Jessie Mei Li dishes on new fantasy series

The actress talks about her role in the highly anticipated new Netflix show, “Shadow and Bone.”
3:48 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for Jessie Mei Li dishes on new fantasy series
Oh, they moved our tent. Yes, down there. Halfway house, donations. Actually I won't be accepting any donation because I won this in a fight. What are you going to go do with foreign money? Don't crush my dreams. Again. This is why our tents got moved. Wanted more space. Welcome back. That was a clip from Netflix's highly anticipated fantasy series "Shadow and bone." The show is based on is the stories and characters of the "The New York Times" novels. Here with us, star of show. Everybody, say hello to Jesse mei LI. Jessie, hello. It is good to see that smiling face. Do I have the story right? What the deal here, the author saw your audition tape and didn't want to see anymore. Now how -- you must have really nailed it. Well, I hope so. Yeah. That was a really lovely thing to hear. Nothing like a confidence boost at the beginning of a job. So, yeah, that was really exciting she enjoyed my tape. More than enjoyed it actually, blown away by it. You play the character of Elena. And the character is from a multi racial background and at times it is hard for her to fit in and you say this really resonated with you. Yeah, definitely. In the books Elena's race isn't described but for the show they decided to change it to add totally story. It is such a wise choice in my opinion and she starts off in the books and the series not really knowing who she's and feeling like an outsider. And I think given this backstory where she looks like the enemy. Her country are at war with another country. She spends her life growing up feeling ostracized. So it was really great for me because I was able to draw on quite a few of my own experiences and think about how that would effect her going forward. We showed a clip but it is described as -- is that about right? How do you describe it for folks who want to check it out. That's about right. It's difficult to say it nicely. There's so much in this world, you know, this is a fantasy show and there is, you know, we have this story of Elena grapples with your me the responsibilities as this, you know, savior possibility. At the same time you follow a bunch of rogues in the city on a heist. And there is a lot going on and it is quite different from other fantasy shows that we've seen in recent years. That most of the countries that the show is inspired by are things like imperialist Russia in 1800s and Amsterdam and rather than swords there are guns and repeating rifles. So it is a bit different and it is a really, really rich world. Well, I know this is going to be a huge hit in my household. So we're very excited. Thank you so much for being with us, Jessie. I want to let everyone know "Shadow and bone" premieres globally this Friday April 23rd only on Netflix. Very excited how you are excited too. Don't you love that, that enthusiasm? Yeah, it's great for her this role and how she got it and they are changing the roll up and making it more with the times in a lot of ways but she's excited

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The actress talks about her role in the highly anticipated new Netflix show, “Shadow and Bone.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77189499","title":"Jessie Mei Li dishes on new fantasy series","url":"/GMA/GMA3/video/jessie-mei-li-dishes-fantasy-series-77189499"}