Hilary Swank on spontaneous cross-country travel and being back on the big screen

The Academy Award-winning actress joins Michael Strahan and Sara Haines to discuss her new film "What They Had."
6:29 | 10/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hilary Swank on spontaneous cross-country travel and being back on the big screen
Every great why, needs a great how. ?????? Our first guest is a two-timing award winning actress known for her roles in "Boys don't cry" and "Million dollar baby." Now she's starring in the new film "What they had." Take a look. What's the matter? She hit on me. Who? Not Emma. Mom? Yeah. E put her hand on my knee and she was looking at me like she wanted to -- she hit on me. What did you do? I just kept calling her mom. I said thanks, mom. It's nice to see you too, mom. Really glad you birthed me, mom. You're laughing? Don't laugh. Please welcome the incredibly talented Hilary swank. How are you? Nice to see you. How are you? I'm great. How are you? Good. Hi. Thank you so much. Thank you. What a great welcome. You guys are having so much fun. We are. We try. I walked in and you were dancing. I was like this is great. Well, we are having fun. She's a we as well. You just got married. I did. I just got married. It was great. Thank you. My favorite part of this is one of your -- you have three dogs. I have three rescue dogs. One of your dogs was a ring bearer. There's my little Kai. That's like Sophie's choice. How did you pick? See the two goldens, if I picked them, we would have lost the rings. They would have been chasing squirrels. The only one that listens is the one in the middle. That's Kai. He walked right up and sat right down. He was so happy. That's so sweet. You surprised your guests. You and your husband did a little tap dance number. Yes, we did. Did you know how to tap dance? No. So you were like start from scratch? Yeah. I wanted to do something unique and fun. I thought why don't we try to be tap dancers. He's game for things too. He's like okay. I don't know how we looked, but our guests certainly made us feel like that. They were super excited. Nobody knew we were doing it except my dad who lives with us. We had this incredible -- Chloe Arnold -- this incredible choreographer. She's Emmy nominated this year. She's brilliant. She helped teach us and we did it. How long did it take to learn? 22 hours all in, not all at once. Over a four-month period. Your husband seems like he's game for anything. You guys went on an rv trip. Yes. For a period of time. Was it planned? A lot of us feel overworked and tired. I was driving home one day. I was like I need a vacation. Where can we go? I love a road trip. But how do you take three dogs on a road trip? You can't stop at a hotel and, if you do, you're like can my dogs stay? You know, it's three dogs. We went -- cruise America rvs, I saw one go by. I'm like that's us. And they had a picture of a dog in the window. I'm like that's really going to be us with three dogs in a window. Nothing says love like an rv trip with three dogs. You gotta love each other to do that. That's right. You love adventure. You did something that I don't think I'll ever do. You went hang gliding. Yes. You don't even look scared. We did on our honeymoon. You guys are an adventurous couple. We are. There you are. Yeah, we're taking off. You're laughing. I have a pro on my back. I would be crying if I was by myself. I wouldn't have that look on my face. We were actually leaving that day and saw someone doing that. We looked at each other and we're like let's do that. You are something. You've seen an rv with a dog and you're like let's do it. You see someone gliding and you do it. I know. I've been sky diving too. You have adrenaline. I do. People say I'm going to live every moment. Is this just your personality? I think it is. I'm a Leo. Are you guys -- what are you? I'm a Virgo. I'm a scorpio. I said that and I had to look to get a clap. We like adventure, living on the edge, trying new things. I'm curious. You have a new film, "What they had." We showed the clip. Thank you. It's about family coming together over a mom's diagnosis with Alzheimer's. Yes. You mentioned your father. My father got a lung transplant. I was his sole care taker. It ended up being three years of ups and downs. I took three years off from work. It was touch and go. I'm really close with my dad. I was honored that I was able to take the time off and to be there for him in this intense time of his life. I'm very happy to say he's 100% healthy now. That is awesome. He's getting around and he walked me down the aisle. He walked you down the aisle. Yeah. I walked down and he was the first person I saw and he was standing there and I burst into tears. Such a big moment after all he had been through. I was like I'm not going to have any make up left. It's real. It's showing your scars. That's right. That's beautiful. Thank you. We're not done with you. We'll have more with Hilary

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"The Academy Award-winning actress joins Michael Strahan and Sara Haines to discuss her new film \"What They Had.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58465097","title":"Hilary Swank on spontaneous cross-country travel and being back on the big screen","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/hilary-swank-spontaneous-cross-country-travel-back-big-58465097"}