Georgia governor responds to Trump’s comments, Capitol insurrection

Gov. Brian Kemp talks about former President Donald Trump’s call for his resignation, Georgia’s vaccine rollout and more.
10:47 | 01/26/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Georgia governor responds to Trump’s comments, Capitol insurrection
Aren't everybody welcome back to you may very end there is some encouraging. News we can report yes in terms. Of the face of vaccinations here at home that's according to the New York Times the US now averaging one point two. Million doses a day on track to meet president Biden's initial target. With that the president suggesting just yesterday he is hopeful the country could soon increase that daily average by 50%. To one and a half million shock today so let's check in with one of the State's working very hard to get those vaccines into the arms of Americans governor Georgia governor Brian camp. Governor can thanks for being with us Georgia. Has administered so far close to 675000. Vaccinations my parents gotten theirs this weekend very happy to say. There in a state of Georgia yesterday alone 181000. Doses. How satisfied are you with the current re vaccinations in your state. Well we've certainly move the needle over the last week we've doubled our out hood of vaccinations to almost 250000. So we were up 50% as well. I think now that we've got that steady supply comment. We've called with our reporting we also had issues with the CDC web site. Early on Sar data was lag and a lot of the states we knew we were given more vaccinations and was being reported. And now less the speed so we're move in the Natal were also preparing for the day. Well we can get more supply and that's really what up thing Jordan many other states need right now we could use. Excess supply we have incredible demand. Publics who went on line this morning for next week's. Shots and they were booked up for the whole week and less than 45 minutes so we have more supply we could certainly did more nor do and now. But until we get that we're just going to keep. In every does we get out as fast and safely as we can but we're also prepared for a day when we have more supply Weathers Johnson & Johnson coming on board. In increase capacity from Pfizer and Madonna are whatever the case may be we just haven't heard what that's gonna look like Kia. Ago and human to supply several times in your response is there do you expect. And have even seen already difference and what your state is able to do in core operation on the federal level. Now that we're just stayed barely a week into the new administration. No we have a nominee in our our supplies been very steady about a 120000. Doses a week. And we've still life that's where we're gonna get for the next couple weeks a no no new supply there. So our goal is to continue moving the Neil very quickly on the current supply we have the one good thing no help us with. They expanded population that we did even. Before CDC on the 65 years and lol and older. In addition a first responders and does on the front lines from a medical perspective. Is our nurse and on the long term care facilities and and does the Walgreens and CVS her. Basically done we have other 99% of our facilities that are finish that all. Let us read deploy the about 40000 doses a week that were going to does the facilities to the general population. But we still have incredible demand we have two million people that are in and that expanded criteria and we've given. You know around 600000 doses so we have a long way to go into Wally need more supply. But currently we just don't think we're gonna get that we're home do what we can what we've got enough prepare for the day when we do give more. You're also dealing with the financial crisis there in your seat is we are cross this country and around the world Georgia has been able to lower its unemployment rate down to. Five point 6% last month. I know the state is at a jobs as well but you know that so many people are still suffering do you support this stimulus plan. This next round of checks that the bike administration is trying to push through. Well I don't really know that's gonna look like yet another starting to to debate that we'll see where that goes tips say and you know the last stimulus plan. We were in great shape in Georgia because of we thought methodically reopen the state early we have a wavered on that we're doing. Two things here we're fighting to pretend lives but also livelihoods that we know I'm Puerto. That is for people to build a pay their rent buy food and groceries and medicine. For their fame it's incredible what our economy's been due we've been have been record. Announcement student of Georgia department economic development in the middle of pain mimic our. Our job numbers are up 40% from last year for the first half of this year aren't number urban or the level of investment the dollars and investment this come in our state is up 47%. From last year so. We're doing incredibly well here we still have that certain part of the population that that has gotten hit about a pandemic obviously would large employers like Delta Air Lines. Travel hospitality the service industry. Our budget here thankfully because we reopened. Has it been hit as severely as other states and so were put money into marketing and in health and continued reopen. That one small part of our economy that this still have a hard time it all and all we're doing great here we're just got to keep our foot on the grass aghast. You know get the vaccines out keep people to do doing the right thing was such a distancing where in amassed so we can get back to normal. And our whole economy. And you are a state governor whose name has been on the national stage for quite a bit. That's