Austin officials warn of suspicious boxes after explosions

Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Police Chief Brian Manley tell "GMA" the latest details on the investigation into three package explosions at local homes.
3:58 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Austin officials warn of suspicious boxes after explosions
Create the latest now from Austin, Texas it's a city on edge after two more package bomb exploded yesterday three now in ten days to be Woodman killed more injured. I mean she's out presses on the scene in Austin good morning Alex. Hey good morning George federal investigators have been here through the night to authorities say these packages were not delivered by mail but instead they left there by a suspect. They are now desperately. Trying to track down. This morning F. BI and ATF and local investigators on the hunts for a possible serial bomber. The incidents killing two injuring two others this evidence makes us believe it these incidents are related authorities say the packages were not delivered by mail service instead in each case. A mysterious average size letter box package it was left on the victim's front door left without enough or doorbell rings. The victims we have gone out and if handled and in some way or another and we had the explosions. Are the string of package explosions is starting march 2 at 6:55 AM. When 39 year old Anthony house was killed next door neighbor who heard the explosion attempted to help save houses like. He looked at new Berry blaze Deborah look they pretty much immediately lap. What the spot whatsoever. I give them to rescue breaths. Investigators initially thought it was an isolated incidents until Monday morning. We got two people down on one and that portrayed. When a seventeen year old boy opened the package he found that the front door killing him and injuring a woman. A few hours later investigators are rushing to a second explosion just some five miles away. We we'll try doing and entering some of hidden. Elderly Hispanic woman critically injured after she opened the package left on her front porch. The victims all black or Hispanic officials now looking into the possibility these may be hate crimes. And state investigators are now offering a 151000. Dollar reward for any information leading to an arrest authorities are warning residents if you get an unexpected package. Don't open call 911 tourist away okay Alex thanks very much to Spain Austin's mayor Steve Adler police chief Brian Manley. Gentlemen thank you both for joining us this morning chief manly let me begin. Would you any closer to identifying a suspect this morning. No the work that's taken place since we last spoke yesterday really has been on the post blast analysis and again looking at any connections between the victims of these incidents. To try and determine if there's any ideology behind these attacks well that was the question I wanted to bring to the mayor black and Hispanic victims here do you think this is a hate crime. I think it through Stuart refer us to know and understand that there chief is not ruling out any possibility to make sure they do doesn't overlook anything. Reached on Korea. And cheap when you look at the residue of these bombings would what other connections have you been able to draw between the package bombs in these three different incidents. So there are some specific opponents that we will go into the details up to protect the integrity of the investigation but. There are some specific things that we have seen that make us believe that all three of these packages. Were constructed by the same bomb maker the same person. Yes we believe that unity saying suspect or suspects are responsible for all three of these attacks. And may remind people again if they get some kind of a package on their doorstep apparently these are being left. Exactly what they should do. About this forum we want people to do is to be very Witt vigilant. We don't want anybody. To opening here pick up a package that in any way feel suspicious. Burgeoning folks here call 911 in. For today if there's any doubt and reminding all they should leave the packaging alone should call 91 run and and Hamlet and let somebody else decide whether for the withdrawal and that is his work. Is worth exploring let's hope you all run this down today chief Mara thanks very much.

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{"id":53702641,"title":"Austin officials warn of suspicious boxes after explosions","duration":"3:58","description":"Austin Mayor Steve Adler and Police Chief Brian Manley tell \"GMA\" the latest details on the investigation into three package explosions at local homes.","url":"/GMA/News/video/austin-officials-warn-suspicious-boxes-explosions-53702641","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}