Dan Souza shares how to make the perfect chicken sandwich at home

The editor-in-chief of Cook's Illustrated breaks down the elements of a tasty chicken sandwich.
6:25 | 02/24/21

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Transcript for Dan Souza shares how to make the perfect chicken sandwich at home
morning America." Robin is upset I get to do this. We have the ultimate upgrade to help elevate your kitchen. We're talking chicken because the fast food chicken wars are heating up again. There's only been one menu item that's rivaled the burger at the drive-through. the fried chicken sandwich. So 1980s, McDonald's, burger king launched their, fast forward 30 plus years all of a sudden popeyes decides to launch theirs in 2019 and it's a sensation. Reporter: And the battle for sandwich supremacy begins. Food gurus Nick and Mitchell, podcast hosts of "Doughboys" break it down. Normally who care, it's popeyes but the sandwich is so good and is so popular, huge line, major shortage, Chick-fil-A is like, hey, what about us? We've been doing this forever. We kind of invented this thing and then they tweeted about it which naturally leads to this Twitter showdown between Chick-fil-A and popeyes. Reporter: Now ten major fast food chains offering their updated version. Wendy's relaunched their new sandwich in October. Kfc has theirs coming in February this year. Burger king or bk, they want to get in the game and announced they'll launch a chicken sandwich even though we don't know anything about it or what the deal will be but I look forward to it. Reporter: Before the doughboys -- Pickle bites are huge. You want a pickle lined up and just enough pickles but not too many pickles because then you will be pickled out. What is next? We don't know. We're supposed to be fast food experts but just like to go there and eat the food. I like to eat it too. Joining us now to show us how to make the perfect crispy chicken sandwich at home, a member of America's test kitchen the team behind the chicken bible say good morning to Dan Souza and, Dan, we love fried chicken sandwiches. They start with the breading. Extra flavorful and crispy, how do we get started. That's right so it is absolutely key to any fried chicken sandwich. Make it really good at home. We start with flour and the first thing is adding flavor to it so we have a spice blend with garlic, thyme, sage, paprika and kyeup, a spicy one, go up on the cayenne so that's for flavor. We're going to add a little baking powder. This will help give us lift and area crispy cragginess. We whisk it until it is nicely the real key to getting that texture on fried chicken is really unusual and adding water right to this. Three tablespoons of water directly to our dredge mix. What we'll do there is whisk that in and you get nice nubby bits and everyone loves those that get so crispy when they're fried. Another little simple trick. The water that will make the texture better and flavorful, is that the water that does that? Exactly so you can see all these nubby bits that form with that water in there. When those fry up and sit on the outside of the chicken, that's how you get the super crispy crunch. That's a simple trick. Three tablespoons of water there. The key to our dredge. Then our chicken. We have -- we're using beanless skinless chicken breast. You could use thighs but these are halved pounded out to a half inch thick. Spice on top. That's a key as well and take our breasts here and go into egg whites, they have tons of protein and that will help get it to stick to it. Our chicken breath, into our dredge and here it's fun, just want to pack that on, the better it adheres and the more nice crunchy bits you get on there, the better it will be. You can see all those nice fried bits. Beautiful. When it's time to fry it up, what do we need to do? What do we need to know? So the key first thing is to let it rest, these have rested for 30 minutes up to an hour is great and you hydrate the flour on the outside so when they go into the oil, we have 375-degree oil here, they're going to cook up really quickly. Only take about five minutes and cooking to about 160 degrees internal temperature and flip them halfway through. Drop this guy in here as well and the beautiful, beautiful results are right here. You can see all of those craggy bits stray on the chicken. They add tons of surface area and get awesome crispness. I think you have a setup to help assemble along with me. I got the setup without the work. How do we make the perfect sandwich? So we have our brioche bun. It's super soft and buttery and do may dough on both top and bottom. And just spread that on. I'm already messing up. It's all good. So that will add creaminess and we'll go popeyes style. Pickles, I think they're awesome and add the tang and crunch and do a couple pickles on top and then top with our other bun. A little extra pickles. I'll do a little lettuce on mine too. Look at that. Yeah. That's the nice thing about doing it at home. Spicy or less spicy, a classic fried chicken sandwich. This is awesome. I can't wait to taste it. Come on. I can't talk and eat. Okay, why not. Come on. Mm-mm. It's hard to multitask. Delicious. One of our recipes from the chicken bible that is my favorite one. Fried chicken sandwich and can't go too wrong. It smells good in thank you so much for sharing with us. I'll take this recipe home and I'm going to take one of these sandwiches over to robin during the commercial break. Available on goodmorningamerica.com. Stay right there. We'll be right back. It's nice to share.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"The editor-in-chief of Cook's Illustrated breaks down the elements of a tasty chicken sandwich.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76082509","title":"Dan Souza shares how to make the perfect chicken sandwich at home","url":"/GMA/Food/video/dan-souza-shares-make-perfect-chicken-sandwich-home-76082509"}