Mom creates online community to help parents tackle picky eaters

Jenny Best of Solid Starts shares her top tips for parents during mealtime with their babies.
3:42 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Mom creates online community to help parents tackle picky eaters
We're going to turn to our insta-parent series helping moms and dads navigate the challenges of parenting. This morning we meet an influencer and mom of three creating a community with tips for dealing with picky eaters and janai Norman has the story. Reporter: Meal time with kids can be messy. Wow. Reporter: And chaotic. But if you have a picky eater it can also be downright stressful. Mother of three, Jenny best, experienced that firsthand with her oldest son when he was 1, he began refusing food. I had made this big, beautiful strawberry cake and I was so excited to have him smash into it and instead he just sat there staring at it. Reporter: Hoping to avoid picky eating with her twins she began researching and eventually started solid starts. Over 500,000 following the Instagram account for tips and tricks for feeding their kids. The solid starts website featuring advice from a team of experts and offers a first food database to help you feed your baby. Just type in the food that you're interested in learning about and you'll see there whethers a choking hazard, whether it's a common allergien, how to introduce it safely to a 6-month-old versus an 18-month-old toddler. Reporter: One of the main focuses of solid starts preventing and reversing picky eating. Do you like it? Kind of. Reporter: First make sure you offer a variety of foods for your child to explore but always be sure to include something you know they'll eat. Babies who are exposed to color and a variety of textures and flavors will be more likely to accept those foods and flavors later on in life. Reporter: And then feign don't try to force food on your child. Finally, make it fun. At the end of the day the thing that matters the most is to bring joy to the table. Food should be fun. Eating should bring pleasure. Reporter: For "Good morning America," janai Norman, ABC news, New York. Thanks to janai for that. Let's bring in solid starts founder Jenny best, thanks for joining us. Looks like you're having a little fun there as well. Give us more tips on how to deal with this. Sure. So one of the things that is so important is to eat together and to try to eat the same foods as your child so here we're both enjoying yogurt, Oranges and strawberries and when she sees me eat that food she's more likely to try it herself. When you can eat together with your children. We know that when children are part of the family meal, they're more likely to stay in their chairs longer and eat more. So try to eat together as often as you can. So that's a great idea eating together but what if they balk at the foods you're eating together, do you bring in substitutes or hold out for awhile? Really try not to. The most important thing is to offer some choices and to make sure that one of those choices are what we call a safety food. So it's strawberries and yogurt. We know she likes those. If there's nothing else she likes it's okay to have that. Okay to make a mess. How do you draw this line between pressure and praise? Babies need to explore their food before they're willing to taste it so let your baby get messy, try really hard not to wipe their face during meals and refrain from any kind of positive pressure, you know, we want to praise the skill, not consumption. All makes a lot of sense. I miss those days. Thank you, Jenny.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Jenny Best of Solid Starts shares her top tips for parents during mealtime with their babies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77039520","title":"Mom creates online community to help parents tackle picky eaters","url":"/GMA/Family/video/mom-creates-online-community-parents-tackle-picky-eaters-77039520"}