Colonial Pipeline restarts operations, days after Russian-linked hack

The company has begun to restore its fuel lines following a multi-day shutdown in the wake of a ransomware cyberattack and massive supply shortages.
2:40 | 05/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colonial Pipeline restarts operations, days after Russian-linked hack
We'll start with the breaking news overnight. The critical fuel pipeline stretching from New Jersey to Texas is now back in business. Officials saying it will take days before fuel supplies return to normal. This morning more than a dozen states are reporting gas shortages, four states have declared states of emergency and we are seeing so many images like this of drivers waiting in long lines just to fill their tanks. The problem is particularly bad in the southeast. North Carolina saying 70% of gas stations are without fuel with Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia not far behind. We have team coverage for you this morning starting with gio Benitez there in Georgia. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Hey, robin, good morning. Yeah, we are still seeing stations in the region with no gas at all. This station just got some more overnight so the cars are really starting to pile in. But this morning, there is hope on the horizon. This morning, the restart, colonial pipeline announcing it has restarted operations five days after that Russian linked hack shut down the massive 5500-mile pipeline. The company reportedly recovering its most important data to get back to work, restarting it without paying that ransom. But the ordeal isn't over yet. Overnight, people driving from station to station just looking for gas. How many gas stations have you tried? Eight. This is my sixth. Everything is like out of gas. Reporter: In Richmond, Virginia, this man filling up water bottles with extra gas. This man just pumping gas into that little water bottle. Reporter: In Atlanta drivers taking the out of service bags off the pump to try and squeeze out the last drops. Yeah, make it work. It's going to be survival of Reporter: And in north Carolina tensions high, a fight breaking out in line for the pumps. Gas buddy reporting at one point seven out of ten gas stations in North Carolina were out of gas. Durhamounty employees told to stay home and work remotely to preserve fuel. Pausing all nonessential travel and now another concern. Price gouging. This Virginia station charging nearly $7 a gallon. Six gallons of gas for $35. That's absolutely ridiculous. Reporter: Now you saw someone there filling up those water bottles with gas. This can be incredibly dangerous. I want to show you this tweet now from the U.S. Consumer products safety commission and it says, do not fill plastic bags with gasoline. Officials keep telling us there is no reason to panic and that this should start getting better over the next few days. Sure hope it does. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The company has begun to restore its fuel lines following a multi-day shutdown in the wake of a ransomware cyberattack and massive supply shortages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77662744","title":"Colonial Pipeline restarts operations, days after Russian-linked hack","url":"/GMA/News/video/colonial-pipeline-restarts-operations-days-russian-linked-hack-77662744"}