because of your relationship with president trough for I guess the breakdown in that relationship he actually. Cause that he was ashamed of that he endorse you is called on YouTube resign. Because you would not try to overturn the election results in your state. And even the New York Times is written now that mr. Trump's deepest hostility is reserved for. You governor Brian cup camp of Georgia advisor said they expect he will expend the most energy trying to damage. Mr. Kim's reelection bid he says he's ashamed that he endorse do you. Do you feel the same knowing which you know now about endorsing him as strongly as you did and is there any chance you would except his supporting it. Well look in not supported the president go on and in November 3 I'm glad that you realize that a lot of people I think question that there's no doubt I'll work toward form because I felt like the policies and things that we've worked on together you know president trump for not. Agree would many more things than we disagree. On obviously reopen our economy when I did was one of the things it. He he disagree with me a little bit own but we've worked with a moment things like human trafficking. Making sure that our economy is great supported. Him when he cut taxes I think this new administration of I had to guess is gonna go and a different direction. You know his strong chance stance on China vs the new administration. Really send a signal is already there they're going to be weak believe what the president believes we need to bring jobs back to America we don't need. Have foreign countries bill to monopolize the supply chain of medical supplies and PP which is why last year. We pass a PP tax credit we're gonna work on a medical device and pharmaceutical one this year because I believe we need to bring. Those folks back own shore have those jobs in Georgian in the United States that's the same thing the president Charles believe them. We passed fifty health care bills and George over the last two years. And we got to prove. For two health care waivers to bill to go around health care dot gov and and really. Reform health care in our state which is something that the president's administration work would thus don't. To do sought thing we agree on much more than we disagree I'd loved to have his support. But a moron on record you know georgians voted in this or rice and I'll take my record to the door to voter not feel like hell do. Very well that cannot think a mom mode ought to put words in your mouth but given what we saw on Capitol Hill given that insurrection given what many feel. The role prison trump played in it you don't have any qualms about the support the strong support you gave him and I just heard you say you would still. Except the support of the men who say he's ashamed he endorsed you. Well I think we talk about what happened on Capitol Hill my record's been very clear there out spoke out that day would the lieutenant governor in the and the speaker and thousands of them uncalled for it was un American. Outrageous. Thank us that all of those things you know we didn't allow that to happen in Georgia Daryn not. Civil Disobedience that we saw. While there is many peaceful protests going on this summer and we didn't allow that to happen. Guilin and to the inauguration and I'll let my record speak for itself. Governor I'd just like to ask you do your reaction personally and it was a politician people say you have to put on your Teflon scanned. And deal with a lot of incoming but what has it felt like to read and see not only what president trump has said about you but what many of his fervent followers have set about you as well. That they are. Going to make it their mission to make sure the UR a one term governor. Well not too worried about what you all and others are following in the national news you know I'm focused on my job is good governor here in Georgia every day. As you know we got a lot of issues if people worried about here. We're going to be working on election reform here in the state this legislative session were also don't keep our foot on the gas to get the vaccine now. To make sure that we get our numbers which are going in the right direction on cutter that continue. To go and downward been focused on our hospital bed capacity working well hospital C is so any Jordan and needs care. Can get it and that's been the case throughout the whole pandemic. And we didn't have to shut down our economy and ruin a bunch of people's lives but trying to do that we did both. And I think that's what georgians will only be thugs don't. You know when your when your governor in the middle of a pandemic in times we've seen in our country and what we saw happen. Own the with the insurrection the State Capitol low of the day these are tough times in government have a point fingers at others on this simply done my job. Because I know there buys making tough decisions I'm gonna continue to do. That here in Georgia I ran on making sure that we put a hard working georgians first and that is what my commitment has been will continue to be. Verses worried about what someone or some national news media organizations say and on on some political situation. All right Georgia governor Brian camp we appreciate your time we know you're busy Manso thank you for being with us today. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"10:47","description":"Gov. Brian Kemp talks about former President Donald Trump’s call for his resignation, Georgia’s vaccine rollout and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75490466","title":"Georgia governor responds to Trump’s comments, Capitol insurrection","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/georgia-governor-responds-trumps-comments-capitol-insurrection-75490466"}