Internal NBC investigation finds no evidence of pervasive harassment

NBC launched the investigation after sexual harassment allegations led to the firing of longtime "Today" anchor Matt Lauer.
3:06 | 05/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Internal NBC investigation finds no evidence of pervasive harassment
A good story. Thank goodness for that. My interview with Linda Vester accusing Tom Brokaw of sexual harassment. She is speaking out as NBC releases the results of its internal investigation into former idea today" anchor Matt Lauer and will hear from her after linsey Davis brings us the latest. Reporter: It was a five-month investigation conducted by people in-house consisting of 68 interviews and suggests there was no evidence that management was aware of allegations of sexual misconduct by Matt Lauer but last month another accuser brought Tom Brokaw into the fray alleging he sexually harassed her decades ago. NBC revealing the findings of its own internal investigation spurred by anchor Matt Lauer's stunning fall from grace. Matt Lauer has been terminated from NBC news. Reporter: The conclusion, that a culture of sexual harassment does not exist in its news division but saying the company will do more with new policies in place to ensure all employees feel comfortable reporting concerns and do not fear retaliation if they do. Retaliation is exactly what Linda Vester says she experienced just last month saying she was taken aback by Tom brokaw'hemence. This is "NBC nightly news" with Tom Brokaw. Reporter: Brokaw was once the face of the network. Vester claims when she was a young correspond Brokaw grabbed and tickled her in an NBC conference room telling "Variety" on two separate occasions he tried to physically force her to kiss him showing up to her hotel room uninvited. He leans over with his index finger and puts it on my mouth to silence me and says, this is our compact. And at that point he took the same hand, reached behind my head and tried to force me to kiss him. Reporter: The now 78-year-old vehemently denies the allegations equating them to a drive-by shooting saying in a statement, I met with Linda Vester on two occasion, both at her Reyes 23 years ago because she wanted advice with respect to her career at NBC. I made no romantic overtures towards her at that time or other then in a blistering e-mail to sent to colleagues he added I am angry, hurt and un-moored from what I thought would be the final passage of my life and career saying it was Vester who invited him to her hotel room. I should not have gone, he wrote. But I emphatically did not verbally and physically attack her going on to call Vester a character assassin, subs skwebtsly more than 60 women including journalist Rachel Maddow and MARIA shriver signed a letter voufrping for the former anchor saying they know Brokaw to be a man of tremendous decency and integrity. According to NBC's internal report the women who accused Lauer confirm they did not tell anyone in a position of power. Okay, thanks. I did speak with Linda and asked her about that response from

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"NBC launched the investigation after sexual harassment allegations led to the firing of longtime \"Today\" anchor Matt Lauer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55064829","title":"Internal NBC investigation finds no evidence of pervasive harassment","url":"/GMA/News/video/internal-nbc-investigation-finds-evidence-pervasive-harassment-55064829"}