Cindy McCain on how Biden will unite nation as POTUS

The widow of late Republican Sen. John McCain, who famously crossed party lines to vote for the president-elect in 2020, shares her hopes for the new administration.
4:05 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Cindy McCain on how Biden will unite nation as POTUS
right now. We have an exclusive interview with one of the women who helped make it happen. Cindy McCain crossed party lines to endorse Joe Biden voting for a Democrat for the first time in her life. She and her husband, the late Arizona senator John McCain were longtime friends with the Bidens and joins us from Washington. Mrs. McCain, thank you for joining us. I see that big smile on your face. Tell us how you're feeling. Oh, it's a wonderful day, George. This country can begin to heal and we can begin to work together for what's good for the country and not for selfish interests. I have great hope that this president is going to lead us down a path that's going to not only as I said help us heal but help us thrive as well. It's a wonderful day and I'm very happy to be here. You've known Joe Biden for an awful long time. Why is he the right man right now to help heal this country which is so deeply divided? You know, Joe is so many good thing, obviously has great empathy, great character, the dignity that he holds but more importantly he has the experience and he has worked across the aisle to bring people together before. That's exactly what we need right now and having watched him work with my husband and other Republicans through the years, he has great Tackitt and great ability to listen and work through the issues that are difficult. It seems like the challenge is so much greater than presidents have faced before when you've got so many people in your party, the Republican party, who don't even believe he was legitimately elected president. Well, that's part of this healing process. This pandemic has played a large role in how people feel for obvious reasons and so I think with Joe's abilities to not only help us come together but also our abilities to understand our differences, and he can show us that way in many ways and I'm just grateful that we have someone that is smart and is dignified and will also lead this country in a way that is respectful and honorable for the people that he serves. You said you were putting together a list of people who could serve in the Biden administration. Anything come of that? I've returned our list in. Things are happening. You know, there's many, many, many positions that are going to occur within this administration and I know Republicans will play a role in that. How about you? You know, there is a scheme every four years for people jockeying for positions and I read you might be considering an ambassadorship or the President-Elect might be considering that for you? Well, I will serve in whatever way I can be helpful to this administration and, of course, this president and I didn't do that -- I didn't do this to gain a position. I did this for my country and I truly believe that. But if I can help serve in any way possible I certainly will do that. As you know, I come from a family, a longtime family with longtime service. Oh, absolutely. I do know that and I was lucky enough on a couple of occasions to be on trips with both your husband and the President-Elect, Joe Biden. Clearly they are friends despite their political differences. What do you think your husband would say to his old friend today? Oh, you know, I think he would tell Joe that he has great confidence in him, he knows he's going to be a good president in terms of bringing the country together, healing and listening to people. I think John would be excited to be able to work with someone that he knows, understands the issues but also has the ability to bring people together and cross the divide and encourage people to work together in a civil manner. Cindy McCain, thanks for joining us today. I hope you enjoy this day. Thank you, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"The widow of late Republican Sen. John McCain, who famously crossed party lines to vote for the president-elect in 2020, shares her hopes for the new administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75366506","title":"Cindy McCain on how Biden will unite nation as POTUS","url":"/GMA/News/video/cindy-mccain-biden-unite-nation-potus-75366506"}