Duck boat wreckage retrieved from lake days after fatal disaster

The Ride the Ducks boat went down in a Missouri lake on Thursday, killing 17 people.
4:52 | 07/23/18

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Transcript for Duck boat wreckage retrieved from lake days after fatal disaster
Happening today in Branson Missouri authorities will begin recovering the wreckage of that duck boat that capsized you'd see air. In what was apparently. Awful horrible weather conditions and right now authorities are looking into what happened. And could this have been prevented our market more is there on the scene. Markets thank you for joining us icu crews are behind you what's happening right back. Well Elizabeth good morning to you were right here at table table rock lake in Branson Missouri and we are getting a first look at the duck boat that was the focus of that. That terrible tragedy on the water last week the crews have just wasted bombed the bottom of the lake here. And you can see the boat people's life jackets that are hanging. From the top. You also see the the TARP the canopy that is covering the that the seats. This boat and an American flag there. In front where they are driver what's that. And you see the crying that has been attached to the vote. Mommy's group started working around 9 o'clock this morning to begin the process of lifting this boat. From the water. Where it sank and seventeen people would kill. And this is the critical step Elizabeth of them in this in the investigation because. Now they will be able to continue. Their search or for answers what we know that over the weekend those crews were able to recover. They eat data recorder that now they say it will be able to help them understand what the driver was doing. As all of this was unfolding on Thursday but also now that they have the vote on the surface. They'll also be able to get two or five cameras that the attorney general says on this vote. That they believe. What will potentially reveal a lot or could potentially reveal a lot about what happened and how crew responded and also. What may have been sat. And Elizabeth I bring that out because one of the survivors. Young lady see them T Coleman who lost. Nine of her relatives on this boat she said that as they were enjoying their time here on the lake the captain. Describe to them where the life jackets were you see there at the top of the boat. But she says he then told the group. That they would need those life jackets. And again we don't know if the cameras on board may have captured whatever discussions. Or instructions were given to the passengers. We just don't know at this point but certainly Elizabeth this is a a critical and they I'm. Very emotional. And moving staff because you imagine. The people on the family that was the part of the family reunion in people who just want to have a good time. And into the being in the middle of attractive and this. Marcus I know it's early but is there hanging off at this point about criminal charges could he be charged with a crime. Or what happened. Elizabeth this is being investigated. It isn't a criminal investigation at this point but only until. They can rule out the possibility that a that a crime did a car here so. They have interviewed the the captain. And and certainly are going through the steps that would indicate that they are treating this as a criminal investigation but at this point there have been no arrests. But they are still in the midst of this pro am asking so many questions and trying to get those important answers. And before I let go last but not least you talked about that one survivor Kia Coleman who lost nine members. Of her own family she still in the hospital what can you tell it about those who survived this. How were they doing obviously emotionally they cannot be. To mean well but physically. How worthy. Ms. Coleman. Was expected to be released from the hospital soon if not already and returning home to Indianapolis and she was one of the passengers who was was physically OK. But swallowed a lot of water and at one point understand she. I'm they had water in her long so that was the kind of treatment she was undergoing at at an area hospital but certainly she's very. Thankfully and and relieved that she's okay but. A home. Is so devastated I mean there's no words for the fact that her three young children. Her husband and five of her relatives all died in a single moment together and that is something that she's having to live with now. Mark is more live in grants in the story for us thank you so much for that update.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The Ride the Ducks boat went down in a Missouri lake on Thursday, killing 17 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56759296","title":"Duck boat wreckage retrieved from lake days after fatal disaster","url":"/GMA/News/video/duck-boat-wreckage-retrieved-lake-days-fatal-disaster-56759296"}