Tony Hawk teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines how to skateboard

Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk rolls into Times Square with a new game.
4:54 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Tony Hawk teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines how to skateboard
our next guest is a superstar E. I a superst businesswhose names synonymous with skateboarding. Se welcometony hawk. [ Cheersnd applause ] Oh! How you doing, man? I'm good. are Yo He a seat. Cheers and applause ] Hanks for VI me. Ou made th look -- you made that look too easy. I okt a skatebrdst picturehe fall. I'm bad. Iave seen T many bad vide that go wrongn you try to D thatff unless you're him. It's all about confidence. Is that that is? Rea? Yeah. Especi when you E live on "Good morning America," yeah. Dohe stairs. Ctmas is rit around the corner and a lot of people get their skateboard. I did. Do you remember your first skoard? Yea my fas a hand me down from my older brother. He was asurfer. He was 13 years oldhan me, the coolest guy I knew and I picked up his old board one day and irt it, and wanted to do forever, but I enjoyed it. Was it the thin, little one or T big one T was a fibess, AUT four inches is it now The smisonian. That's where mine is too. Really? Yeah. Not. T chicken wk on . They asked me if I would donate it and I had to get peon from my brother belt it was kd his, and we went together. Speaking of your brother family, U have six kids. Yeah.coed, yep. S. Welne. Well done. Nk you. The holiday season or any time of year, is it easy to keep in touch with six kids Is T any sort of acowledgment from them when you are trying to keep in T with them. Making P is, , herding es group Teare very vague. S put it that I fe like a lot of times I'll text them and the texts go off into sce and kinof miss them or they're dodging them. And you see your kids a they are always on their phones. Never gothat tex Or you see them Doi stuff on sociame you seem liking stuff. I know you're on your phone and you saw my text. Skateboarding is in the olymor the fir time in in Tokyo. That's awesome. Do U wish you had a chance to compete in the olympics? That was never my goal. I liked that skating was set apart, especially when I was young. It wast of the alternative we wanted to be apart of the ind tt's why we cheese to do it, becaut set us apart. Nowadays that it's such part O the maitream culture, that' the generation. That's great. That was never my driving factor. Had it happenein my yout maybe. Sure. You have ay your Na I synonymous with skating. You thk of Tony wk who has ever done it and you have this edible veo game called "Tony H skate yeah. Tell usbout it. It's the first mobile gam haveone. Mobilgame. Yeah. On ps basically. Same kind of familiame play peopleresed to from our old series, brought to the nerves upn here. We do that. A mile platfoan are urnament mod you caay otherpeop, and earn stats. Can youw us how tPlay? You have it right here. Yeah. I show you.heck it ou ow many Fiers do you N Just your thumbs. Okay. I'm good. Ou as good with this as you areskatg? I'm pretty good. W see it back T. H, that's awesome. I can do it in the video game. Oh,ouou can do ? Oh, heck yeah. Half pipe on Thi game. His fingereoving real quick. You see howuick H fingers are moving? ING to get the big combo. Get the flowers. That's not skateboarding. Oupecial mode and hawk mode and turn into me. There you are. Oh. Hat happenif you fall and you crash? Right there. Th's what happens. You should try it. I want ry it.ich way mas forward. Forward. This is your joystick. Thi my joysti. Whoa. Woo! Whoa. That one was a big oneys. Woo! It. And you want te this to Ollie. To jump. Etracks. Get off the train tracks. I'm an adrenaline junkie. Ah! If you wa to have some fun, you can download "Tony Hawk skate jam" for free. , People, right now on the

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{"duration":"4:54","description":" Legendary pro skater Tony Hawk rolls into Times Square with a new game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59799977","title":"Tony Hawk teaches Michael Strahan and Sara Haines how to skateboard ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tony-hawk-teaches-michael-strahan-sara-haines-skateboard-59799977"}