Camper rescued after bear attack near Yellowstone

A person was rescued by helicopter and taken to the airport after reportedly being bitten by a bear searching for food at a Mystic Lake, Montana, campsite.
3:25 | 06/22/21

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Transcript for Camper rescued after bear attack near Yellowstone
Want to turn to what you've seen a lot of lately in the news. Stories about bear attacks. We have yet another encounter to tell you about now as more Americans are heading outside. This latest one lapped near yellowstone national park and a nearby runner jumped into action to save the camper. Our will reeve made his way to Montana for us now, will, good morning to you. Reporter: Hey there, T.J. People are getting out this summer and enjoying national parks and trails going out hiking in bear territory. So you have to be careful. This was a heroic rescue. Bears are just there to protect their territory, but they do want your food. This morning, a heroic rescue in Montana after a terrifying bear encounter. Early Saturday morning a bear was seeking unsecured food at a mystic lake, Montana, campsite. When the bear bit a camper. Have an incredible sense of smell and smell your campsite if there's food from over a mile away and they'll do anything to get to the food. The easier the better. Reporter: Too injured to make it down the trail alone the camper found a runner who sprinted into action quickly finding cell service and calling 911. The carper evacuated by helicopter to the hospital. This incident comes on the heels of an attack in great smoky mountains national park. A black bear attacking a teenager sleeping in a hammock feet from her family and this woman chased about I a group of grizzly bears able to fend them off with bear spray but took nearly two days for her to find her way back to safety. Despite this most bears aren't aggressive towards human beings. We need to be more responsible in working around the animals and understand the overwhelming majority of bears don't pose any threat to humans. Reporter: Seen so experts want to you lock up and secure your food. Once animals are exposed to the food and scent is going through the forest you'll draw bears in. The worst thing people can do is feed them or provide food or not secure their garbage or trash. This is what brings bears in. Reporter: If you spot one try to stay calm and don't get in its way. Make yourself large, back up slowly, get out of danger. Let the bear get whatever it wants to get. You can replace the food and inanimate objects. Don't try to scare him away because you don't want him to eat your steak. Reporter: Be aware of your surroundings. As long as we are weigh smart they don't want to eat us or kill us. They just want easy food. Humans are not easy food but sometimes humans get in the way of their easy food and that's where the problems arise. Reporter: To reiterate tips, if you're out enjoying a hike in a beautiful location like this behind me you want to be loud because the last thing you want to do is sneak up and surprise a bear. If you do come face-to-face do not turn and run. That's just going to kick in the bear's instinct to chase you. You want to get big, don't turn your back and, again, secure that food. No reason to make a bear get all easier said than done, guy. Why would you want to sneak up on a bear and surprise a bear? Why would you -- I certainly wouldn't but just want to make sure no one else does either. Those Instagram photos, robin. Hey, will, come on back home. He was in Alaska, now in Montana, making his way back home. Reporter: More to come from Montana coming up. "Rise & shine." All right. There you have it. That's Thursday. His own promotion machine. Love it.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"A person was rescued by helicopter and taken to the airport after reportedly being bitten by a bear searching for food at a Mystic Lake, Montana, campsite.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78417176","title":"Camper rescued after bear attack near Yellowstone","url":"/GMA/News/video/camper-rescued-bear-attack-yellowstone-78417176"}