'Shark Tank' star Barbara Corcoran says you can't have it all

The entrepreneur speaks out live on "GMA" about comments she made in her podcast about how she believes work-life balance is nearly impossible.
4:12 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for 'Shark Tank' star Barbara Corcoran says you can't have it all
About work life balance is making headlines on her podcast business unusual. The real estate mogul is calling work life balance a unicorn that doesn't exist. And after forty years of searching for it she says she's found. A better solution Barbara thank you for joining us might call a mobile. How I don't think it's true of course yeah I think we're calling which ones are will you are making headlines as we said by saying that work life balance doesn't exist if the balance doesn't exist. What does it's as to how have you made things work for you because we know you're busy mom and obviously busy mobile. Yes of course I had a realization years ago I was forty years unbalanced. And then I was running the Corcoran group I have a thousand agents working for me and I was nursing my first baby. And an agent called me and demanded that I be at work act that this is screwed because I felt guilty about nursing my child so I thought something had a change in this is when I come up with. I divide my life I divide the time at work strictly at work my husband wouldn't dare call network it would be over the marriage. It's a way to spiny knows it. But everything I do our work is work related and then when I go at home that night I do everything related to my personal life I just choke up my life and I have so much less pressure. As a result of not crossing them. How do you do not because my daughter's these tiny while I'm on this sad saying mom I needed elsewhere and I I think he didn't I how did you make that sort how did you get everybody to do work. With you to make that work for you along an Italian vessel a minute show you a little tough love you can stop that as of today eighty don't have to answer it panel straighten out what is set up their own over accountant in the losses and whatnot and it mom where's this mom I need this mom I forgot to ask for this but I'm like I'm actually on national television right now yes but it's not fair to you the chancellor matter is since you distracted you re huge industry have kids your hearts there always first. And be at work at the same time you just can't do it seemed have to change about one tip I use at night. Which is change everything for the past many years as getting rid of distraction emails. And phone calls I take my phone the minute I walk into my apartment plug in outside hallway. And I don't see it again so I walk out that door it takes discipline which isn't good month to really break my habit. But what alike say realigning sat sounded meat yeah. I just can mine included that if hearing you know or some sort of a 24 hour emergency worker health care provider a lot of people. Don't have that option they they have a 24 of course sent an umbilical cord how do you then. It's true because you do get distracted from being a parent as well how how how can you work that I from people have jobs like that. Well I have to speak from experience we're ranked 22 jobs before I was boss it's easier wing of the processor in charge of people's time but this still so much distraction. When you're not the boss you have a lot more control of your time than you think you have. You can chalk up B time you know the difference to work and home and you can really stay true it I don't believe that that's necessarily true unless of course you're in the ambulance business is trying. Like snapping you can control your turn a lot more to sit down the size of that it's true meaning if you just say for an hour I'm not gonna look at my phone and I'll give myself ten minutes to do something when and then on you know if you even speed sit out like that we are not. Every second with a phone in your hands when you write about that and I have to tell when I broke my addiction to my phone and office hours I felt like it was calling me fired me look at me it's so hard to resist apple. But you couldn't do it now are at a child but eventually you really can slay that dragon if you realize you're entitled to it I'll I like this because it's not the balance act sacred juggling an it's a balancing act you're saying this is about taking control chopping this and chopping the time and I have to give me a tip from my brother that I learned. He works for a lot of people pulling and pulling animals a time. When they contact him by email off on the morning the email message they get immediately back automatic is coming conferences along warning outplayed by twelve noon actually any does the same thing changes message or dramatically in the afternoon they don't expect to hear from till four. And guess what. Everybody waits and he hasn't lost business he says is more productive. And I totally see that I grant that part of daily. Okay.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The entrepreneur speaks out live on \"GMA\" about comments she made in her podcast about how she believes work-life balance is nearly impossible. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500040","title":"'Shark Tank' star Barbara Corcoran says you can't have it all","url":"/GMA/Living/video/shark-tank-star-barbara-corcoran-55500040"}