Understanding of what their you know let me. And consistency soaked. A lot of times you used to meet you well and consistency out of her or he's. The only gun got a heck do you. That person to be. You'll tune out all time agents and then and then I what do you TSE kind of try to make it harder and certainly. Hopefully in the long. Oh. And defines your career more broad term and just tell her. You know every ad version it and Saltzman first art. You know and see. You job well. Are. You. Brought a ranger. Or. Yeah but you grow up with church hit out of Hollywood royalty. No. Opinion daddy's Kurt Russell and your mother is Goldie Hawn dish is a business that you grew up anyway. Lot Al lot bigger. Unit. In. Allowed him yes BI. They made our lives in ways it's always eager here were also important when you go to were a lot of heat there. Me look good. Making movies privileged. Your privilege to be doing. And and so. It's about working. In and it and knowing that what you're doing is gonna be worth it because if there were. Not. And said. Working go away. Learn from them now and being on sat. And even doing this for a long time are. Any ice in a way to achieve early years and and and so. There is an all time work ethic Ada only out. On. Whom we go to work who were spun. Were. In and there's a lot of people there who are leading their salmon com. And they're working nights. Are not seen kids answer to meet that. Not find exciting and culturally. Actually you are the entire. They content on your work what makes it did this thirty yeah yeah. Yeah. Figured acre sheep they'll build you play with it ain't always on HB. At a site. Just from experience during a Long Island during her level are. Fun to listen you know on their eyes agreed. I'm. The allocation quietly. Yeah well as parents that's part of the deal to you don't always agree with you. This wasn't what you want it to be an actor right. Now. I. Layered. Growing. And gene. Years old and then I lived in if she'd seen. Each researcher Ron I Alabama Colorado. To her. And I I do and they know. Germany Holland. Mark. The years. And it was a great time I learned everything about race. Or so news out of an entire. Life I'm doing. It was an injured right you had an injury that made it impossible for you. Yeah. Yeah I. Attic degenerate good condition and just as news. I'm says I was or. Playing year out Irani. A lot of money. And eventually I I had. Oh my immediate surgery. A year are. All that's at all and sports is an. And you're there and move. Long career and 34 which is like good career. What do you you know I am not he shall taking drugs after with Europe or drawl and a real drug. I'm. Sure. It serves his ego. Early. Did you ever ball and after you knew you weren't gonna pay any more important. To go on acting where he said. Will the hell am I gonna do. Did yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I didn't now because I don't like. Your do you acting sensor failure B year. Because a lot of people to a lot of smell it let me beat her and release. A lot. Moving up laying a low. Hockey. And high level and push against east Selig would work. And I was earnings. Aren't going away routes pseudo. People around and more agreed to so. Really good objectively and not the fact nose Lauren lucky. And so once I figured that out. That's not a lights out it. Actually work. You can work your cell. Doesn't matter what other people really think though. You want all our. Yeah yeah yeah. It's good. Yeah yeah and it doesn't heal you he. But the only way he can do you that it didn't hire him in the work for and hopes lead that bat and being yeah batted in. And result. When did you steal it when did you feel incredibly camera that you were comfortable. And really really conquer all aren't. Yeah okay I can do this. I think. I think they always had. A a general healing oh yeah I DUSIO. Under the hockey layered reborn into it she. Sent in. And he signed in his or red or one of the best. Chris or is there heroes the sun degrade or and Hugh is really get an unbelievably good. He was small he wasn't someone you blocking to remember that there is art. When he walked the locker and it just tell. It's supposed to be not be its use or anything other than just content. If you'd been there a thousand times at Julien. He's just under our. Weight and me going in Greece is who's the army know a jury's. I heard somebody once in the last couple months. That they wanted to be in the remake of escape and your. Idea. Such a bad idea really know you were an idea. You know until it's a good idea you know he's never. To I don't know what your dad would stay I didn't really court. Doubted or well yeah it is ordered. And let. They do. It weren't you such created nurtured. Its interesting is those losers they were. Neither does. It is so there is no. I. Then when an act in an indirect comment. And then you're like we and hundred gunnery due out any sort of inform Erie unit sounds. Just worse idea. Out I don't think we read. W child would be yeah. Risk that now I've ever that it one I don't really go but on the show on this super league and on and so it's great to have you. We always ended a little bit us all and Angel. Where I heard you. You know in folk hero and funny guy in the years in the song and I don't need a partner in Latin. Oh yeah. Music a mass of our. Always found whose hockey league and so I I would so all the ceiling that you have now. Teenager ornery you're able to X unable to express on bird Malia. This special mean. And and I got in tune meeting guitars and BMO. Oh lead cedar Libyan bank cougar learning how to ours now army Owens and or rather large ice age. I. Well. We are icing and a lot of recently. Bidders which you know John Martin. Irish singer. So I was seen this song and it's. The only leave me and it's great and I realized that saw that was all about. And doing. Look. Out. Our. So many. So that I erasing another mark on me. It's that song and they me. And they hit or. Me. 800. I'll. He had good thing. You got to get that out yet that moment on I don't ought. Doing cocaine in. Hell and back. Beautiful song. Later I'm not. So much for spending this time that it's great that. Thanks for your. Currency you will be gathering here. You heard.

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{"duration":"21:43","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the hit Marvel series 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77177478","title":"Wyatt Russell dishes on Captain America, Falcon and the Winter Soldier","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/wyatt-russell-dishes-captain-america-falcon-winter-soldier-77177478"}