Authorities offer reward in Austin bombings investigation

Authorities have urged residents to remain on the lookout for strange items after deadly package bombs were delivered to Austin-area homes.
2:30 | 03/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Authorities offer reward in Austin bombings investigation
Back now with tense times in Austin, Texas. Police searching for the bomber responsible for a series of debtly explosions as hundreds of anxious residents report suspicious packages at their front doors. Alex Perez is on the scene. Police offering a big reward with help with the investigation. Reporter: There's right. Good morning, George. It's been about 48 hours since that package exploded on this block and investigators are still here meticulously collecting evidence. The police chief tells me whoever is behind these blasts is no amateur. This morning, police say they are not ruling out terrorism following up on more than 300 phone calls of suspicious packages in the Austin area. Officers deploying to each call assessing whether those items could be bombs. We've gotten resources sent our way from our federal partners along with our state partners in the area of explosive canine teams and bomb technicians. Reporter: While the packages used in the three attacks were all of average size police now urging residents to remain on the lookout for strange items that might not fit this description. If you've had a delivery that did not come through an official mail service but instead you just found this item on your porch or in your yard and it was unexpected do not handle it. Do not touch it. But instead call us. Reporter: Police identifying the 17-year-old victim in Monday's deadly explosion as draylen mason. He carried the package into his home before it exploded. Killing him and wounding his mother. ABC news learning the bombs were constructed using nuts, bolts, nails and metal pieces as shrapnel and they believe the suspect is highly skilled since he was able to move the packaging without detonating them. Last year, the United States postal service reported delivering 620 million packagesle. U.P.S. Says it averaged about 14 million a day. But there are simple ways to identify a suspicious package. The usps says be cautious of items with excessive tape and postage. Oil stains and discoloration. Rigid or bulky boxes and misspelled words. People should not open any package that they can't track. Make sure that it is something you're expecting and that you can actually take a tracking number and double-check it's correct. Reporter: And authorities are asking for the public's help. There's now a $65,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. George. Thank you, Alex.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Authorities have urged residents to remain on the lookout for strange items after deadly package bombs were delivered to Austin-area homes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53733549","title":"Authorities offer reward in Austin bombings investigation","url":"/GMA/News/video/authorities-offer-reward-austin-bombings-investigation-53733549"}