Here's how to be social using technology during coronavirus

With so many quarantining and in isolation, it's important to keep in touch with others, and these tools can help.
3:07 | 03/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Here's how to be social using technology during coronavirus
In this time of social distancing keeping in touch with others can pose a difficult challenge for some so Becky Worley is back with innovative ways technology can help keep you connected to everyone you care about. Hey, Becky. Reporter: George, you're so right. As shelter in place orders go in effect and offices, schools, gathering spots close, how can we connect in a time when we need connection more than ever? As we get used to this new norm -- Social distancing. Social distancing. Reporter: Social distancing, meet social networking. Inventive folks cooped up at home are finding ways to get together virtually. Happy birthday to you Reporter: Like most kids across the country, 3-year-old Zoe is home from school, but this is not stopping the celebration of her friend's birthday party. After plans to celebrate her buddy's birthday at school had to change, the moms decided to do a group facetime instead. And offices that have gone to virtual work places are now having virtual happy hours. Cheers, I love you guys. Reporter: Rose and her friends from L.A., New York, Charlotte and San Francisco got together using facetime. But when it comes to connecting with close friends and family, maybe that takes a little digital coordination like setting up a watch party where you both binge a TV show simultaneously. Or a phone date. Hey, Sara, how are you doing? I'm doing all right. Reporter: When you go for a walk by yourself -- I'll talk to you later -- Reporter: But call on old friend. Kind of like taking a walk with an old friend. Reporter: We're digitizing photos at our house so I've been sending some to family and friends as a pick-me-up. Little ways to connect in a disconnected time. Over the past few years teens have facetimed with friends while they're just hanging out in their rooms doing nothing. Maybe we can learn from them. They'll talk every few minutes but then have long periods of silence. They just like the feeling of virtual company. It might be weird for me but I have had some amazing catchups with old friends this week on the phone. Never in recent times have we had so much free time and need for reassurance. It really is a chance to deepen connections, George. Yeah, that is the positive side but social media can also kind of hype anxiety. Reporter: Oh fair enough. We know that social media can act as an amplifier and that's why you really do want to be mindful of what you choose to do online. Maybe it's an opportunity to seek out new groups or interests, hobbies, communities that can really help you refocus and stay positive. You're in the San Francisco area and we know that it's really on a lockdown right now and you have the twins, so how is the family doing? Reporter: It is challenging. We start digital school on Wednesday so right now it feels like still free for all but they're really missing their friends, robin. This idea of staying away from even their besties, that hurts. It's tough on everybody. Thank you, Becky. Let's go to

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"With so many quarantining and in isolation, it's important to keep in touch with others, and these tools can help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69636870","title":"Here's how to be social using technology during coronavirus","url":"/GMA/Living/video/social-technology-coronavirus-69636870"}