‘Cake Boss’ talks about his horrible accident

Buddy Valastro and his 13-year-old son Marco recall the terrible bowling accident that left his hand impaled with a metal rod.
6:43 | 09/28/20

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Transcript for ‘Cake Boss’ talks about his horrible accident
So welcome back if you make three and it was just a week ago operating kick off storm but in the last farewell he was involved in a really terrible accident in his new decreasing home. In his left his dominant right hand badly injured. Yeah I saw that it's a grand photo and I thought phone knows who here to tell us what happened that day and how he's doing now. Is celebrity chef buddies the last year along with we should mention his thirteen year old son Marko who stepped in to save his dad through thank you both for being with us and buddy. I mean I know you're just beginning their road to recovery it's just been a week to tell us how you're doing and what happens. Yeah I mean arm just just decree easy. Freak accident happened at my house oh win Sunday. And now Tom you know I'm just trying to get through this would monitor and Malia and numb. It is the amount of prayers low it gotten from it from so many people the world. Really really touched my heart and it's so inspiring to me what gum you know it was a typical Sunday. Arm in my house you were out for what you Chinese gate. And arm blue. Machine your stock and where did that it would I've done all wondered crimes. And horror or split moment I'm miles who. Earned money and it. And my worry and are or if you know or right. And then this other. Mechanism golds would look or. Any kind of wedged my hands there and that it blew through. My. You could enter or monitor and that our stock. And then ate dinner for my solemn as precedent that it was storm moving backward or. Bomb. It was it was in. You know what. What it was did Holm beast column but for some. Breezy reason I'm on top of this thing and this metal water right. And blood everywhere. Something movie my sons ran over April war over. And I sit there guys who'll get this'll as a local the all gotta get me. All this she. Costs. And and my student couldn't be prouder of my two sons. You will meet today and arm jumped into action. Within five minutes stay ahead Jew and doable. Saws all warm little piece of metal. And then. I was invited or what it. When John did irreparable walls are and we draw downs Morse town hospital. And dom you know we that was what happened. You know musical hole like. I don't know why more here meatball. And ordered it is I was in excruciating pain Arnold stalk. Is really helpless. Well nobody. The that you you hit double being calm there column you had to be worried about to disarm including Marco who was sitting there. Next to you more moral how did you know we're all here in the studio listening to this story body and then we are we're on comfortable just hearing about it. So mark goes you go in and you see your dad in this condition what was your reaction. I was late. I didn't want to speak out because I knew I freaked out so like it made everybody ocelot worst series so expect I knew. Here's some this. It's me and I knew I had a common sense do everything I can't get a month reaching my uncle and her brother. What exact you have to become a me I'm not sure how handy you around the house with tools but you have to do to do some pretty quick work to get him out of that thing would you do. Yet so. It will lead is my brother telling me read rather my dad's army go get schools so. Oh run to its holding in the toolbox and go get all the tools that they needed an end run down but to close at the needs of each is an editor and editor in. Why hires in while I know buddy you are so proud of your sons for stepping in it it in such. Scary terrifying moment and I know it's also early on but what. What is the prognosis what is the road to recovery look like for you. Are you going to helpful function of your hand your rate dominant can't. Yeah I mean it's it's way too early to say exactly what's gonna bend com. I hope to me for recovery are writing it in a meeting got a lot of prayers and you know. A moments like this action really do other things for you because again I've always appreciated doctors and Berkshire's bond there isn't and people boutique Airbus booked when you wind up all. Happy tune believes seeks and we shouldn't light this hill and tedious. You know era Armenian nurse you back. Where AM. And so who were ever read or warmer it's those doctors and then there's. Thank them for for doing what he did. Com. And you know. I L I actually went burden of the surgery on Monday there was an old Griese Danny's I don't know why didn't work. Wondered all the things what was I wanted to take a video. What exactly happened in my hand because you're going to be all the surgeries. Said that video over the also reach access. And she called me Monday mornings is to get here immediately and we want to see you then. All you know I went underwent another surgery on Monday. I would released Owens then so warm now. Thank god emperor for everybody rural hospitals and home urban guerrilla chair and I appreciate it. Oh buddy we are seeing you in and right away we're not used to see where you're always beaten always the good guests and always fun and all the stuff I know you're going through some pain and it's just a weird to state bizarre but also horrific accident. But glad you had Marco and your you boys and you hit your family around you so. Good luck we hope we can keep checking in with few about to recovery for buddy Marco really good to see you guys glad that it worked out could've been worse I guess what thanks so much. Nieminen dec got a good hit my wrists thing you know who notebook and a I appreciate it guys. Are thongs and rentals via our thoughts and prayers are with you in your family thank you again buddy and thank you Marco.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"Buddy Valastro and his 13-year-old son Marco recall the terrible bowling accident that left his hand impaled with a metal rod. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73293595","title":"‘Cake Boss’ talks about his horrible accident","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/cake-boss-talks-horrible-accident-73293595"}