Where would you place this drippy art in your home?

Texas-based artist Dan Lam sparks curiosity with her blobs, drips, and squishes!
2:56 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for Where would you place this drippy art in your home?
When people see the where they look at it like oh my gosh what is that is it sea creature is an alien being what is it made up how does she make and I really enjoy that kindness. Getting people sit there have their curiosity sparks in the way. From my perspective as an artist I'm. I enjoy it when people you haven't paid an appealing if they're kind just block about it I Nellie passed by the worst reaction. Is that they don't feel anything. I use a lot of nearly polyurethane foam is my piece material that detail in another song is so too partly quickly mix together and there's a chemical reaction. So then a source expanse. There's this element of letting go when you work without material you can't dictate everything you can kind of heat there anti gay and suggested this is how much and why this is how far I want to go. But sometimes it does things on it sound he can't project. Except as an art history class and usually linked by impressionist and and we learned how. They where very light I want our Brothers I didn't away thinking it was not anything into the happening this time. I remember feeling that way when I was working on obscene or dry and thinking well you know wishing to do warrantless acutely. Use other materials and so that's kind of what started that the financing. I continue taking. But I started using different materials like hot Glazer last year's residents just things that. We're not being taught in school and that really like let me down this past month now. Which is just using a lot of non traditional mystery illness to me sculpture and Ascot and in the deviation is going from paintings to sculptures. There's a there's a way people experience in an ASEAN ended toughest lessons happen and I really enjoyed aspects and I really injury that aspect of it when I show the work in person persistence on. As a move forward that's really explore and its people. Yes. So whether that means lower inflation based something more rumors and it increasingly an entire. The work I let's look at. This and so I feel like eventually I would once you. I.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Texas-based artist Dan Lam sparks curiosity with her blobs, drips, and squishes! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74526563","title":"Where would you place this drippy art in your home?","url":"/GMA/Living/video/place-drippy-art-home-74526563"}