Broadway dancer makes big moves during pandemic

Mackenzie Warren traded the stage for her pen and created a successful graphic design business.
2:32 | 08/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Broadway dancer makes big moves during pandemic
Broadway performer who had to think fast when the great white way when darkness pandemic turning to her coldly Griffey and hard to make ends meet and finding music sex. Hi and McKenzie Martin I've saved Broadway performer returns collector for her rapid designer. And I listen and happened. My big parade was in the twice twelve I did the Broadway tour of anything goes I'll support with the advent and that it might seventeen and the driver are great if you caps so when Kobe hit obviously have had to scramble and career shifts but homicide I had this dabbling in central liquor he water colored and getting mostly smashes her friends from my answer and accounts when launched by web site can hurt dot com. And used a march. The response has been just so thrilling when coat it hit worried definitely craft and but I do you have suddenly significant. Community hear your it is filled with in mergers and supporters I just really felt at peace to go in this direction and there was a chance to allow a different creative muscle to grow slightly anything from designing business logos. You will wedding Powell is spreading bows from people's first released writing out. Quotes or scripture verses for other wall also for design work. Morals are my specialty I love doing all six world so people commission meeting. Hey you know from other states can you do. I'm one of your laurels of this quote next twist on the so really at some wide range on people freeze to meet all of the countries that it. You re brand your business there. Design note cards and I think so about opportunities. Right now I'm saying yes to everything. The F I don't know how to do it and I say Al figured out as a gal. I hope that Kennedy script is something not. Continues to grow and flourish and she do like a new career path for I think the biggest challenge during co bet it is. Being socially distance from people you love them vs social TV. The temptation hits you isolate exactly fighting against and the saint even if you're scared to reach out to somebody could you don't want to be a burden whatever doesn't. Whatever those thought patterns are going here had to fight against those saying no imminent used to can actually. All I hope that probably comes vaccine but later Allen looked again. Back in the game and back onstage performing in bringing encouragement and joy to people in outweigh. And we certainly hope probably comes back soon to in the candy thank you for your story.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Mackenzie Warren traded the stage for her pen and created a successful graphic design business.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72727429","title":"Broadway dancer makes big moves during pandemic","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/broadway-dancer-makes-big-moves-pandemic-72727429"}