California teen raises $16K to build a home for a family in Mexico

Daniella Benitez, 13, opens up about how she raised funds to build a home for a family in Mexico on "GMA."
4:40 | 04/16/18

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Transcript for California teen raises $16K to build a home for a family in Mexico
[ applau welcome back to "Gma." Thisrful audiencehave on this Monday morning. How about a little Monday motion. L H Let's havehuge difference,3-year-old Daniela Benitez provides F packages to the meless across California and now rain $16,000 on her own pulling togethe team to build a home for a fy eed. D by all accounts she's just getting started so please give a welcome to Dan and her mom Gigi from San boy, you're a busy, B bee doing so much. Ell U about this latest project that you're undertakin Well, I started off doing whatever I can iny community so having lemonade stands, doing smalthings for the homeless, whatever I could and after last year I went with my to build a house for a nee family in mnd that had a GE impact on me and so I went to M mom a I told her, I to do more. I want to keep buildi houses every year with B a miracle and so then dur the summer I started texting and e-mailing all my family and friends wi no hesitation everybody was in weaised all the money. Gigi -- Wow! I can see pride inour face. You muste been so amazed when dlae to with that idea. Absolutely. I wa happy the was so impacted and want actually create a difference. And at the same Tims busy working mom, knew I wasn't going to be able to helper out so I said to her if you want T dothis, it's all on you. You have to cet leadership of it. Woell us about the organization you're work with and how they chose the families at are receiving these homes. Well, build a mle takes $16,000 to build a house for a family in mexico with furniture and the way choose ishat they have people down in mexico who are searching every day for a family that meets the qualifioho's willing to do service hours, their kids in the schlnd just pretty much S connect so that they setng their family up for a good futureith their home. I kno and ctainly helping in that regard. Can you tell us a little bit more about the particular family that ye helping with Thome. So, the familyas aamily of five. Asom and her four kids, and they were S hpy and grateful andwas so special to get to Dr them they lived in shack with dirt floors and a mattress one floor and that's what tlept on and they had notoilet, no shower, no running ter. They hosed off in the backyard. Itas really sad that that's whathad to liven and it makes me feel so lucky for what I have and I fee I take it for granted sometime C to what they have. Bless you heart. Bless your heart, Daniella. And I know -- M, you have D such a wonderful jobit your daughter. Daniela, what do you want to do goforward? I know you've done so much and W you're going global. Well, going forward I want to build house every single year and maybe even two eventually an already H a list full of peo whold love to keep helping us and I jkn wao do whatever I can to help anybody. [ Applau Well, gg, you told her to rnsibility she's doing it. I'm so P of her. I cannhink of something more beautiful than hing raised an empatheticld and that's Daniela. She has huge heart and taking at to possley impact other peopleo lead other H age to do it alongside her. H, and on thatte, Daniela, what do you say to kid who say I'm too young to do anythi. I'm too young to make an impact? To kids I W say that you can star off with something small andork yr way up to it but if you have a drive to do somethingpecial there's no reason -- the nothing holding you back and you should do it. Nothing is inck. Yeah. Daniela, gg beautiful, beautiful thank you. Thank you.cannot Wai to see you -- Thank you so much. 'R very welcome. Can't W to see what you're going to do next. Former "American idol"

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{"id":54492608,"title":"California teen raises $16K to build a home for a family in Mexico ","duration":"4:40","description":"Daniella Benitez, 13, opens up about how she raised funds to build a home for a family in Mexico on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/california-teen-raises-16k-build-home-family-mexico-54492608","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}