Michael and Sara welcome the Bella twins

Brie and Nikki Bella discuss dating, daughters and labor pains on GMA Day.
7:00 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for Michael and Sara welcome the Bella twins
The last year has been huge for the women in the WWE. Our next guests are sisters at the forefront. Outside of the ring, they let us into every detail of their lives on the hit show, "Total Bellas." Take a look. Don't be embarrassed by fooling around in a ferrari? You're joking, right? It seems like guys buy fancy cars when they go through, like, a big breakup or, like, they get a hot young girlfriend. Or they do something crazy. I feel like you're acting like a man? Oh, and a won can't do that? Oh. Please welcome WWE superstars NIK krgs irgs and brgs rie Bella. Hi. Thank you. So nice to have you guys here. Come on in. Have a seat. Come in. I'm a car guy. I was like, oh, I kind of like that. Don't encourage her. I was driving. She was the Debbie downer over there. I just want her to go to workout. We're on the way to workout. We were superlate because we had to take a ferrari run. And you had the sun shining on your face. I see this twin interaction. I have twins. They're 14 now. I can't imagine if we kids were to pick up up with day and say, we want to be wrestlers. I would be lying, what? How did your family react to that? That reaction. My mom was like, what? We were like, mom, it's our calling. My mom was scared. She was supportive but scared. We had to go the Tampa. My mom thought alligators were just walking the streets. She's like, but alligators. I'm like, what? They're in ponds. People live out there. So she was more freaked out from that. She was. It was quite an experience driving across country with brie, our first time ever alone. That was a fun adventure. When mom came to our first show. Not televised. Just in a gym. She saw it. She was like, okay, I get it now. My parents were scared when I rode the subway in New York. My mom was like, did you take off your jewelry? And two, what year were you here? Everything playing out on the camera. Dating is hard enough regularly. How are you letting the -- is for Nikki. How is being single and dating on camera? Oh, my gosh. It's -- I mean, it's not the worst. Was kind of. Imagine having a first date after so many years but, like, you're already nervous beyond the state of what do I do? What are the rules? I look and I have all these crew people and cameras in my face. I'm like, okay, um. I would say something. It was so awkward. I would have too much wine. And it was just -- Oh, you did. I watched the footage back. It was very embarrassing. I was like, that's how you date? We need to talk. I like the peanut gallery. Sister on sister advice. I give her the most honest advice. I feel like it helps her out in life. I have a question. The big debate on the show. Staying in touch with your ex. Nikki, you said you will call your ex -- Roy is already laughing at this one. You'll call your ex when you're going on a date. How do y'all feel about that? I'm not going to talk about that. My girlfriend is here. I ain't got nothing to say. At all. Valentine's day is coming up. You not about to ruin my life. I'll leave you out Roy. I think it's -- I mean, I think everyone has a different situation. And, my thing is is -- I think if cow kuld set that example like we had an amazing connection. We're still good friends. You know you should be able to showcase that and stay Koes. Disagree. I just think if you start to date someone else, you're honest about it. If you're going to be in a serious relationship. Hey, my ex and I are great friends. Look at Duane Johnson. They run an empire together. He and Diana Garcia. I think it's about the honesty. I disagree. It depends. Okay. Okay, brie, how do you feel? You break up. That's it. You continue the talk, it's hard to move on. What if you're best friends? See. Okay. I'm your twin. You're soul friends. Soul friends. Brie, you have a daughter, birdie. We always talk. I'm pregnant root now with a -- You look amazing. Thank you, thank you. That's my boss clapping. Very corporate an appropriate. But, it's hard enough when you kind of come back to yourself after having a baby. But you're also performing at an elite level. How did you recover? It was tough. I gained 50 pounds. I thought because I am an athlete, I would snap right back. Wrong. I did not. I had a long journey. Birdie is a year and a half. I still have five pounds of baby weight to lose. Where are you hiding it? Green room. But -- I -- my biggest thing I had to do. Was accept my body. My new body. Even my not my pediatrician, she was like, brie, the hips are never going to go back down. You have to love yourself. It was hard. But I did. Also with workouts. We're so tired as new moms. I didn't want to force myself. I stressed myself out when I was like, you need to work out today. But I was so tired. It was finding the energy. But allowing my body the heel. Go easy on yourself. Let my body take time. You just made a human. So you kind of nailed it. It was exhausting. Did you have twin feelings? Yes. I went in there, she was going to pop right out. And 2hours later, I'm like, what? Dang. When they hooked me up to a machine to give me labor pains. Wit us nothing. I'm joking. I'm joking. We will be doing a recap. They didn't go up high enough. I gotta say this, though. There's a reason that pen don't have babies. Because there would be nobody on the planet. Yes. Right, Roy? Yes. I get a stomach cramp, I lay down. That's all. I'm with you on that. We're going to -- you can catch new episodes of "Total bell las"

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Brie and Nikki Bella discuss dating, daughters and labor pains on GMA Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60626365","title":"Michael and Sara welcome the Bella twins","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michael-sara-bella-twins-60626365"}